Novo Nutrition – Protein Packed Snacks That Are Healthy?


Getting fit is something that many people want, but fewer people get.

That much has been proven by the number of people that are attached to gym treadmills but continue to look the same. Why is this? The reason so many people fail to reach their fitness goals is due to the increasing amount of low-quality food that’s readily available.

The number of processed food options has only increased in the last couple of years and with it so has the waistlines of many westerners.

This is the sole culprit behind the obesity epidemic that wages war on the health of so many people.

Many have been singing the same song for many years now.

“Why can’t I find healthy food that taste as good as the unhealthy food”.

This mindset is far from unreasonable, especially since we have the technology to create fake, delicious food, this should mean it’s possible to create delicious healthy food. Right?

Well, almost. It certainly has been tried by many but a lot of this healthy food labeled as “delicious” is far from it. More often than not, it tastes of cardboard.

Even the rare occurrence of healthy food that actually does taste good is often not as healthy as one would hope. Many protein based snacks and other processed “healthy” foods are just as unhealthy for people as the foods they are supposed to replace.

It’s easy to see that trying to figure out this predicament can cause a pounding headache.

But as the old saying goes; It’s always darkest before dawn. Newcomers on the health-food company scene are shaking up the industry. The failings of previous companies have been duly noted and with that knowledge these companies plan to get things right this time around

One of the companies constantly innovating to produce quality alternatives is Novo, and they offer a unique twist to a prized snack.

What is Novo all about?

Novo was started by Andrew Coulson, a well-known personality in the Bodybuilding world.

Over the last 20 years, Andrew has put his experience in the fitness industry to good use by offering advice to many health food companies to improve their products.

Over his tenure with consulting with these companies, he noticed that the industry was missing something. Many of these health-food companies jumped on the bandwagon of offering low-fat and free-from food options to consumers.
The problem with this is to take away something like fat out of the equation, companies had to add extra sugar and starch to compensate. Thus, making the food even more unhealthy.

Andrew opted to create his own company that would offer high-protein alternatives that were actually nutritionally balanced.

This is good news for the people that have been constantly tricked into purchasing hyped, overpriced, and under-satisfying “health-foods” that are terribly misleading.

Novo products start off with an extra layer of credibility just off of Andrew’s presence alone. Anyone who’s been in the industry for that long and also has a background in fitness is sure to bring some valuable knowledge to the table.

So, exactly what kind of deliciously healthy products does Novo Nutrition have its sleeve?

Protein Has a New Look

Novo Nutrition brings a handful of healthy foods to the market, and they have one thing in common; They are all high in protein.

This is a good thing because high protein means satiation. Great news for anyone that’s trying to lose weight by way of a high protein diet.

Novo’s catalog includes the following products:

-Protein Bites
-Protein Bites lite
-Protein Chip
-Protein Water

Not only are all of these products low in fat, they are also low in carbs. You know, that macronutrient that people demonize for making them fat? Yea, that one.

These snacks make for a great way for people to lose weight or just get healthier. Due to their high protein content, they can be used as a meal replacement or as a side-substitute for a regular meal.

The low-calorie content also makes these treats perfect for trimming the waistline. There is no more than 150 calories in a bag of Novo snacks. That’s completely unheard of.

Are they flavorful? You betcha!

Six different flavors are offered in their product “Protein Bites”. They include Sour Cream and Onion, Sweet Southern BBQ Chicken, Cheese and Jalapeno Relish, Grilled Chicken (questionable?), BBQ Chipotle, and Sea Salt and Black Pepper.

Now it’s understood that it must sound weird that it’s possible to eat a bag of chips as a meal replacement, but these things offer 20g of protein per pack. That’s like eating a whole chicken breast.

Trust. Being full off of eating one of these bags is very likely.

For those of us that want to satisfy our appetites with a bag of Novo goodness, we’ll either have to order online or wait for this one. That’s because these products are exclusively available in the UK. Bummer, right?

People oversees can still get their hands on a bag by ordering online, although at the time of this writing the company was completely sold out.

Novo Snacks. Yes or No?

Novo Nutrition has completely made a name for itself in the highly saturated health-food market.

Their products are filling and actually healthy. This is what convenient health food is supposed to look like, people. One the whole family can enjoy.

These products, once tried, will quickly replace the less-than-healthy alternatives which currently exist in homes.

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