9 Simple To Follow Tips For Men’s Slimming Wear & Active Clothing Gear


We all want to look good in what we wear. Whether you are out with your buddies, on a date with a loved one or someone special, at a wedding, or just reading some newspapers at your local coffee shop, having confidence and looking sharp is always a plus.

Accomplishing this task can be easy for some people (yeah, we are talking about you gym rats who are as fit as Adonis) but for others, it might be a bit harder to “fit in.” You see, some of us, as hard as it is to believe, are a bit heavier than others and finding the right set of clothing can be a nightmare.

The answer to this problem might seem simple, just change your diet and start exercising, but even that can be hard to accomplish. Losing weight can be a hard mission and getting to the right weight might take some time.

So while you are on track to getting to that optimal body weight, you still need to go out and look well dressed for a variety of different occasions.

Fear not, all is not lost. You can still look excellent even if you are a bit heavier than most men. The trick is to understand how to dress, know what colors to choose, and take into account some other factors which might make you look slimmer.

You can start using these tips and tricks immediately, no waiting period necessary. Following are tips for men's slimming wear:

Wear Clothes That Fit

If you are on the heavier side, chances are that you prefer to buy clothes that are baggier in an attempt to hide that extra weight on your body.

The problem with doing this is that you make everything else look bigger while you are hiding your gut, love handles, and chest area.

After putting on that bigger than necessary outfit, you end up looking way bigger than you actually are. While this might feel more secure and comfortable, the reality is that it looks ridiculous.

The same can be said for wearing attire which is too tight or small. Confidence is great but knowing when to dress up a size and refrain from showing extra unnecessary skin is far better.

The last thing you want is your shirt or pants hugging you so tight that it looks like you are about to pop. Be a realist, if it’s too tight then simply get a bigger size and wear it with pride. Don’t force yourself into clothes that make you nervous every time you need to bend down or raise your arms up.

Ideally, you want to measure each part of your body and make sure that whatever clothing you are shopping for fits just right, not too small and not too big.

Of course, feeling comfortable is a big deal…but you have to stay as close to your measurements as possible. If not, you may end up looking like a Halloween sheet ghost or birthday balloon ready to pop.

Once you have chosen the right outfit, make sure that you wear it. Letting clothing that fits you and looks good on you sit in the closet and collect dust is a terrible waste.

Employ your closest friends to help you decide what looks like a good fit. They should be able to tell you without hesitation if something looks too big or too small.

Dark Clothing Looks Better

Whether it’s an optical illusion or has been scientifically proven doesn’t matter, the simple fact is that black or dark clothing is more slimming and matches much better as well.

If you have that extra weight on your sides, front, or back areas, a darker outfit will help everything blend in far better than brighter or more vibrant colors.

We know how cliché this sounds, but trust us when we say that this is a simple truth that should be considered at all times when shopping or choosing what to wear for the day.

There is another wonderful trick you can do with dark attire. In combination with your black clothing, you can use under armor or a dark, tight-fitting shirt underneath to help you smooth out the excess weight areas and give you a better look in the long run.

Don’t Forget the Belt

If you are on the heavier side, wearing a belt can often be troublesome and can seem like an unnecessary step, but trust us…you need one.

The belt is a great accessory and it will help you wear your pants in a way that will be the best fit for you. Ensuring that your pants are in the right spot on your waist will make the rest of your body look much better and well composed.

There is a big no-no that you should also take into consideration when wearing a belt. You have to make sure the belt is big enough and refrain from using it as a constriction device to make your gut look smaller.

This isn’t what your belt is designed for and it will only hurt you in the long run. If your belt is too tight then get a bigger one. Don’t choke your midsection, it will cause more harm than good.

Tuck-in That Shirt…or Don’t

This is a tough one and needs to be approached very carefully. Visually, a shirt that has not been tucked into your waistline will make you look slimmer.

When your shirt is untucked, it has plenty of room to move freely and not stick to your possible problem areas, which means others won’t draw attention to those areas because they aren’t highlighted.

However, in certain situations, you should keep your shirt tucked in at all times. We are talking about formal moments, such as during a wedding or an interview. Yes, it might make you look a bit bigger then you would like to present yourself as, but it also shows that you are capable of dressing appropriately for a formal setting.

We guarantee you that untucking your shirt for your interview or a meeting with your boss will do more harm than if you kept it carefully tucked in.

