MELT Method – Natural Pain-Free Relief System?


Staying healthy is an essential part of life. The center of wellness requires both a mind and body experience and commitment. As health and wellness becomes a priority for many wanting to lead happier lives, individuals have had to change their lifestyle habits to meet certain wellness goals. As they begin the journey to better health, the body responds, getting stronger each day.

Physical health directly relates to nutrition and exercise, as well as improving emotional health. By making healthy diet choices and engaging in regular exercise, the body is able to cope with stress and ensure that the immune system will not vulnerable to sickness and disease, warding off potential risks for injury and infection.

As mentioned above, a healthy and balanced diet is the key to good health. In addition to eating a variety of foods loaded with nutrients, the body also needs to stay hydrated to stay healthy. Avoiding sugary drinks and caffeine, drinking water and natural juices are the best options.

As well as eating and drinking, getting adequate sleep and avoiding alcohol and smoking are important for staying healthy.

Although the motivation to follow through with a healthy diet and exercise regimen may seem difficult, the results are worth it. Exercising and eating well make makes the heart healthy and the bones strong.

Getting in shape molds a strong sense of well-being, giving energy, reducing anxiety and depression, and improving self-esteem. By staying active, individuals can make fitness an enjoyable experience by making new friends and spending quality time with friends and family. In looking and feeling better, not only is staying active beneficial to long-term health, but it is also important to maintaining a healthy weight.

The MELT Method (MELT) is an easy self-treatment technique that is designed to decrease chronic pain, allowing individuals to stay active and healthy throughout the entirety of their lives. Based on research and clinical studies, this treatment method has been developed by focusing on pain-free living.

The missing link to living pain-free begins by balancing the nervous system and building healthy connective tissue. MELT uses these components to support the body and re-enforce the mind-body connection.

What Is The MELT Method?

The MELT method provides individuals who suffer from chronic pain the option to treat their symptoms. As mentioned previously, MELT focuses on a balanced nervous system and healthy connective tissue. As these two components work hand in hand, MELT uses these systems of the body in an innovative way.

Unlike other diet and exercise treatment programs, MELT focuses on the body’s ability to heal itself, essentially leading to lasting changes. A natural pain relief system, MELT does not only treat symptoms, but works to treat the underlying causes of chronic pain.

MELT was founded by manual therapist and connective tissue specialist Sue Hitzmann. By implementing innovating techniques including a soft body roller, as well as four different ball, MELT has been designed to connect the communication throughout the body.

These specialized techniques are designed to balance the function of the nervous system and provide hydration to the connective tissue, eliminating compression that is found in the joints. Hitzmann has made a groundbreaking discovery by changing the approach to neurovascular science and hands on therapy by combining the two techniques to create MELT.

By using the MELT method three times a week with 10-minute sessions, individuals can notice an immediate decrease in the symptoms associated with the effects of tension, anxiety, and stress that appears in daily life. One can even notice accelerated weight loss as a side effect benefit of being consistent using the method to melt away unwanted excess belly fat.

By providing the body with support, the results of MELT can be seen within minutes of the first session.

Recommended for anyone what is wanting to actively slow down the effects of aging and alleviate chronic pain, most participants are men and women over the age of 40 who are wanting to stay healthy, active, and independent. Although used to treat common pain usually associated with aging, MELT is also made for athletic and active young adults who want to maintain their health and fitness by achieving performance and reducing the risk of injury. Children can also use MELT as the method promotes fitness and wellness, regardless of age.

How The MELT Method Works

Because daily living involves constant tension and stress on the body, eventually the wear and tear can cause severe pain and damage. The physical stressors can be a results of sitting at a desk all day or participating in rigorous exercise such as competing in a marathon.

As these stressors affect the body, the mental, emotional, and environmental factors can contribute to the strain on the body. As the stress repeats over the days, weeks, months, and years, the connective tissue, which supports every joint, bone, muscle, nerve, and organ in the body, begins to deteriorate.

As the body experiences stresses, the effects of the stress actually stick to the connective tissue. As the stress accumulates, the connective tissue becomes dehydrates and prevents the nervous system’s function to regulate itself, essentially slowing down the ability for the body to naturally heal.

As the effects continue to damage the connective tissue, common aches, pains, and stiffness can cause serious health issues including insomnia, neck and low back pain, headaches, injuries, and digestive problems. As these issues wreak havoc on the body, the process of aging accelerates, and chronic health problems can arise.

In order to avoid having to undergo surgery or consume harmful medications, the MELT method uses its groundbreaking technique to address the “stuck stress” on the connective tissues by slowing down the process of aging by rehydrating the connective tissue and balancing the nervous system.

As the connective tissue is hydrated, it becomes free of “stuck stress” allowing the body to function efficiently as the natural healing process occurs. Unlike other self-care methods such as meditation, exercise, and nutrition, MELT addresses the root cause of chronic pain and aging. Currently, there are no other self-care methods that treat the connective tissue and the nervous system, making it the only one of its kind.

Although each session only takes 10-minutes and usually done three times a week, the MELT method is a very gentle technique and can be done daily. For the best results, individuals should drink water before and after the session.

Benefits of MELT

MELT provides instant results, allowing individuals to see the method in action during the first session. As the MELT method works, over time, the method will heighten the body’s ability to heal itself, providing a variety of benefits that create life-long changes.

Although the MELT method mainly focuses on reducing pains and aches associated with chronic pain, it also reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and cellulite. By eliminating the risk of injury, MELT also improves flexibility, alignment and posture, joint mobility, sleep and digestion, and overall health.

Purchasing MELT

All MELT products can be purchased from the MELT store, found on the website ( At the MELT store, all of the tools to begin using the technique are available for purchase.

These products include the following:

  • Hand and Food Treatment Kit
  • 2-Disc Hand and Foot Treatments DVD
  • Soft Body Roller
  • 3-Disc MELT Method DVD
  • MELT Method book

For those wanting to start the method, they can search the website to locate an instructor in their area. Currently, there are more than one thousand MELT instructors, located in over 12 countries.

There are options for one-on-on instructions, group classes, or special events. All MELT instructors are trained to assist and suit individual needs.

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