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Hydrogen Rich Water Stick Review

About Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi

Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi was a cardiac surgeon who is responsible for developing the Hydrogen Rich Water Stick. He begun researching the medical benefits of water in 1985 and just ten years later changed the world with his published research on the effects of hydrogen-rich water in treating illnesses.

Six years later, he developed the Hydrogen Rich Water Stick as a means for anybody to easily access and produce hydrogen rich water to reap the many benefits.

How Does it Work?

The Hydrogen Rich Water stick is made up of magnesium in a “porous PE resin.” A reaction between magnesium and the water causes the production of hydrogen. This simple, yet effective process produces hydrogen rich, anti-oxidant water that is more alkaline and has several benefits on the body.

Claimed Benefits of the Hydrogen Rich Water Stick

According to the makers of the Hydrogen Rich Water Stick, their product has numerous benefits because of its’ rich hydrogen content. They claim that hydrogen rich water can:

Help The Body Absorb Nutrients
Improve Circulation And Digestion
— Regulate The Body’s Temperature
— Filter Out Impurities From The Cells And The Body
— Keep Our Minds Alert And Improve Overall Cognition
— Lubricate The Joints And Muscles

In addition to these benefits, the Hydrogen Rich Water Stick may also improve blood pressure, decrease headaches, relieve arthritis pain, eliminate back pain, and reduce the likelihood of chronic illness.

Does it Really Work?

A lot of speculation has been placed onto whether or not the Hydrogen Rich Water Stick actually works. Here is what we can tell you:

Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi does have several published papers on the subject and his own research would suggest that there are legitimate benefits to hydrogen rich water.

We also managed to find some independent research that also affirms that hydrogen rich water may have some health benefits, although the research we were able to find is less than conclusive.

So based on what we found, we’d lean towards saying that hydrogen rich water does have at least a few health benefits, although we’re not sure it is a miracle health product by any means.

Is the Hydrogen Rich Water Stick Safe?

There is absolutely no research that suggests the Hydrogen Rich Water Stick is unsafe in any way. In fact, over 50 years of research suggests that hydrogen rich water is very safe and actually has numerous benefits on the body.

You should not feel any negative impact on your health whatsoever while you take the Hydrogen Rich Water Stick. Of the reviews on Amazon, we’ve found no real complaints of side effects and almost all of the customers who left a review will attest to the safety of the Hydrogen Rich Water Stick.

However, we should note that the official website that sells the Hydrogen Rich Water Stick claims that you may feel weird, odd, or worse than normal during the first few days of use. They claim this is natural and that this feeling goes away after the first few days once your body adjusts.

How to Buy the Hydrogen Rich Water Stick

If you decide you want to by the Hydrogen Rich Water stick, then you can do so directly from The Hydrogen Rich Water Group, LLC (the manufacturer of the Hydrogen Rich Water Stick) or you can purchase from a mainstream retailer like Amazon.

The price does vary depending on where you buy the Hydrogen Rich Water Stick, but it generally ranges from $60 to $75, although it may cost more depending on where you live. We could not find any details about refunds or returns.

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