Mantis Diatomaceous Earth – Natural Grade DE For Organic Use?


Diatomaceous earth, often called DE, is a substance that occurs naturally when single celled phytoplankton is fossilized. The result is a powder like compound that is extremely rich in nutrients.

Because DE is so densely nutritious, it has been used for a wide range of purposes, including a fertilizer for plants. However, many DE sources aren’t as pure as they need to be to truly benefit users, which is why it’s important to always get the best of the best.

For those looking for a high-quality, pure source of DE for their plants, Mantis Diatomaceous Earth is the answer. With its lower levels of pure, crystallized silica, Mantis Diatomaceous Earth is the perfect option for those who need extra support in their gardens and homes.

What is Mantis Diatomaceous Earth?

Mantis Diatomaceous Earth is a one of the most natural forms of DE, extracted from a fresh water source so that it is pure of contaminants. This makes it completely safe to use in gardens and around the house.

The purity of Mantis Diatomaceous Earth is seen clearly in its vibrant, bright white color, allowing users to know immediately that they have the best quality DE possible. And with Mantis Diatomaceous Earth, users will have complete peace of mind knowing they’re using the best and safest DE possible.

The instructions on how to use Mantis Diatomaceous Earth are available on the packet label. However, Mantis Diatomaceous Earth can be used as a dust, thought a mask should be worn if used in this manner, or in a wet form. Mantis Diatomaceous Earth will keep insects and unwanted creatures out of gardens or homes, without the worry of dangerous chemicals so often found in insect repellents.

Benefits of Mantis Diatomaceous Earth

The first benefit of Mantis Diatomaceous Earth is that it is extremely safe to use. Because Mantis Diatomaceous Earth is collected from freshwater in Oregon, the amount of crystalline silica in the DE is much lower than those in other options.

Because high levels of crystalline silica are known to be dangerous to people and animals, by being so safe, Mantis Diatomaceous Earth can be used in homes and gardens without worry about it being dangerous.

As mentioned above, the DE used in Mantis Diatomaceous Earth is taken from pure deposit points in Oregonian fresh water beds. Because the water from which Mantis Diatomaceous Earth is collected from is completely pure, is doesn’t have any of the contaminants that other DE options often contain.

For example, Mantis Diatomaceous Earth is free from clays and other organic debris, something that is clearly seen in its white, bright coloring. This purity in Mantis Diatomaceous Earth allows it to absorb and desiccate more liquid than all other DE products on the market.

Finally, Mantis Diatomaceous Earth isn’t just certified organic, it also meets all the codex standards set forth by the FDA. This means that all the purity and safety claims Mantis Diatomaceous Earth makes can be backed up by real evidence. Additionally, Mantis Diatomaceous Earth is made using sustainable properties, so it does not have an adverse effect on the environment.

Purchasing Mantis Diatomaceous Earth

Mantis Diatomaceous Earth is available for purchase on Amazon, where a five pound bag costs $14.95. For those who have Amazon Prime, shipping is fast and free.

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