Mama’s MilkBox – Monthly Stylish Breastfeeding Apparel?


Mama’s MilkBox is a company that produces clothing for nursing mothers. These ensembles are easy to breastfeed with, due to their ability to expose only enough to allow your child to eat, rather than having to use a cover or completely uncover yourself.

What Is Mama’s MilkBox?

When you make the decision to breastfeed, one of the biggest issues is finding the right clothing for the job.

You probably aren’t trying to wear anything but some comfortable pajama pants for the first couple of weeks, but you want to be able to leave your house other clothing. Right now, you need to choose items that are easy to breastfeed in, but most of the clothing that offers that versatility is anything but attractive.

You need something to help you feel confident and more like yourself during this major transition, and Mama’s MilkBox aims to help.

Mama’s MilkBox is a subscription-based service, which primarily offers tops and dresses, though they are looking to expand their repertoire of options.

The main goal of this company is to help you feel better about yourself while you breastfeed, and that starts with wearing clothing that you preferred before your pregnancy began.

Unfortunately, most of your wardrobe probably isn’t breastfeeding-friendly, but the selection at Mama’s MilkBox is. To make matters better, none of these options look anything like the maternity clothing that you’re used to.

Whether you are a new mom, or you have multiple children, it’s hard to find ways for you to prioritize yourself. As a mother, you want to make sure that everyone else is taken care of, but you need to remember that you are just as much a priority as the rest of the family.

By giving yourself the gift of Mama’s MilkBox, you get the chance to try out some new clothing that fit your personality and new lifestyle.

Products From Mama’s MilkBox

Right now, the only products that Mama’s MilkBox offers are tops and dresses, which are available in the following sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large

The Extra-Large size is equivalent to someone that fits a size 14 or 16. Unfortunately, no plus sizes are available right now, but the company aims to expand the different size options available.


The return process is fairly simple, since you need to send back the products to receive your next shipment. Your purchase comes with a box that has a prepaid label, which can be dropped off at the post office to send back this month’s shipment.

The Subscription Program At Mama’s MilkBox

While you can purchase a few products without a subscription, Mama’s MilkBox is meant to be a resource for women to get a new shipment delivered to your door each month.

The best time to sign up is about two weeks after you deliver your child and your breastmilk has come in. If you’re not a first-time mom, you probably have a good idea of how your breasts and body will adjust after pregnancy, so you should be able to fill it out right away.

This program costs $29 with each shipment. All the different clothing comes from a variety of brands, along with the private label that Mama’s MilkBox created.

Most of the time, women who breastfeed end up spending up to $100 or more to purchase items for their post-pregnancy body, which can cause them not to buy any at all. However, using this program ensures that you can save your pre-pregnancy clothing for when you get back to the figure you had before.

The package you receive will be available to you for three days. After the three days is over, you will need to send back the box for a new piece.

Other than the fee, the only time you will be billed for anything else with the program is the styling fee, which will be used to cover any purchases that you want to keep. To make the deal even better, you will receive a 10% discount on any “keep” purchase of three items or more.

Setting Up Your Style Profile

To determine the best clothing for you, the website requires that you set up a style profile on your account. This profile goes over basic information, and asks personal questions about your breastfeeding journey. You will go over:

  • Your Pinterest user name
  • The date of birth and gender of your child
  • Your current weight, along with measurements and sizing information for your bust, waist, and more
  • Your favorite colors
  • The types of clothes you want to buy
  • If you work in a professional office that has a dress code
  • The brands you used before you were pregnant
  • Your personal style preferences
  • Whether you plan to pump breastmilk

Once the website has a complete assessment, they will be able to dictate the products that go into your subscription box each month. With this in-depth information, you will find it much easier to feel like yourself while in nursing clothes, instead of dealing with a limited amount of clothing.

Contacting The Customer Service Team At Mama’s MilkBox

Since this service is relatively new, you may have some questions and concerns that should be addressed before you begin your subscription. The website offers an extensive FAQ page, but the customer service team can still be reached with a letter to:

Mama's MilkBox

PO Box 12782

Pittsburgh, PA 15241

Mama’s MilkBox Review Summary

There are many different subscription services for women of all sizes to try out clothing that they may not have had the opportunity to buy on their budget or with their scheduled commitments.

With a new baby in the home, finding the extra money to treat yourself is nearly impossible, unless it’s something you need. With Mama’s MilkBox, that separation doesn’t need to exist, since every fashionable piece of clothing can double as a necessary part of your breastfeeding wardrobe.

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