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Urinary tract infection is one of many infections that are dissatisfying and unbelievably painful. It makes it very hard to urine, as it brings pain to your pelvic area and burns within your urethra. According to Right Diagnosis, 1 in every 5 women experience UTI at least once in their lifetime.

The reason for the irritable pain is due to unwanted bacteria that travel in your urinary tracts. This infection is similar to, when you fight to prevent mosquitos from sucking on your blood, you simply cannot succeed. That’s what happens with UTI, the main role of the urinary tract is protect itself from bacteria, but some times it doesn’t result in the way you want it to.

That’s why AZO, a brand that provides products to solve any vaginal irritations or infections, came up with multiple products that can help that irritation go away.

What Is A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)?

The name says it all; urinary tract infection is an infection in the urinary system effecting your kidneys, bladder, uterus and urethra.

As mentioned earlier, UTI occurs when bacteria enters the urinary tract. The role of the urinary tract is to prevent such bacteria from entering, however, sometimes we face failures as well, especially our bodies (Mayo Clinic).

It is believed that there exists some home remedies to treat UTI such as drinking cranberry juice or by avoiding drinks (i.e. alcohol or coffee) that has a negative impact on your bladder. Doctors normally will prescribe antibiotics.

How Prepared Are Azo Products In Combating UTI?

Azo Products most trusted Urinary Tract Infection Defense helps minimize and heal the pain until meeting with a doctor. With methylamine and sodium salicylate infused within the product, the duo fights the bacteria within you, eliminating the crabby pain. What exactly are those? Well, methylamine is an anti-bacterial medicine that controls the UTI and decelerates bacteria growth and sodium salicylate is used as a pain relief mechanism.

Is It Worth Waiting To See A Doctor?

It is always suggested to see a doctor as soon as possible because there is a chance of the bacteria traveling to expand within, causing more irritation and pain. However, as mentioned above, AZO’s Urinary Tract Infection Defense aids in controlling the pain until you get medical assistance from a hospital.

If the irritation and pain is tolerable, it will be helpful to use AZO’s UTI Defense. This product is in a form of a pill and can be bought for under $15. Each bottle contains 24 capsules. Their products can be found at Wal Mart, Amazon, Target, and many other online retailers as well.

Symptoms Of UTI

Some of the symptoms consist of: a burning sensation when urinating, an unpleasant urine smell, pelvic panic, and possibly some signs of blood.

Who Is At Greater Risk?

Women are at greater risk compared to men because of their anatomy. Because women’s urethra is much shorter compared to that of men, there are more chances of bacteria entering women.

Secondly, some times, bacteria can also be transmitted through sexual intercourse as well, so it compulsory to know of your partner’s sexual history.

In addition, when a woman is on menopause, the lack of estrogen (hormones) causes changes in the urinary tract, making it easily irritable (Mayo Clinic).

Finally, one possible reason as to why bacteria may be traveling within can be due to how we wipe after a bowel movement. Our feces are full of bacteria, and if you wipe from your anal to your private part, you are unintentionally carrying bacteria back up towards the urethra.

Therefore, it is recommended to always wipe from the top towards the anal that way you prevent any form of bacteria from entering into the urinary tract.

Azo Products Vs Competitors

Azo’s carries a wide range of products for urinary system infections. They went above and beyond, to the point where they created cranberry gummies for those who are dissatisfied by the taste of cranberry juice.

They also have some quizzes you can take on their website at, to see what the problem may be based on the pain you are suffering (just because they provide possible suggestions, doesn’t mean it is the same as going to a doctor). Their website brings a welcoming feel to people looking for information.

Their blogs consist of informative tips and solutions for your problems. This clearly shows that they are in the business to ensure people are aware of UTI, and aren’t in the clouds when it comes to how to prevent such infections.

Healthcare professionals also have access to some of their product samples to better meet their patients’ needs. Can’t anyone pretend to be a doctor to obtain samples? NO! In order for them to proceed with the order, healthcare professionals need to provide their medical license number.

Azo Products Review Summary!

Overall, it is extremely important to take care of vaginal infections as it makes everything more difficult for women. Once you feel a burning sensation, see a doctor right away before the pain and bacteria within you starts to accelerate. There are multiple home remedies you can try, alongside medication, to fight UTI, however each individual reacts differently.

Based on existing reviews, none of Azo’s customers have experienced any side effects, as of yet. In order to be safe, do the necessary research and enhance your knowledge on UTI before trying anything at home.

AZO Products are worth a shot as they fight to eliminate the weight off of every woman’s shoulders.

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