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CogniQ Nootropic Review

CogniQ is a brand new pharmaceutical grade natural nootropic supplement that claims to increase cell membrane strength, protect your brain from neurotoxins, and improve cognitive functions like memory and thinking.

We’ve reviewed several other nootropics and often found disappointing results. Will CogniQ join the list of lackluster products or is it really a smart pill for the brain?

What is CogniQ?

Made by Deep See Nutrition, CogniQ is supposedly the ultimate smart pill that dramatically enhances your cognitive function and health. In fact, CogniQ claims to be a revolutionary new breakthrough product that can provide “the best brain of your life” while simultaneously preventing illness, reversing mental decline, and “dramatically improving the quality of your life.”

CogniQ even takes it a step further and claims it can make your brain “12 years younger” in a matter of days, which is a pretty steep claim to make in today’s world. Can CogniQ really deliver though? Let’s take a look at the ingredients and find out.

Ingredients in CogniQ

CogniQ contains several natural ingredients designed to help improve your cognitive abilities. Here are the ingredients in CogniQ:

— Bacopin
— Ginkgo Biloba
— Acetyl-l-carnitine
— Phosphatidylserine
— Glutamine
St. John’s Wort

Only some of these ingredients have any sort of scientific evidence to support their claims. Bacopin has been to shown to “improve memory in healthy brains” and ginkgo biloba has been used to improve symptoms related to dementia and vision loss for centuries.

Vinpocetine has been shown to improve critical thinking skills and Phosphatidylserine is listed as “possibly effective” for treating the age-related mental decline of those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

However, we were unable to find any clinical evidence showing that the rest of the ingredients had any effects of cognitive functions. Glutamine and St. John’s Wort do have other benefits, but we were unable to find benefits related to cognitive enhancement.

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Potential Benefits of CogniQ

CogniQ advertisers their product all over the Internet and lists several benefits of their product, specifically:

— Improvement In Memory Recall
— Happier Mood
Increased Focus And Productivity
— Improved Critical Thinking Skills
— Improve Reaction Time
— Plus Much More!

CogniQ claims there product can provide users with these benefits in just a few days. In fact, they say that there product can make your brain “12 years younger in just days.”

Side Effects of CogniQ

While we didn’t notice any major side effects associated with CogniQ from the reviews we found online, we do know that some of the ingredients included in CogniQ may cause side effects.

Vinpocetine for example may cause headache, nervousness, and sleep problems. St. John’s Wort can also cause restlessness, dizziness, headache, vivid dreams and diarrhea.

It’s safe to say that while CogniQ is unlikely to have any major negative impact on your health, there is still a risk that you may experience side effects – especially during the first few days.

CogniQ Pricing

CogniQ does not offer a “free trial” offer of their product and instead allows you to purchase it outright. CogniQ is available for the following purchasing options:

— 1 Bottle: $69.95 + Free Shipping
— 2 Bottles: $119.80
— 4 Bottles: 199.80

Regardless of which package you choose, CogniQ offers a 90-day refund guarantee, minus S&H charges. On some of CogniQ’s advertisements, they say they will send you a check for $100 if you’re dissatisfied, although we haven’t found anybody who can confirm this for us.

If you end up wanting a refund, you need to contact their customer service at 1-800-287-9221.

Is CogniQ Worth Buying?

After digesting all of this information, the burning question really is – should you spend your hard-earned money on CogniQ?

The one obvious concern is that not all of the ingredients in CogniQ have clinical data, although some certainly do, which is better than many other nootropic supplements we’ve reviewed. It would be nice if the manufacturer offered more evidence to support their claims, although sometimes you have to take what you can get in the supplement industry.

Based on all of this information and the inclusion of the 90-day money back guarantee, we feel that CogniQ may be worth trying. We doubt it will cause any major change, but it may indeed help you at least a little bit, which means it may be worth giving a shot.

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  1. Whatever it does to elevate brain function, what happens if you have been on this drug and then stop taking it? Heroin feels great if you keep using it apparently, when you stop though, you are in a worse position. If you stop taking Cogniq, will you also stop being able to think clearly? Dangerous stuff.

  2. Celastrus Paniculatas seeds. Lightly simmered for just a minute or two in water. Drink straight as a tea. Yep, it’s bitter so maybe stevia if your a sissy. Better than Ginkgo imho.

  3. I’ve been taking one cap a day for about a week and despite some “testimonials” of immediate help, don’t notice any effect–yet. I’ll keep dosing for a while to see if anything is apparent.

    Maybe all these “wonderful” supplements don’t have much if any effect is that I take about 25 vitamins daily so maybe there’s little to improve

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