Chaos & Pain Lempira – Robust & Smooth Delicious Honduran Coffee?


People who love a good cup of coffee will appreciate this blend offered by Chaos and pain. By combining rich, nutty coffee beans from Timor with light, chocolaty beans from Honduras the Lempira Blend offers a well-balanced brew without bitterness.

Honduran Lempira Coffee is available in whole bean packages that deliver the perfect cup of coffee every time. Please read below to learn more about this delicious coffee blend and how to purchase a bag for yourself or a friend.

What is Chaos & Pain Lempira?

Chaos & Pain Lempira is a whole bean coffee combining beans from Timor as well as Honduras. Coffee beans from Timor are roasted to bring out their rich, nutty flavor which compliments the chocolate flavor of Chaos & Pain Lempira.

By combining the two beans Chaos and Pain offers a perfectly balanced blend delivering a delicious cup of coffee.

Chaos and Pain offers this delicious coffee blend to help athletes stay energized and focused during their training sessions. Of course this blend is suitable for people of all walks of life as it is only pure coffee with no added stimulants or other ingredients.

Coffee lovers know that Honduran coffee beans are far superior to other products due to their low acid levels and smooth, balanced flavor. When combined with Timor coffee beans this mix offers some of the best coffee available.


Central America is well-known for their high quality coffee beans that create rich, robust coffee. Honduras is a hot bed of coffee growing offering some of the highest quality beans.

These coffee beans when roasted deliver a truly satisfying cup of coffee. The Honduran Lempira blend offered by Chaos and Pain combines nutty, herbal flavors from Timor coffee beans and the chocolately richness of Honduran Caturra beans.

This blend is available in whole beans helping preserve freshness and lock in flavor before consuming. Coffee lovers will appreciate the chocolaty flavors without any bitterness or high acidity levels.

Chaos & Pain Lempira Pricing

Chaos & Pain Lempira whole bean coffee is available exclusively for purchase online through

Each 16 ounce bag is available for $15.99. The normal retail price is significantly higher rate $57.99 per bag. It is unclear why the product is on substantial discount.

Chaos and Pain stands behind every product they sell. Each product sold is backed by a hundred percent satisfaction money back guarantee. It appears that Chaos and Pain also offers international shipping and the cost of completed by weight and location.

Should You Use Chaos & Pain Lempira?

Whether consumers are looking for a delicious way to get their caffeine fix on or just want a well-balanced cup of coffee, Chaos & Pain Lempira is a great choice to consider. It is unclear why the normal retail price is so much higher than other coffee blends.

If consumers are interested in trying this product it is recommended they order now while the pricing is still competitively with other similar coffee bean blends. Further details are limited at

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