Thrive Causemetics – High Performance Skincare Cosmetics?


Thrive Causemetics is a company that offers cosmetics with completely vegan ingredients that perform better than the classic formulas. This brand is dedicated to helping and empowering women, which makes it one of the few brands that arose out of important values.

What Is Thrive Causemetics?

Choosing the makeup that you use on a regular basis is an important decision. Many value brands sacrifice quality for a lower price, which means that the ingredients that you’re putting on your face may be causing complexion issues and irritation.

You want a brand that is reliable and upstanding, which is what you get from Thrive Causemetics.

Unlike many other brands, Thrive Causemetics started with a compassionate friend. Karissa Bodnar, the founder, started the brand after losing a close friend to cancer, hoping to help women feel empowered and important.

The founder has worked for years as a makeup artist, making it easy for her to understand your needs when choosing a product. Each formula is made in a private lab in Seattle, where each step of the vegan production process is monitored.

All the products from Thrive Causemetics are eligible for a subscription. If you choose to subscribe to receive the selected product on a regular basis, you will get free shipping for every order, and you can choose to receive it every month or up to every four months.

To make your purchase even better, with every product that is ordered, another one is donated to a woman that is in need. Makeup has the power to transform your outlook and attitude about your own beauty, and Thrive Causemetics wants to be a part of that.

Thrive Causemetics New Products

The great part about Thrive Causemetics is that they are constantly developing new formulas that can help you enhance your appearance subtly and safely. Read on below to find out about some of the most recent products that the company has released.

Brilliant Eye Brightener

The Brilliant Eye Brightener is a must-have for anyone that can’t always get a full 8-hour slumber. This product helps you to improve the look of the skin around your eyes, even if they are decorated with dark circles beneath them.

With a champagne hue, it adds luminosity where you need it most after a long-night.

The formula is available as a cream, which seamlessly transitions into a powder-like finish. However, the main reason that it works so well is the Ring Light Technology, which gives your skin the ability to reflect the natural light for a radiant glow.

To ensure that you get a precise line along your face, the $24.00 price tag includes a sharpener.

Focus Eyeshadow Palette

The reason that the Focus Eyeshadow Palette stands out is the smooth texture, which happens to be resistant to creasing and clumping. Because of the composition, this formula acts as its own primer to keep your makeup exactly where you apply it.

Each one has matte and shimmer hues, giving you the ability to create an endless list of combinations to meet your favorite looks.

This palette is meant to be used to enhance the appearance of your eyes. However, if you wet any of the shadows, they can also double as an eyeliner.

You can choose from two different color schemes to match your favorite hues, opting for the first palette for brown, gold, and bronze tones, or the second palette for gray, blue, and plum shades. At $36.00 each, it’s easy to see the appeal of this velvety eyeshadow.

Glossy Lip Mark

If you can’t choose between lipstick, lip gloss, and lip stain, then the Glossy Lip Mark is perfect for you. It eliminates everything that you don’t like about these other products, holding onto the benefits of them instead.

Along with their phenomenal texture, this formula also helps to plump up and hydrate your lips, giving you the pout you want.

While some colors will require a lip liner, you won’t need one here. The bold, crisp colors come with a precision applicator for the best results.

Right now, there are nine different shades that you choose from, with bold red and a gentle mauve as two of the greatest extremes. Regardless of the color, your cost for one of them is $26.00.

Thrive Causemetics Customer Service

With these impressive solutions to your morning routine, you may have a few questions about Thrive Causemetics and their products before your purchase is made.

While the website doesn’t list a phone number or email address, you will be redirected to your applicable web browser to create an email for the team.

Thrive Causemetics Conclusion

Thrive Causemetics offers incredible quality with vegan substances that you simply cannot match with other brands.

Along with their dedication to helping the environment and animals, the empowerment and support of women is incredibly evident in their charitable donations and the way they approach their cosmetics.

If you want a brand that has a reputation for being both healthy and supportive for women, the Thrive Causemetics brand is the place for you.

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  1. I always check reviews and yes this looks sketchy at least. When you are at a certain age it’s best not to keep trying new stuff anyway, if it’s not broken don’t waste your time and money on it!

  2. They make a decent day-long eyeliner and brow liner. However, neither one is semi-permanent, and the eyeliner will smudge and wash off with watery eyes.

    I left reviews on both products on their website and they were not published. Thrive Causemetics only publishes five-star reviews. Beware!

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