Mindvalley Academy Energy Medicine – Health & Vitality Course?


Feeling overwhelmed and stressed? Is the current medical condition taking a toll on both physical and mental aspects of health? Tired of having to ingest different types of prescribed pills?

In today’s society, especially that of the western world, medication can be considered as a fabrication rather than that of treating oneself. It can feel similar to being forced without options to getting better. Mindvalley Academy Energy Medicine believes in the total opposite.

The basis of the Mindvalley Academy Energy Medicine is to target the body’s energy system to achieve healing. Ever heard of the 9 chakras? Chakras represent the body’s energy system, where each energy inhabits a part of the body.

For instance, the first energy is said to be in the tail bone, and the rest follows in the set order: sexual glands, naval point, thymus gland, thyroid gland, head, the mind and the outer body.

The goal of this course is not to merely educate consumers on what the energy system entails of, but rather to give them practical experience on how to independently treat oneself via the energy system method.

The following review will introduce the Mindvalley Academy Energy Medicine with respect to its purpose, the instructor, what consumers can expect from the course, the breakdown and its current going price.

What is Mindvalley Academy Energy Medicine?

The importance of knowing Energy Medicine is slowly coming to light as at least one of several types of Energy Medicine is being taught to hospital staffs at the California Pacific Medical Center, the Mayo Clinic, and several universities to name a few.

The purpose of connecting with one’s energy system is to re-evaluate what the biological process is like. In addition, it can help consumers achieve a sense of balance in accuracy, speed and being flexible.

Mindvalley Academy Energy Medicine is designed to provide consumers with theoretical and practical knowledge on how to connect with oneself and how to potentially influence one’s energy system.

While taking part in this 8-week course, consumers are said to be able to manipulate their energy system to achieve prosperity, happiness, productivity, relationships as well as helping others as well.

What Can Be Said About the Instructor?

The instructor of the Mindvalley Academy Energy Medicine is Donna Eden. Donna Eden has been connecting with her energy systems since her late 20s and has never stopped to date.

In addition to the widely known, 9 Chakras, she claims to know an additional 8. Having been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and being told that she has very little time left to live, Eden decided she would take care of herself the natural way. Its been over 40 years now, and her expertise has been exposed through several books, one being “The Energies of Love” and of course, the Energy Medicine Course.

Her courses are taught alongside her husband David Feinstein, who has a fair share of knowledge on Energy Medicine, as he achieved a doctorate in Energy Psychology. Together the duo claim to have trained over 100,000 students from varying levels including novices and health practitioners.

What Types of Information Can Consumers Expect to Retrieve?

The overall course targets several benefits and concerns related to one’s energy system. What it consists of, what happens when a barrier prevents regular energy flow, how to overcome such hindrances, the tools required and much for.

Here is a sample look at the topics worth reflecting upon:

  • The energy flow present underneath biochemical processes
  • Energy blocks and how to overcome on an individual basis
  • Exercises that can help to enhance one’s creativity, performance and resilience needed to achieve set goals
  • Specific types of pathways that can prevent stress
  • Tools needed to make appropriate choices in life
  • Tools that can help others
  • How to connect with one’s spirit or higher self, shedding light on one’s individual purpose for being and peace of mind

What is the Breakdown of Mindvalley Academy Energy Medicine?

Simply put, Mindvalley Academy Energy Medicine should be completed within the 8-week time frame set.

Every week consumers can expect an hour interactive video instruction and anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes daily to make practical use of the knowledge gained in a real time setting. At the end of each week, Donna and David will answer questions recorded with a live audience. Lastly, consumers will also learn energy dances on a weekly manner.

To see how each activity comes into play, here is a sample look at what to expect on weekly basis:

Week 1:

Exercises for the week include: Trace Stomach meridian, tapping the K-27 points, tapping stomach points, Wayne Cook Posture and Alternative, the daily energy routine and the energy medicine dance as well as 8 types of exercises that must be done everyday through out the 8 weeks period.

Week 2:

Learning how the Daily Energy Routine can positively influence one’s physical, mental and emotional health, how to ground energies, and how to recognize and correct a homolateral energy pattern to name the least and the exercises for the week.

Based on the breakdown, consumers should have some understanding that the first part of the week may consist of retrieving information and understanding the effects, the hindrances, the how-to, and basically having clear and complete knowledge.

Then consumers will put their knowledge to practice by taking part in weekly and daily exercises.

How Much is its Current Going Price?

The current going price of the Mindvalley Academy Energy Medicine is approximately $795. The price reflects weekly videos, questions and answers, practical exercises, 8 illustrated handbooks with every Energy Medicine Technique taught throughout the class.

What makes this course worthwhile is the fact that it is a one-time payment where consumers can retake the course as many times as they please.

Can the Mindvalley Academy Energy Medicine Contribute Towards One’s Wellness?

Based on the course outline, the instructor’s expertise, and the different mediums of information available, consumers are likely to see a positive difference in different areas of life. Just like any other course, understanding and applying the knowledge gained is what will take consumers one step closer to connecting with his or her inner self. As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.”

While the course indicates that consumers can go at their own pace, each of the listed assignments or tasks should be completed within the 8-weeks, otherwise it defeats the purpose of taking the course. In addition, learning continuously can help better with memory as opposed to doing a lecture and practical every 2 to 3 weeks.

For more information on how to enrol, go to: http://courses.mindvalleyacademy.com/energy-medicine/.

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