Mi40x – Ben Pakulski’s Cell Expansion Protocol?


As you spend hours at the gym and push yourself to achieve great results, you still find yourself wondering why it is you’re having trouble building a body that you can be proud of. After all, if the actors in war movies can looked extremely ripped, you should be able to.

The issue is, to achieve such prominent results, you need to adopt a fitness program to get there. A regular workout routine and a traditional diet are just not going to cut it. One program that functions to provide you with outstanding results and that enables you to achieve the body type you’ve always wanted is Mi40x Cell Expansion Protocol by bodybuilder Ben Pakulski. Here is everything you need to know about Mi40 Cell Expansion so that you can make the right decision for your bodybuilding goals.

What is Mi40x Cell Expansion Protocol

Mi40x Cell Expansion Protocol is a program developed by famous bodybuilder and trainer Ben Pakulski. The name of the program “Mi40x” is an acronym for “Mass Intentions 40 Extreme” and it references the foundation of the program’s workouts and the present effort to that you need to invest in order to experience results when performing the exercises.

This review is not going to sugar coat this program. Mi40x Cell Expansion Protocol is a tough, challenging, and difficult program to abide by. The workouts are not your standard 30 minute activities and the diet that you adopt is restrictive. But, at least you can have the satisfaction of knowing that every step that you adopt in this program comes with a purpose. You’ll truly be able to achieve massive results when you push yourself through the optimal exercises.

About Ben Pakulski

When choosing a program, it is just as important to get a sense of the author as it is to understand the program. In this case, Mi40x Cell Expansion was created by someone that you can truly and rely upon for outstanding results. Pen Pakulski is a world-famous bodybuilder with years of experience in the weight industry.

He is also the author of this program’s predecessor “Mi40”. This particular program is the updated version and it provides you with everything you need to know to achieve massive results.

Not for Beginners – Unless…

Before you start this program or even consider purchasing it, it is important to recognize that it is not for beginners or those who are not ready to push themselves. If you are a beginner, then you’ll need to go through a “break in” period. This phase allows you to learn about the high-intensity workouts and to master them in a manner that will provide you with excellent results.

In addition, every workout routine and cycle is strict. You’ll need to dedicate yourself and put your all into the program. Those who are not able to commit should find another program to work with. But, if you are ready to truly do your best, then this program provides you with excellent returns that you can completely enjoy from.

The Premise of the Program

Mi40x is premised upon two types of principles behind muscle growth:

  • CEP – Cell Expansion Protocol
  • Training Principle

To fully understand this program and how it works, you need a basic understanding of these concepts. The two principles essentially explain that your muscle cells are akin to balloons. Deflated, they are unable to do much for you in terms of growth and improvement. However, when the balloons – or muscle cells – are inflated, they grow in size and function to add strength and burn body fat.

As the program also points out though, expanding your muscles is much easier said than done. As you try to grow your muscles, your body reacts by producing myo-satellite cells. These cells interpret the muscle tears as damage to your body and send the cells to repair them so that you can experience massive growth.

However, to get to the point where your body is sending myto cells takes a lot of time, work, and body stress. Most workout routines are ineffective at reaching this goal point, unless they undertake the most strenuous of workouts. This is where Mi40x comes in – it helps you get to the point where you are putting your body under enough stress to release the muscle building mechanisms.

Stretches and Weight Holds

Another prominent concept in this program is the idea that instead of going through a rest period when you push your body through a challenging workout, you actually strength and hold the weight to fight fatigue. As you fight the fatigue, your prevent your muscles from contracting and the cells from deflating. This entire process is meant to be repeated for 4 minutes so that you are able to get to a point where your body is exerting maximum tension.

With this system, you’ll be able to develop massive muscle gains. You’ll learn about this technique and others through PDF format.

The Format of the Program

Mi40x comes in PDF format. The entire blueprint is easy to read and there are videos that you can take advantage of if you need any extra direction. Throughout the entire program, you’ll learn 8 various techniques to take you from your starting point to your end goal.

Another positive quality to these videos is that they can be adjusted depending upon your knowledge level. For example, you can adjust the videos for beginners, intermediate trainers, and advanced.

Those who choose this program are able to effectively burn muscle fat, make massive gains within short workout periods, and to safely improve and enhance the body. The blueprint is simple to go through, but it may take some time for you to fully grasp the workout routines and to incorporate them into your day. Regardless, you’ll be able to achieve massive results once you nail it all down.


Overall, Mi40x Cell Expansion Protocol is highly recommended for those who are looking to achieve impressive results at the gym. The program takes you through the entire process from start to finish and it incorporates strategies that are scientifically proven to work. This is a no-nonsense program and the price also makes it worth your investment. You can purchase Mi40x through the brand’s website for only $67.

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