So in the end, deciding to keep your shirt tucked in or untucked is completely up to you. If you feel that the environment is relaxed enough and less formal then let your shirt flow freely and untucked. However, if the setting is professional then you should tuck it in. No matter which decision you make, always be confident in the way you look.

Avoid Intricate Designs, Stripes, and Bright Colors

Correct us if we are wrong, but you want to draw attention away from your love handles right? Then why in the world would you use a crazy design, a super bright color, or ridiculously striped article of clothing?

All of these draw more attention to your body. You want to blend your body into your outfit rather than accentuate parts of your body through colors or designs. A tie with a whimsical character on it during Christmas time is obviously acceptable, but for the rest of the year stick with minimalistic designs.

More often than not, simple shirts or ties with light and barely visible stripes are much better than those with thick and vibrant colors. The well blended thin lines create a more composed and delicate feeling.

You want something that adds a little extra to your outfit but doesn’t take away from the whole picture. Avoid crazy prints and intricate designs as much as possible, they draw too much attention.

The same goes for the colors you choose. You want things to blend in well and not stand out, so if you do choose an outfit that does have some light strips in it, make sure they are well colored and aren’t too vibrant. The last thing you want is to end up looking like psychedelic zebra.

Despite what many people think, you should avoid vertical stripes whenever possible. Vertical stripes are better than horizontal stripes but still aren’t ideal. Vertical stripes give you the illusion that a person is taller, while horizontal stripes do the opposite and make a person seem wider, but the problem isn’t the illusion.

The problem is the attention. Clearly visible strips will draw attention regardless of the direction they go in. The end result is an increased chance for others to zoom in on your problem areas. This is what we want to avoid.

Good Posture is Important

The way you stand, walk, sit, and all of your movements have an effect on how you look. Standing and sitting as straight as possible is absolutely vital to looking thinner and slimmer.

When you slouch, you create an illusion of looking rounder. This is great if you are skinny guy trying to look bigger, but not so much for heavier men.

Stand straight and be proud of yourself. Confidence plays a huge role in how you look. It might not have a direct visual effect, but it certainly has a psychological effect on everyone around you.

Nothing is more attractive than the right amount of confidence. Note that we said “the right amount” of confidence. Being too cocky won’t do you any more favors than being too self-conscious.

Time for a Thin Wallet

Guess what, all that junk in your pockets is making you look bigger. If you carry enough keys to operate a nuclear power plant and open every single door in town, we might have a problem.

Not only does all that extra stuff make you look heavier, it also makes your clothing look baggier and makes you less comfortable. While you are walking around everything may be perfectly fine, but the moment you sit down and start to feel all that junk in your pockets you will regret not leaving it behind.

Invest into a thinner wallet and only take the absolutely necessary stuff with you. Utilize pockets that aren’t around your midsection, as this will draw attention away from this possible problem area which is better for your overall appearance.

By the way, if you are out on a date with that certain special someone, leave the phone in the car. Checking your phone while on a date is super unattractive anyway.

Match Those Colors

By now you know that dark colors are great. This doesn’t mean you have to use the same dark color all across your outfit. Stick to your darker pallet but don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit. There’s no need to look like a professional hit man all the time.

Use medium tones to layer your outfit with your darker tones. Navy jeans, a gray t-shirt, a black sweater and a dark chocolate coat create a well-blended outfit that is a great example.

Experiment with your dark colors. See what looks good and what doesn’t match well. The decision is up to you.

Pants Belong on Your Waist

You might be tempted to lower your pants slightly below your waist or perhaps pull them way up under your arms, but trust us when we say that you look best when your pants are on your waistline.

This might mean that you have to get bigger size pants or smaller size pants but you will look best when those pants sit where they belong.

Remember the belt? Utilize it to keep your pants in the right spot. Don’t be tempted to move your pants below or above your waist, or you will regret it.

Final Words Regarding Men’s Slimming Wear

There are plenty of little tricks and tips you can observe when choosing the right outfit or shopping for the right attire to make yourself look slimmer. However, in the end, your confidence plays the biggest role in how you look.

If you feel uncomfortable or if you are worried about your outfit, it will show and others will notice. Be proud of who you are, follow our men's slimming wear tips, and don’t let others influence how you feel in your own skin.


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