Megpies – Delicious Natural Artisan-Baked Whole Food Tarts?


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as it gives you the fuel you need to tackle your day. The beauty of food is that there isn’t one specific food item one considers as a breakfast. From the typical eggs and toast and cereal, in some cases, even pizzas are peoples’ go to breakfasts.

What if you were told that there are homemade tarts out there? What if you were told these tarts consist of fresh ingredients, which ensures to tackle your taste buds? What if they were a healthier twist compared to leading pop tarts brand? Megpies provide tarts packed with sweet and fresh ingredients that are bound to awaken your taste buds.

Who Are Megpies And How Are They Taking Us Back To Our Childhoods?

It’s no kidding when some says the most famous today, started their business in the midst of their basement. Similarly, Meghan Ritchie started baking back in 2007 by providing doughnuts with her roommate, but that chapter of her life temporarily closed as her roommate moved out. She then picking up from where she left off, in 2011, she created jam filled tarts along side her business partner, Paul Jones.

They started off by providing Megpies to local stores within their community, to holding over 30 accounts with others who want to make business with them. They’ve literally, started from the bottom, and are continuously building a name for their future empire.

Located in the United States, you can find Megpies at online retailers as well as physical stores in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and even South Boston. They grew from selling their products to local cafes, to becoming one of the providers for Starbucks and Whole Foods.

What Types Of Flavours Are Available?

They currently make five all-natural jam filled tarts consisting of: strawberry, blueberry, chocolate, cinnamon and brown sugar, and salted caramel apple.

How Much Can They Possibly Cost?

With some research done, it is safe to say that they are considerably affordable for a healthier alternative of a dessert., an online food retailer, sells Megpies for $4 each and you have the option of trying out all 5 flavors by purchasing the Popped Tart Pack for $23.

Unfortunately, they only deliver to select NYC locations. If you live elsewhere in the United States, check out for cafes near you.

Kellogg's Pop Tarts VS. Megpie Tarts

From this point on, many might wonder, “What’s so special about Megpies? They resemble pop tarts”. The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” is a clear example of these two products. Their outer form may be similar, but what’s within is what makes the difference.

Earlier known as Fruit Scone, Kellogg’s first introduced Pop Tarts in 1964 with 4 basic flavors. Three years later, they introduced frosted pop tarts. Today they have created over 30 flavors that you cannot even imagine. From as traditional as a blueberry pop tart to even an Orange Crush pop tart! (Huffington Post, Ledbetter 2014). They have been slaying desserts for over 50 years, so what chance can Megpies possibly have against them?

In the 21st century, there has been great emphasis on leading a healthier lifestyle. Many people lean towards working out and eat healthier meals, thus cutting out any possible junk, until it’s time for a cheat meal.

Though, Kellogg’s pop tarts are easy to prepare for any meal, and eaten at any temperature of your choice, they are packed with sugar and other chemicals that test our sweet tooth.

This is not the case with Megpies.  Megpies aims to bring our childhood back to life with a twist to it, ensuring that is healthy. Their homemade tarts are made with natural and fresh ingredients with no added preservatives.

Others may argue that Kellogg’s pop tarts are more affordable compared to that of Megpies, and this holds true. If you go to Wal-Mart, you can purchase a box of 16 pop tarts for less than $4, which amounts to $0.25/pop tart, versus Megpies’ $4/tart. When it comes to the price factor, Kellogg’s may win by a landslide, but it all comes down to what you feel comfortable feeding your body.

Who Makes The Final Call?

So who makes the call? Honestly only YOU. If you are happy with a sugar packed tart with a lot of filling, which are much more affordable, pop tarts are for you. Megpies, even though costly when compared to pop tarts, are a healthier twist on our favorite. They ensure that we enjoy every bite of our tart without having to worry about burning off the calories. Time to time, we crave sugary substances, and that is totally normal, however, consuming them on a daily basis will become a health risk.

Overall, Megpies are worth a shot because of their aim to show others that tarts can be healthy too. When it comes to choosing which brand of tarts to purchase, it depends solely on the consumers’ likes and dislikes. Some have felt that Megpies’ jam filling was simply not adequate, but that is just one person’s opinion. Others may like the fact that there isn’t way too much jam in their tarts.

Factors such as price, taste and quantity may play a role in whether or not they should purchase

Megpies, however, cannot stress enough how important it is maintain your health. The next time you decide to go to a Starbucks or a local café near you, try out Megpies and see for yourself whether it’s the treat for you.

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