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More than ever, today's health and fitness market is full of products from around the world that address every conceivable issue and area of concern. However, a large number of these products are producted with heavily synthesized chemicals, compounds, and often do not adhere to safety practices. It is in this void that a number of producers like Maximum Living sprung up.

Maximum Living was founded in 1992, based on the needs of consumers to purchase high quality mineral supplements. The founders of Maximum Living noticed that more and more patient’s were visiting medical practices, suffering from magnesium and mineral deficiencies. The company developed their first product, called MineralRich. It was a great success, gaining popularity and recognition in the health supplement marketplace. As the demands grew, so did the company.

They have now included a selection of health promoting supplements that are made with the latest innovative technology and manufacturing process. Maximum Living is also proud to say that all of their products are made in the USA, with the finest raw minerals available. It can be challenging to try and find the best health supplement, that does not contain additives, or stimulants with unhealthy side effects.

Maximum Living products rely on nature, so you can use them with confidence, and know that you are providing your body with healthy vegetable based nutrients. The liquid supplements are designed for super fast absorption, so you can begin to notice the effects of Maximum Living right away.

Maximum Living's Quality Assurance

Maximum Living has very unique guidelines that they follow for all of their quality products. Unlike many companies that offer similar products, Maximum Living has their own Quality Control and Quality Assurance staff. Their job is to ensure you receive the highest quality product, with the finest ingredients available.

The QC/QA team follow the FDA, Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines for dietary supplements, to make sure each product has been tested, evaluated, and proven to be effective for its intended purposes. Each ingredient is identified by a unique code and tracking number, another method of ensuring only the purest, finest ingredients are used in Maximum Living products. Tests are conducted throughout the manufacturing procedure, that includes testing of:

-Raw Materials

-Blending Process

-Manufacturing Process

-Production Line

-Finished product prior to bottling

-Packaged product

The fail check system is put in place to deliver the finest product available. All ingredients are checked for potency and microbiological contamination, something not done in products manufactured outside the U.S.


-MineralRich: Is the original product of Maximum Living. It has a blend of more than 70 minerals and essential minerals. Vitamins B12 and biotin are sold in liquid form, for fast absorption. MineralRich offers a variety of nutritional support for muscles, bones, teeth, hair, and skin. It also works to stabilize energy levels throughout the day.

-MineralRich: Made with Aloe this is the same great product as the original MineralRich, but with Aloe added. As some people suffer from digestive issues, the Aloe blend with the minerals helps to soothe and heal an irritated digestive tract.

-MineralRich Concentrate with B-12 and Biotin: This is a concentrated formula that delivers 70 + minerals, in addition to 1000 mg of B-12, biotin, and extra magnesium. No sugars are added, only ingredients that are good for your body.

-Maximum Living’s Vita-Sprout: A whole food multi-vitamin mineral formula. It is a synergistic blend of concentrated organic sprouts. The formula works in combination with the body by feeding it the GMO-free vegetable formula, and providing enhanced nutritional support for the body. The combination of sprouts and vegetables, provides a powerful antioxidant blend of orderless garlic, licorice root, green tea extract, lutein, and pine bark.

-Solu-C Capsules: Vitamin C that combines the bioflavonoid properties of citrus, grape seed and rutin, with the enhancing properties of green tea. When combined, these nutrients offer an abundant supply of antioxidant protection that is unsurpassed.

-Enzyme Ease: Is the miracle solution if you suffer from digestive issues. The multi-digestive enzyme formula will help your digestive problems, and you can avoid those over the counter acid reducers that only work to mask the problem. Multi-Enzyme contains a combination of ingredients that promote the digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. You can finally get rid of that bloated feeling with Enzyme Ease. Enzyme Ease is also suitable for vegetarians, with the oat bran formula and psyllium fiber. The special blend contains acidophilus, a natural pro-biotic that helps to ensure you have the best digestive health possible. The ingredients in Multi-Enzyme have been shown to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

-JointAssure Plus: Is the relief you have been searching for to eliminate those joint pains. No more buying multiple products to help with joint pain, JoinAssure Plus has combined a unique group of ingredients so that, this one product has it all. With glucosamine and conjointin, among other joint supportive ingredients, you will enjoy the benefits this product has to offer, and your joints will thank you.

-Maximum Living Nutrition Bites: A snack lovers dream. Finally a snack that is good for you and fills you up. Maximum Living Nutrition Bites contain GMO Free soy protein, are high in protein, and with a taste to satisfy your hunger. Maximum Living Nutrition Bites have no cholesterol, and are low in sodium, so you can feel great when you enjoy this delicious snack

Maximum Living Final Thoughts

Today's conscious consumer understands that health and nutrition are essential focuses to be able to maximize your life. That is exactly what Maximum Living strives to do with their broad range of natural and healthy solutions to a broad range of maladies and ailments.

You no longer need to go to health food stores that may have products made and shipped to their stores, passing through assembly lines and production facilities, picking up contaminants, and being compromised by transportation conditions.

Maximum Living has made all of their products, from their liquid formulas, to their capsules and snacks with the finest ingredients, tested under strict quality controls, to bring you the best nutritional supports that you can buy.

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