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At Mocacare, they describe their primary focus to make heart health monitoring an easy, intuitive and reliable experience. All three of which are important to our bodies, our lives. Mocacare carries two different products that we will discuss in a moment, but let’s have a look at understanding a little bit about heart health.

MocaCare: Understand Your Heart

An important indicator for cardiovascular health is the speed at which your blood travels through your vessels (also known as pulse wave velocity). A higher PWV, could indicate arterial stiffness and/or high blood pressure which increases your risk of other cardiovascular issues – These of course can be maintained and improved through diet and exercise. What’s important to note as well, is a spike or increase can also be very situational specific for example; caffeine intake, under stress, physical activity and so on.

Pulse Wave Velocity is one of the most effective ways to determine individuals who are at risk for hypertension, and potentially predict increase in systolic blood pressure. Increases in PWV is a gradual process and almost directly affected by our lifestyle choices. Which in turn, is why they can be maintained and managed as previously mentioned, through cleaner diets and regular physical activity.

Today, two thirds of the American population suffers from prehypertension or hypertension, the biggest risk factor for heart disease, and more than half, aren’t even aware.

MocaCare Products & Pricing


MOCAheart is one of the products offered by Mocacare. It is virutally Pulse Wave Velocity at your fingertips. This device measures your blood velocity using its EKG and PPG sensors.

“The EKG sensor captures the precise moment blood is pumped from the heart by detecting your heart’s electrical signals, and the PPG sensor receives a signal when blood reaches your fingertips – thus calculating the speed of your blood flow, or PWV.”

The faster the blood flows, the higher the reading, which helps identify high blood pressure for example. And identifying early is very important. It enables a preventative action versus reactionary.

Heart health can be confusing to many people, and with the help of a product like MOCAheart, a simplified process using a scale system of 1-5. This rating is directly related to pulse wave velocity and blood pressure.

The EKG functionality is detecting the heart rate by electric signals caused by expansion and contraction of the heart. The MOCA heart uses this information to determine the time between each beat. The speed in which a heart beats, can determine the body’s level, and overall physical health. Knowing this information is an effective and reliable way to know how hard your body is working and help determine any precursors for heart conditions. In simple terms, the lower the resting heart rate, generally the healthier the body.

MOCAheart’s PPG sensors help measure your blood oxygen levels by emitting light waves into the skin and measuring the amount of light refraction. 95%-100% is considered to be a normal blood oxygen level in order for your body to perform necessary functions, including optimal performance for your internal organs.

MOCAheart Rating Scale

  1. LOW – Not typically something to be concerned about, at times can be attributed to low body mass. If one is experiencing unusual symptoms as well, they should contact a health provider.
  2. IDEAL – PWV is in the ideal range. Continue with regular monitoring.
  3. RAISED – Slightly higher than optimal, but not a cause for concern. This can be however a sign to make some lifestyle changes.
  4. HIGH – This is an indicator of high blood pressure. Definitely time to make healthier life choices – eating more produce, exercising and cutting back on alcohol.
  5. VERY HIGH – This is a concerning measurement. Especially if you are seeing this number consistently, should absolutely seek some medical advice.

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The second product, making its debut December 2016 is the MOCACuff. Designed with your comfort and style in mind. This watch like cuff allows blood pressure monitoring to be incorporated into your daily routines. After each reading, the rating in synch with the American Heart Association's rating, is shown clearly on the screen. With a single tap, this same information can be synced to your smart phone for a convenient way to keep track and organize your health data.

With this sychronization, you will also receive expert health recommendations based on your personalized results and allow you to keep track daily, monthly and even yearly – seeing your progress and achieving goals at your fingertips.

This device is medically accepted worldwide, and has been approved by the FDA in the United States and the CE compliance in Eurpoe.

Pre Order now for $49.00.

For the smartest and healthiest combination, pair the MOCACuff with the MOCAheart to cover and monitor all bases and have the user attaining optimal health monitoring and results daily.

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