Liver Skin Complexion – Detox & Cleanse Toxins For Aging Benefits?


The secret to clear, smooth skin lies deep in your liver, the same organ tasked with the removal of toxins and unwanted compounds in the body. If your liver cannot do its work as it was intended to do, most of its functions will be transferred to the skin, and that may make your skin appear dull, tired, and discolored.

If you want to take proper care of your skin, do not just look at the skin, but instead start with your gut and liver. The liver plays a key role in the epidermal cells of the skin. The liver is also the organ tasked with the breakdown of alcohol. A liver that is in distress can cause your skin to become especially dry, itchy, sagging, and dull.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the Chinese people believe that the body is usually in a good state of health if the liver is okay. It is very crucial to keep the liver as healthy as possible. Every single food that we ingest through our mouth passes eventually through the liver, where it is processed.

Cutting down on the amount of alcohol you take is a natural step in saving your liver and preventing any chronic skin effects that are in the process of developing. Most people that drink alcohol do it for the effects of feeling drunk, but that can be replaced by engaging in other activities that make you feel great.

The first step in taking good care of your liver is to choose not to serve alcohol to yourself and family, and instead you can replace it with healthy fruit juices.

Beauty From The Inside-Out: The Link

There is some truth to the saying, beauty comes from within, as it is the link to having great skin. The health of our organs inside of us will determine how our skin looks and feels.

Go back to the old saying, “we are what we eat.” This exactly shows the importance of taking care of the inside first before looking at our outside appearances. An imbalanced gut can also cause breakouts, just as an affected liver eventually leads to skin imperfections.

When toxins build up in your liver, the effects are transferred to the skin where the effects are manifested in the form of skin conditions, such as acne or discoloration.

The liver is a very important organ in the body and one of the main pathways through which toxins are removed from the body. You must put great consideration on what you eat, drink, and consume on a daily basis because the toxins in some of the foods we eat and drink must be removed through our liver.

If there is an overload of toxins the liver has to filter, the body will respond by trying to remove some of the toxins through the skin. This is why we say our skin is a direct reflection of what happens within our body.

Overloading your body with pollutants, alcohol, and inflammatory foods might result in certain signs on your face. When the liver is overloaded with toxins, the body tries to purge some of the toxins through the pores in our skins.

Take a moment and think of what foods may cause the flare up of acne on your face. Rushing to cleanse your face will not do any good if you keep overloading your body with more toxins every day. If you have issues with acne, it is time that you study how the liver works and how you can improve its function.

What About The Fats In Our Bodies?

The function of the liver goes beyond just the filtration of toxins. The liver is also responsible for breaking down fats in the body. However, the liver must be at its peak to properly break down fats. When overloaded with toxins, the oil glands in the body take over the role of the liver. Cholesterol and triglycerides in the liver are packaged into proteins and sent to the tissues for storage.

However, if the liver is not functioning at its peak, most of these fats will circulate into the blood stream and eventually be used by the sebaceous glands instead of the liver. This is quite stressful on your complexion, as the fats disrupt the normal oils on our skin known as sebum.

The raw materials in the body are then used to make sebum with toxins because your liver was not able to function properly. This means the sebum in your skin will also contain toxins, which end up affecting your skin one way or the other.

The effects on the skin might even get worse for individuals who eat unhealthy fats. The amount and quality of fats in our bloodstreams has an effect on the thickness of the sebum. Thicker sebum will clog your pores and prevent them from removing toxins and sweat, which affects the complexion of your skin.

No matter how you look at the function of your liver, how it works will affect your skin one way or the other. Learning how to nurture your liver so that it works at its optimum capacity is highly recommended.

Ways To Nurture Your Liver

The best thing you can do to nurture your liver is to learn about ways that boost the functions of your liver to work properly, as a happy liver also equals happy looking skin. Nurturing your liver comes down to what you eat.

Start by ensuring that the majority of your diet is comprised of vegetables, raw nuts, organic fruits, fresh fruits, and seeds. You can eat meat, but buy free-range and organic types only, as these are less likely to contain any toxins.

Remember it all comes down to how the foods we eat were planted and the pesticides used on them in the growing process. The same applies to the meat, as the animal must have fed on grass that either had toxins or did not, which is why we recommend organic and free-range meat.

You also need to eat healthy fats and avoid processed foods, which can trigger inflammation throughout the body. Bitter herbs, like milk thistle, are highly recommended, as they help improve the metabolic rate of the liver and eliminate insoluble fats through bile. Other great bitter herbs include the Oregon grape root and the Burdock root.

Exercise and stimulating your body to produce sweat removes more toxins from your body. Your emotions can also go a long way in telling the condition of your liver. When the liver is disrupted, the affected people tend to show anger, resentment, stress and tension more easily.

Liver Skin Complexion Review Summary

In the quest to have a smooth skin with a clear complexion, you now know the main organ to look after. Take good care of your liver and the effects will be seen on your face.

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