Minibar Delivery – Wine, Spirits, Beer & Liquor Home Delivery Service?


Minibar Delivery is an online delivery service that delivers beer, wine, and liquor to your doorstep. It is run through a computer and smart phone compliant app that ensures the customers’ beer, wine, and liquor needs are met without any hassle. Customer’s deliveries are made within 30-60 minutes of ordering. A customer simply has to click on what they need on the company’s website, and their orders are taken. The apps are compatible with both Android and IOS devices.

Minibar Delivery is an easy to use and convenient online company that gives consumers the ability to order beer, wine, and liquor through their computer and smartphone and have it delivered to their home or a friends address.

The service does not include any hidden fees and promises to deliver orders within thirty to sixty minutes. If this service sounds appealing, please read below to learn more about Minibar Delivery’s products and services including mixologist rentals and gift packs.

For those who lack the skill to mix their own drinks, Minibar offers a bartender to hire for a couple of hours, although this service is currently available in only six cities. Furthermore, this rental service only caters for the hire of the bartender and not the wine, beer, or spirits liquor. For people hosting parties, this is a unique option that eliminates the hassle of lugging crates of beer through crowded streets and subways.

What Is Minibar Delivery?

Minibar Delivery is an innovative online company that offers home delivery service or alcohol and mixers to any address within their delivery range. Consumers simply order their favorite beers, wines, or liquors through the Minibar Delivery website and can expect to receive their order within thirty to sixty minutes.

Interested consumers can place their orders through the website at or their smartphone apps. The apps are both iOS and Android device compatible.

Once the customer opens the company’s website, they scroll through the diverse liquors, beers, and wines on offer. Once you make your selection based on the product description, a request is made for you to enter the delivery address. This will show whether the address is within the delivery route of the company.

Minibar Delivery also offers the opportunity for people to book a bartender for three, four, or five hours. All bookings can be made through the Minibar Delivery website at This service is currently available in New York City, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Jersey City, and Hoboken.

Consumers should note that this rental just includes the person’s services, not the actual beer, wine, or spirits.

This unique service is a fantastic option for people who love to host parties but hate dragging so many bottles home. This is especially true for city dwellers that buy groceries far from home and have to tote them through a busy subway.

The current scope of the company covers over 35 cities across the USA. Since the company does not have a liquor license, it delivers through the nearby liquor stores. Some purchases will have a minimum $40 order depending on which liquor store the company chooses to channel the delivery through. However, there are no hidden fees in the delivery.

How Does Minibar Delivery Work?

Consumers simply scroll through the huge variety of liquors, beers, and spirits Minibar Delivery offers and make a selection. Once on the product description page, consumers enter the delivery address to see if the address is within the current delivery route. The scope is currently limited to certain areas of the United States.

The company caters to different customers. Since one might want a delivery made to their home address for personal consumption or because of an unexpected visitor, the company makes this possible. Other clients require drinks for a party or special occasion and could also require the service of an expert mixer who knows what they are doing. Minibar Delivery caters for all this.

Some people would want to make a statement with a surprise gift to a loved one or to salute the achievement of a friend. In this case, Minibar will take charge of the packaging and delivery of the gift to the doorstep of your loved one or friend.

Some orders have a minimum $40.00 purchase depending on which liquor store this company chooses to offer delivery through. Orders can be expected in thirty to sixty minutes and does not include hidden fees.

The company also has options for corporate clients through a corporate account. This enables the corporate users to enjoy discounts when they have functions for which alcohol orders are needed. Their employees also get discounts on such purchases.

Minibar Delivery Selection

Offering a wide range, this service provides wines, beers, mixers, and liquors. Customers can find virtually any product they desire from the simple case of Budweiser, a small batch whiskey, or a $200 bottle of tequila, and they also offer a range of gift packs for special occasions or surprise events.

Minibar Delivery makes it easy for consumers to find what they are looking for through an easy to navigate website that offers both a search feature as well as clear categories with full product descriptions. This company is a great option for romantics who want to surprise their love on a short notice.

Minibar Delivery Selection

Absolute Electric Vodka

A Swedish vodka that contains 40% alcohol. It comes in a metallic silver or blue bottle. It is an ideal gift or just part of the drinks that will energize the party.

The Pinot Grigio

A white Italian wine that has pears and citrus at its core. It stands tall and oozes class. It pours well with seafood, cheese, and is an excellent salad wine.

Hornitos An`ejo Tequila

It originates from Mexico and is aged for at least one year in American white oak barrels. This gives it a distinct amber color and a smoother complex flavor. Every sip has delicate and spicy notes that carry a rich history.

The White Girl Rose

At 12% alcohol is a free range, delicious blend that is made in California in the USA. Its full body hints of lemon and candy taste is sure to have the girls at the party liven up.

These and many other choices of mixers, lagers, wines, and liquors can be delivered to your doorstep at the click of a button. The other service that Minibar Delivery offers is an e-newsletter for its customers. They also receive a coupon code that saves them $5 on their first purchase.

