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In the time poor world of the new millennium, professionals, families and students alike are turning to meal delivery services to streamline their gastronomical schedules without sacrificing value or flavour. Food delivery startups abound in high density urban environments, but finding a quality meal delivery supplier in more remote cities can be difficult. For fitness enthusiasts, eating a regular and healthy diet can be the pivotal deciding factor in achieving fitness goals.

Freshly is a market leader in pre prepared food delivery designed with health and convenience in mind, with the added bonus of extensive geographic availability. In this article we’ll take a close look at Freshly’s offerings, along with a comprehensive summary of their nutritional philosophy and systems in place for delivering fresh, nutritional pre packaged food.

Who are Freshly?

Freshly was launched in 2015 by dynamic health and fitness gurus Michael Wystrach and Carter Comstock. Previously known as F3 Foods, Freshly reimagined their brand presence in July 2015 after an extensive round of funding organised by Highland Capital Partners. The funding was wildly successful and received support from high profile organisations such as White Star Capital and Brandstar, achieving a total of over $7 million USD.

Since the restructure and renaming of F3 Foods to Freshly, Freshly has grown to service over 80% of the US, delivering over one million meals in their first year of business. Co-founder Michael Wystrach stated the following on the new direction Freshly has taken; “Since Freshly's launch, the brand has quickly grown a very loyal and dedicated customer following.

With the explosion of meal delivery services, we take pride in delivering delicious gourmet meals that use all-natural ingredients that are locally sourced as often as possible and free of gluten, artificial sweeteners, added sugars and hormones. At FRESHLY, we provide consumers with convenient, fresh, and healthy meals.”

Freshly states their mission as being determined to make their clients more happy, healthy, and more free to pursue their passions by making eating convenient, healthy, delicious and sustainable. With meals prepared by a professional team of chefs and ready in just two minutes, it’s easy to see how Freshly is able to deliver on this promise and offer consumers quick access to delicious nourishing meals any time of day, any day of the week.

The pre prepared meals industry has grown explosively  since early 2015. The need for healthy prepared meals has grown due to “a rising health consciousness” in social media and the needs of time-poor consumers- especially those living alone. In a saturated and highly competitive environment ready meal manufacturers must innovate with new ingredients and premium products if they hope to take market share

Why Freshly?

Freshly is pre prepared meal delivery service that is focused on making healthy eating easier by providing professionally prepared, high quality, budget conscious meals directly to your doorstep. The key point of difference between Freshly and other pre prepared meal delivery services is the care involved in the manufacturing and logistics process.

Each Freshly meal is carefully prepared by an international team of chefs, curated with locally-sourced ingredients with a focus on high protein, low carb offerings free from gluten, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, hormones or added sugar or sodium. Freshly frequently collaborates with top chefs and rising talent to discover and provide interesting and innovative new recipe combinations and update their menu regularly to provide a welcome element of variation in their meal plans.

Another defining feature of Freshly is the delivery time- Freshly offer free overnight or two day shipping with all meals delivered, and utilize advanced packaging technology to ensure all meals ordered with Freshly are as fresh when they arrive as when they were packaged. As an added bonus, Freshly use eco friendly biodegradable material in their packaging construction, and even provide simple eco friendly disposal instructions printed on to the packaging itself.

Freshly are big on using biodegradable alternatives, such as replacing the standard styrofoam insulation used by most meal delivery services with recycled denim insulation, and endeavour to size their portions to minimize wastage. If that wasn’t enough, Freshly guarantees each and every meal delivery with a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee

Freshly Plans and Pricing

The first and most important element to consider with Freshly is that Freshly doesn’t freeze their meals- all freshly food is delivered fresh and never frozen. Freshly packages their meals in a custom designed refrigerated carton and is shipped with ice packs during transit to ensure it stays fresh.

All Freshly meals come ready to eat so there’s no cooking involved- simply choose your meal, heat it up, and voilà- your meal is ready to eat. Additionally, Freshly meals  accommodate a variety of dietary preferences and their entire menu is free of gluten and peanuts, making it easy to select a diet plan around very specific dietary requirements.

Freshly meal plans start at $69 USD weekly for 6 meals, working out to just $11.50 per meal- significantly less than your average takeout meal. Pricing plans range upwards from $99 weekly for 9 meals, all the way up to $229 weekly for 21 meals a week- enough for breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day of the week. This price point is the most cost effective, working out to just $10.90 per meal! Freshly also offer the option to skip weeks on their subscription service if you’re headed away on holiday or want to try cooking your way through a new recipe book for the week.

The Freshly menu is diverse and creative, with items such as Grecian Frittata, Three Been Ancho Turkey Chili, Jamaican Style Jerk Chicken and Maple Quinoa Porridge, there are plenty of choices for all tastes. Best of all, the Freshly menu updates almost weekly, offering a constant stream of ever evolving taste sensations sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate

The Verdict

The Freshly website is streamlined and responsive, and their customer service has an excellent response time and is happy to help with any question. In all, Freshly offers a fantastic range of meals for a reasonable price point with enough verve to please the time poor epicurean on the run.

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