MicroBoom Smart Vase: Decorative LED Bluetooth Speaker Planter?


About The MicroBoom Smart Vase

The MicroBoom Smart Vase is the not just your regular vase. It is a unique multi-functional vase with multi-color changing led lights and Bluetooth speaker as well as a fun touch-and-play piano plant. The vase comes in regular white color, with a 360 degree transparent band at the bottom of the pot that shows the changing 7 colored LED lights.

MicroBoom Smart Vase Features

Bluetooth Stereo

The wireless speakers have a range of 50 feet and can fill a room with 90 decibels of sound. All you need to do is to pair the vase with any blue tooth enabled device such as your phone or laptop to listen to enjoy your favorite music.

Rechargeable Battery Power

It is rechargeable using the included USB charger and can play music and give off its multi colored LED light for 4 hours when fully charged. To charge the vase, simply connect the vase to a power outlet or laptop using the USB charger cable.

Smart Planter

This vase can be used as a planter. The vase is filled with soil and used to hold real plants because it has inbuilt drainage hole to allow for draining of water used on the plants.

Motion Sensor

This vase has the ability to sense motion; it responds to motion with musical notes and the LED lights come on. Its unique touch sensitive technology makes touching the petal of the plant in the vase result in a musical sound. Numerous touches of petals result in a musical tune. Hence, turning your plant leaves to piano keys and lighten up the room!

Light Delight

The 360 degree transparent band showcases the 7 different lights of the vase when touched or when a tune or song is playing. The light is mild and gentle on the eyes, thus good for bedroom night visibility.

Multi Use

Apart from plants, this vase can be used to hold lots of things such as pens, kitchen utensils, make up brushes, candy, decorations etc. This vase can be used to hold snacks at a party, produce music for the gathering while giving off the ever changing LED lights. Its a complete package!

Home Furniture

This all-in-one vase is a beautiful decent piece of furniture suitable for the home. It improves the aesthetic value of the house and environment, when used indoor and outdoor. It can also be used in the offices to decorate your work-space; so you can listen to cool music as you carry out your work. Its portability enables it to be easily transported to different places of use.

Final Thoughts On The MicroBoom Smart Vase

This multi-functional vase with seemingly endless possibilities, is a must have four every home. Is unique beauty, utility and style serves to improve the home and environment where it is used. Do you crave for music? Are you in love with flowers? Do you need a holder for your pens and other stationery pieces? Do you need a beautiful piece of furniture? Look no further. MicroBoom Smart Vase is the best for you in all your needs.

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