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Tonvara Amino22 Review

Amino22 is a nutritional supplement made using ingredients like young tissue extract (YTE). Here’s our review of Amino22 by Tonvara.

What is Amino22?

Amino22 is a nutritional supplement made by a company named Tonvara.

That company manufactures a wide range of nutritional supplements across categories like diet pills, sexual health, and bodybuilding.

With Amino22, the company promises to provide anti-aging benefits thanks to a unique Norwegian formula called Young Tissue Extract, or YTE.

YTE is made from fertilized chicken embryos. It sounds grosser than it actually is: basically, by taking the nutrients in a chicken embryo and condensing those nutrients into a powdered extract, you get powerful nutrients in a form that you can put into a capsule.

That’s exactly what the creators of Amino22 have done with this supplement.

So why is it called Amino22? Well, when you extract fertilized chicken embryos, it gives you 22 valuable amino acids. These amino acids are then included in Amino22, which are purported to provide a variety of health benefits.

The creator of Amino22 claims you can feel those benefits within 7 to 14 days. The supplement is priced at 19.95 for a 60 capsule container and is manufactured in the United Kingdom.

How Does Amino22 Work?

As we just mentioned, Amino22’s most active ingredient is YTE. But this isn’t a pure YTE formula. Each capsule of Amino22 also contains additional ingredients that are purportedly linked to a variety of other health benefits. Those ingredients include:

Gingko Biloba: The manufacturer claims that this 50:1 extract “enhances the effects of YTE” while also helping to boost your concentration and memory.

L-Arginine: L-Arginine is a valuable amino acid contained within YTE. However, the manufacturer has chosen to add an additional supply of L-arginine to the supplement “to further enhance improvements in libido and increases in overall sexual vitality.”

— Inulin: Inulin is a soluble dietary fiber that comes from the chicory plant. It’s a carb, but it’s non-digestible, which means it passes through your small intestine before fermenting in the large intestine. Ultimately, this leads to a proliferation of bacterial flora in your intestine, which can help cleanse your body.

— Octacosanol: Octacosanol is a compound that is extracted from rice bran. It purportedly “Enhances the positive effects of the amino acids in YTE”.

How to Buy Amino22

Amino22 is available online through Tonvara’s online store at

There’s also another way to buy Amino22, although it’s for an identical price. Tonvara’s other online store is based on eBay and called Tonvara Direct.

Both online stores sell a variety of nutritional supplements, including joint health supplements, sexual enhancement supplements, energy supplements, and even pet health supplements.

Amino22 is sold at the following prices at both stores:

— 60 Capsules: £19.95
— 120 Capsules: £37.95

There’s 325mg of YTE in each capsule.

That 325mg dosage is actually a bit of a problem. In most studies on YTE, participants have been given doses of around 1600mg.

Many YTE supplements – including the Amino Boosters sold by Get Your Boom Back – come in dosages of 1600mg specifically because this is the dosage used in research studies.

Amino22, however, contains 650mg of YTE in each 2 capsule serving, along with a slew of other ingredients. This makes it a relatively underpowered YTE supplement – although it is cheaper than some of its higher-powered competitors.

Who Makes Amino22?

Amino22 is made by a company named Tonvara. That company is a UK-based supplement manufacturer located “in the heart of Sussex”. The company claims to be committed to ethical suppliers and premium quality natural supplements.

To get in touch with Tonvara, email the company at [email protected] or by phone at 01444 232719 (within the UK) or 44 1444 232719 (outside the UK).

You can visit Tonvara online at

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