Fizzicx is a new way to enjoy draft brew from the comfort of your own home. They offer a wide range of different beer styles for you to enjoy. Read this review if to find out more about Fizzics today!

What Is Fizzics?

Fizzics is a way to enjoy your favorite draft beer from home without having to go to a pub. You’ll be able to enjoy your favorite pub style brew without the need of a bartender. They claim that beer always tastes better from a tap, and that is why they decided to make Fizzics.

Their first year of their exploration was to first understand what it meant to brew beer. Apparently it took a lot of failures to achieve what they have with Fizzics. Their passion and enthusiasm, has supposedly taken them to new heights of their Micro-Foam Technology.

Fizzics, uses their unique technology to enhance the flavor of beer. They claim to be able to genuinely improve carbonated beers. It’s just like drinking beer, straight from the tap without dealing with a bar. They also say it will meet and exceed your expectations. And that any and all beer lovers will appreciate the Fizzics, micro-foam system.

How Does Fizzics Work?

Fizzics is scientifically formulated, with patent pending technology. The technology uses, fluid and sound to enhance the flavor and taste of your beer.

It works for all beer flavors. You can use it for IPAs, Pilsners, Brown Ales, Stouts, Porters, Lagers and other unique styles of beer.

The Fizzics system is universal and will work with all sizes of cans, bottle and can even be used with a gigantic 64 oz growler. It’s powered by 4 AA batteries. It’s lightweight and heavy duty. So it’s durable and is great for outdoor situations like camping and tailgating.

Also, Fizzics does not need any C02 or Nitrogen. It is completely workable on its own. And will never need any type of refill whatsoever. Supposedly, it’s very simple to use as well. You simply open the bottle, can or growler and put inside the Fizzics. Once you place the tube into the beer, you then close the lid. They say what happens next is magic. Apparently, after you tap the beer and pull the handle forward, it starts to work.

You have to make sure and hold it at a constant 45-degree angle. You can then add the micro foam. The machine will then start its wave oscillation effect use the C02 already in the beer to create a fuller head that is more aromatic.

Fizzics will help get that fresh, from the tap taste at any time while you’re at home. It makes it easier than ever to enjoy your favorite beers and alcoholic beverage, with an added flavor that is all natural.

Using the micro foam technology lets you experience the true taste of beer. You’ll be able to taste it the way that brewers intended you to enjoy it. And the beauty is, you will be able to enjoy it that way, any time and any place.

The team at Fizzics, genuinely cares about their customer supposedly. They claim to do what they do for their contributors and people who really love bear. It seems like a very good product, according to the manufacturers, it will change the way you drink beer forever.

What Does the Fizzics Machine Cost?

You get the Fizzics Mico Foam system for $150.00. There is also a 64 oz Growler you can purchase for $20.00. From what the research has concluded, Fizzics is a great product and especially for the price. IT seems like this is an ideal product that any beer enthusiast would enjoy. You can order Fizzics online at their company website.

What Do Customers Say About Fizzics?

Customers love the Fizzics beer system. The Fizzics Product received a 4.5 out of 5 star review on Amazon. On the company website they receive a 10 out of 10. Customers really seem to love the Fizzics Beer System. It supposedly makes beer taste fresh and brings out the real flavor of the beer. And since there is no requirement of any kind when it comes to C02 or Nitrogen, it’s even better. There are no bad reviews that could be located about the Fizzics Beer System. It’s likely this is one of the best products to enhance the flavor of beer, that you can find online. After doing research, it’s also justifiable to say this is a completely unique product that cannot be found anywhere else.


  • Makes beer more visually appealing to drink
  • Helps to enhance the aroma of beer to make it more desirable to drink
  • Creates a smooth and creamy feeling in the mouth
  • Helps to preserve the taste of beer other alcoholic beverages


  • $150 which can be more expensive than some people can afford

Fizzics Micro Foam System Review Summary

If you are a true lover of beer, then Fizzics is perfect for you. Apparently, you’ll love the taste you get, and it will make your favorite beer even better. This isn’t something that the everyday person will likely appreciate. But it could make a very cool gift for the right person. And beer lovers will be able to appreciate their favorite brews in a new way. Final verdict, recommended for people who really love to drink beer. And since you don’t need to buy any Nitrogen or O2, there is only the one time cost of the Fizzics Micro Foam System.


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