Curad SoothePlus: Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Infused Gauze?


About Curad SoothePlus

The Hospital Approved And Life Tested Product To Have In Your First Aid Kit?

If you are in search of the newest and freshest approach to your first aid kit, then this is precisely what SoothePlus is able to offer. So when life needs that extra soothing CURAD is definitely the way to go as it provides a much better way of soothing, treating and covering any irritating wounds you might have.

Let’s read on to find out more about what this approved product is able to offer you and your family.

What Is It All About?

Curad SoothePlus gauze and the pads have been designed with ARM and HAMMER made of baking soda. It is all to provide you with extra-soothing care all around.

The pads have been designed to treat you naturally offering a fresh soothing that is able to eliminate the various bacteria odors that could arise in your wound. It also efficiently helps in protecting your wounds with a secure cover. Additionally, it can be used for affixing other dressing that you might have.

It has been designed to be soft and absorbent; as it is non-woven, low-linting and pillow soft. It has been made with a blend that is able to absorb excess drainage in order to promote the needed exceptional healing environment.

The product has been hospital approved for several years. The reason being hospitals use a dressing that has been incorporated with charcoal in their ingredients to help in the reduction of wound odor. Curad SoothePlus has now brought this idea in their products, that is the odor-fighting and soothing properties that ARM and HAMMER baking soda has to offer.

About Curad

CURAD had been known to bring the best hospital advances right at your home. As a result, it has been a trusted product worldwide for providing quality products since 1951. From the very earliest years, CURAD has been able to create various historical advances in the first aid sector; this is including the patent of the very first Ouch-less pads back in 1960.

Their mission has been, for several years, to create bandages that are user-friendly for various generations to come. Let’s not forget the company also produced the tear-apart wrappers that were used on the individually wrapped bandages. As well as, the famous peel off backing that has now been considered as an industry standard.

As the years go on CURAD continues to build on this rich history they have established. In the year 2007, it was acquired by Medline Industries. Accordingly, the brand has been re-energized. It is by the introduction of a number of innovative solutions that are able to cater for a broad range of health concerns we face on a daily basis.

The company’s goal is not to only create quality products that will help heal you better but to also feel much better about every CURAD product that you purchase. Talk of all round protection.

Should You Buy CURAD SoothePlus?

The unique formulation of ARM and HAMMER with baking soda has been a trusted band for several generations. The reason being, its natural and soothing properties will provide you with a fresh approach to home first aid kits that have only been available in CURAD products on wound care.

So why not go ahead and purchase this hospital approved product that has been life tested, it is the best solution for wound care for you and your family.

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