Minibar Delivery Pricing

All orders for Minibar Delivery products can be placed through the company’s website or their iOS/Android app. Each product is clearly outlined on the website and app and are priced competitively.

While they offer competitive prices with no hidden fees, there is a limited range or delivery and it is hard to get a clear sense of the locations available. Interested consumers can try their address to see if Minibar Delivery is available to their home or workplace.

Interested customers who sign up of the Minibar Delivery E-Newsletter will receive a coupon code to save $5.00 off their first purchase.

Why Is The Service Needed?

Minibar Delivery offers its customers some great services. For example, if you are holding a party and need a mixologist, you can easily book one from them. Rest assured that your guests will leave a satisfied lot since Minibar Delivery has qualified mixologists.

If you own a home mini bar, you will find out that stocking it means a lot of work from carrying heavy bottles. This is made worse by the fact that you only remember to restock when your bar is almost empty.

This is where Minibar Delivery comes in. You just have to tap into their app, make your order, and finish that last bottle as you wait for them to deliver some more. You do not have to carry bulky liquor, wine, or beer cartons home from the store.

The fact that Minibar Delivery is an app makes everything better. You only need to have either a computer or a smart phone where you then proceed to download the app. You can order from them even from the comfort of your bed. All you need to do is click on your drink of choice, and the delivery guy will be knocking on your door before you can even take off your pajamas.

Minibar Delivery is very fast with their delivery. Don’t worry if your friends decide to give you a surprise visit yet your cabinet is empty. All you need is to make your order with Minibar Delivery and your friends will be enjoying their favorite drinks in the next 30 minutes.

Another reason you should consider Minibar Delivery is that they will always help you send a gift box to your loved ones. If you are thinking of sending a bottle of wine to your loved one, just go to this app, order, and give them all the information they need to deliver your gift.

You can also partner up with Minibar Delivery and start sharing in their benefits. They will also keep you updated with any new products through personally checking in with you.

Benefits Of Minibar Delivery

  • They have a great rewarding culture for their employees.
  • Their network spans over a large area and you can easily find a Minibar stockist in your area. Actually, their network is scattered over 37 towns, which makes it hard for you miss a stockist.
  • Their services are fast.
  • Minibar Delivery is a reliable company. You can always count on them to deliver.
  • They occasionally hold promotions which can enable you to spend a lot less than you usually would if you went to a liquor store.
  • The fact that you can simply make your order from the comfort of your home makes Minibar Delivery very convenient.
  • They also have great promotions, so you usually end up spending less than if you were to purchase in a liquor store.

MiniBar Downsides

As much as Minibar Delivery sounds heaven sent, there are some downsides to their services.

Since their stores are scattered over many towns, sometimes it is hard to find a specific product in your area. This might be because they stock what many people tend to order and therefore if your order is unusual, you might end up with the wrong product or none at all.

Since all this app does is hook you up with a store, their services tend to be a bit pricey.

Another downside is that this app does not direct your search to a specific store. This means that you might fill up carts from different stores and eventually have to go back to one store and make all your orders from there.

Benefits For Employees & Partners

  • Minibar Delivery has a lot of advancement opportunities for employees.
  • Founders follow a culture of “the best idea wins” regardless of who came up with this idea.
  • Employees are always ready to provide you with a top notch experience for both customers and store partners.

Downsides For Employees & Partners

  • They have a small team leaving their employees with lots of responsibilities and autonomy.
  • The team’s structure doesn’t provide for smooth communication.
  • Minibar Delivery is a rapidly growing company, yet their resources remain limited.

Store Brand Partnership

Minibar Delivery partners with different stores in different towns. This way, it is easier for their customers to get what they order within the shortest time possible. When you go to their app, you will find the different stores where you are required to shop from. You just have to be careful when adding drinks to your cart to ensure that you do not buy from multiple stores as some may not be in your area.

They also partner with specific brands. They are able to select these brands according to their customers’ preferred brands. If the customers prefer drinks from a specific brand, then they go ahead and form a partnership with it.


Minibar Delivery Review Summary

A unique company, this service makes it easy for people to get alcohol delivered to their home simply by ordering online or through their smartphone, and is useful for people to be able to order a quick bottle of wine for unexpected company or a nice gift to send to a friend.

Minibar Delivery is a great option for people who often order their groceries from other online retailers and are looking for an easy way to get their favorite liquors or wines delivered to their home without a huge markup in price. Additionally, Minibar Delivery makes it easy to reserve a professional mixologist for any event for a short period of time.

Minibar Delivery provides a service that is definitely needed. It removes the stress of seeking competitively priced alcohol for home consumption or as a gift. Furthermore, when hosting a party, the company raises the standard by providing professionals in the liquor industry. This company has made life easier for many people who do not have enough time to go shopping for liquor.

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