Mommylicious 30 Day Transformation Fitness Training For Moms


The Mommylicious 30 Day Challenge is a program for mothers to drop the extra weight that they’ve taken on as a result of pregnancy and raising children. This program begins in May 2017, and requires that you sign up before you begin.

What is the Mommylicious 30 Day Challenge?

As a mother, it’s hard enough to make room for yourself at any point in the day. There’s always someone who needs their nose wiped or their homework checked or a meal made, leaving you to finally take a few moments to relax before turning into bed for the night, and that’s only if no one wakes up in the middle of the night.

It’s no wonder that so many mothers maintain their baby weight for months or even years after their children are born. However, with The Mommylicious 30 Day Challenge, you can make yourself a priority again.

The Mommylicious 30 Day Challenge focuses on getting your metabolism back on track. You may have a schedule for your kids and the rest of your life, but your lack of structure in your energy exertion and your meals. Somewhere, in the middle of all this mess, the challenge makes it possible for you to improve the way that your body works on the inside so that you can get the slim body you crave on the outside. It can:

  • Eliminate the excess weight from your body
  • Improve the way that your hormones function within your body
  • Trigger the right speed for your metabolic processes
  • Improve your self-confidence
  • Enhance your energy levels

This program is easy to follow, and doesn’t require that you take much time out of your day in the first place. You’ll enjoy food that the whole family will love, you’ll feel satisfied, and provide you with the short sessions that you need to trigger your fat loss. While most other companies try to run you into the ground with strenuous exercise and limited calories, the Mommylicious 30 Day Challenge keeps you going with real nutrition.

What’s Included

Along with the main guide, you will gain access to important content that will help you reach your goals. The guide includes:

  • The 7-Day Juicing Kickstart Guide, which offers seven recipes that helps you start your regimen off on the right track with cleansing beverages
  • Four weeks of meal plans, which tell you exactly what ingredients that you’ll need to get at the grocery store so there’s no last-minute “guilty pleasures” at the checkout counter
  • Printable shopping list, to save you the time it takes to write it down
  • The 30-day success calendar, to keep track of your efforts
  • Guided meditations and rituals, to find the calmness in your day to eliminate the stress
  • The Success Tracker, which helps you track your information, as you learn the proper way to measure out your progress
  • The Food Exchange list, which allows you to change out almost any of the ingredients that you don’t like
  • Three workouts per week to challenge your body in short spurts, rather than having to spend your time with your family at the gym
  • Videos to guide you in yoga routines, helping you properly stretch your muscles before and after your workout
  • Sheets that you can print out to offer a physical copy of each of the movements

If you have any questions at all, you can refer to the help of the online community that you can find on Facebook. However, access to the group is limited to the consumers that pay for the program.

What Do You Learn from The Mommylicious 30 Day Challenge?

The Mommylicious 30 Day Challenge is all about changing what you know about the way your body works, and using it to your advantage. This program will provide you with invaluable information that helps you change the way you approach your routine for the rest of your life, even when you successfully complete the challenge.

You will learn more details about:

  • How the advice you’ve received from the media and Hollywood is worsening your condition
  • What “metabolic damage” you’ve sustained to put you in your current state
  • The process that stores fat and how to use it to your advantage
  • How to determine if you have a problem with your weight
  • How it triggers your metabolism when you eat more food

These lessons and more will be found within the content of the Mommylicious 30 Day Challenge.

Pricing for The Mommylicious 30 Day Challenge

If you want to start putting yourself on your priority list with the Mommylicious 30 Day Challenge, your total cost will be $47.00. All the content is available online after your purchase is made, which means that you could start right now, if you so desired. You can also access any of the information through your smartphone, computer, or tablet.

The challenge doesn’t begin until May 15th, 2017, so you will need to secure that spot beforehand.

Contacting the Creators of The Mommylicious 30 Day Challenge

When you decide to take on a fitness regimen, you need to make sure that you have all the information available on the diet. With the Mommylicious 30 Day Challenge, you can reach the customer service department through the online form.

If you want a more direct method of contact, you can send an email to them at

Mommylicious 30 Day Transformation Conclusion

The Mommylicious 30 Day Challenge is a great way to get your body back on track, especially when you’ve devoted so much time and physical effort into raising your family. The meals appeal to all the generations under your roof, and the simplicity of the program is what makes it easy. If you want to bring back your pre-baby body, then the Mommylicious 30 Day Challenge is for you.

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