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Sport and exercise medicine, or what is more commonly known as sports medicine, is a branch of science that covers physical fitness, prevention, and treatment of injuries that are present in any kind of sports, including exercise. Sports medicine has been around for quite some time now. However, it is in the late 20th century that it emerged in the industry of health care.

Despite how long it has been in common practice, not everyone knows what sports medicine is and many have not even the slightest idea of what it does. There are several companies who are supporting this type of field. One such company is Mueller Sports Medicine.

About Mueller Sports Medicine

Mueller Sports Medicine has been in the industry since 1960, founded by Curt Mueller. In college, he was a basketball player and served as power forward at the University of Wisconsin. Curt Mueller started out working as a pharmacist at a family drugstore. He had an understanding of the medical supplies and medications that were available, and recognized that they were not enough for athletes like him.

With the help of his father, a background in the field of pharmacy, and his knowledge and ideas as a basketball player, he found a better way to help his fellow athletes prevent injuries and recover from them while building up their performance. This is a mixture of different fields of science combined as one, which is now more popularly known as sports medicine.

The new field coined by Mueller had a great start, and Mueller Sports Medicine still leads the market today. Athletes trust Mueller Sports Medicine because of the quality and the level of performance that their products provide. The company started out with their trademark products: M-Tape, MediKit, and M-Wrap. These are just some of the most common products that they offer and that athletes use.

These products started off as ideas from Curt Mueller and were later on developed and redesigned. Sets of braces were created and designed under the company’s brand. The company now makes products that support both men and women in various sport and exercise activities.

As the first company in the industry, Mueller Sports Medicine is responsible for several sports medicine firsts and inventions. Some of which are the Ankle Brace ATF, Triaxial Hinge, HydraCinn fabric, and Mueller Mercury.

They also released their own gum product. Have you ever noticed that many players chew gum while in the hardcourt? They pioneered the perfect gum product for these players, called Quench. The mission of Mueller Sports Medicine is to be able to stay close to the increasing demands of athletes and to be able to help athletes increase their level of performance to stay on top of their game.

What Makes The Company Unique

Athletes are an interesting bunch, and they tend to have a high need for new products that can prevent them from being injured or boost their performance in new and improved ways. Because of this, Mueller Sports Medicine is constantly crating new inventions in the field.

Products offered by Mueller have made a huge impact on the sports industry. More athletes are supporting the products. However, the free market is what it is, and competitors are popping up left and right.

Products Mueller Sports Medicine Offers

One example of Mueller’s innovation is the use of a triaxial hinge in knee braces, a product offering that was first made by Mueller Sports Medicine. This normalizes the knees motion and tracks the knee joints properly.

With the Mueller Mercury top of the line braces, the athlete is able to wear a brace that is more comfortable and breathable. They are formulated to have threads and help to fight bacteria and germs. Bacteria and germs are a primary concern for athletes as they tend to perspire a lot, which creates a perfect environment for the bacteria.

While finding ways to change the way neoprene works, the Muellers got the idea of creating an alternative – HydraCinn fabric. It is regarded as the most comfortable, soft, durable, and economical product that the business has created. There are also some who worked hard to take advantage of the technology and introduce Mueller Green.

These are marketed as earth-friendly braces and supports which consist of materials that are non-petroleum based, not to mention that almost seventy percent of the lining is made out of recycled pet bottles.

You also may have noticed more and more athletes lately wearing colorful tape around their muscles. Some people say that it is there just to show off or look interesting. The truth is that these tapes are commonly known as kinesology tapes.

This product is being continually improved and updates, and it adds more mobility to skin and muscles. It is ensured to stay in place and to last through any kind of weather. This product can stay on for up to 7 days while supporting weak muscles and a sore body.

Here is a list of some of the other products offered by Mueller Sports Medicine. These products cater to consumers of all shapes and sizes, and are useful in many different sports and exercise settings.

Knee Support

This product is for those who are in pain after an ACL surgery, or who suffer from many other problems that might simply be describes as “having bad knees”.

Compression Arm Sleeve

This helps oxygen and blood circulation in the forearms, biceps, and elbows. The product is intended for muscle stability.

Patella Stabilizer

This product is intended for rock climbers who need more support that what is provided by their trusted harnesses.

Jumper’s Knee Strap

Do you want to go biking? Gear yourself up with the Mueller knee strap and stop feeling the knee pain that often come with pedaling.

Back Support Braces

These products provide adjustable yet firm grip of the lumbar area. They have compression features that allow athletes to still be able to move inch by inch while playing. This can also be used during day to day activities by consumers who have lumbar problems.

Mueller Sports Medicine Final Words

With the rapid growth of the industry they themselves pioneered, Mueller Sports Medicine will stay around for good provided the company continues to grow and help athletes with their ongoing needs.

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