Magnatic Sports Towel – Hygienic Magnetic Stay-Put Fitness Towel?


Working out is necessary to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but some people are hesitant to work out as hard as they should because sweating is uncomfortable and can be hard to manage. Carrying a gym towel is a way to manage the sweat to keep you more comfortable and dry.

The downside to regular towels, however, is that they can be hard to keep track of. Some of the machines require you to use your entire body so you wouldn’t be able to hold it in your hand, some others make your body move in such ways that a towel would come off of your shoulders.

Instead of setting it on the dirty floor or on dirty equipment, now there is a towel that will stay where you put it and stay clean.

Today we will be discussing the Magnatic Sports Towel. We will be reviewing this product and helping you determine if it can be beneficial to your workout.

What Is The Magnatic Sports Towel?

The Magnatic Sports Towel is a towel that is designed to be the perfect workout companion. It is magnetic, so it can clip to itself, around your neck, or to metal equipment.

This will make sure that you keep a towel with you to keep you dry and comfortable, but it will stay hygienic by not ending up on the floor. It also ensures that you don’t set it down and leave it somewhere.

How Does The Magnatic Sports Towel Work?

The Magnatic Sports Towel has magnets sewn directly into the towel to keep it in place as you work out.

Other benefits of the Magnatic Sports Towel include:

  • Comes in two colors: Turquoise and Red
  • More hygienic: less likely to pick up germs since you won’t drop it on the floor
  • A 4 cm magnet is sewn directly into the edges of this towel. It is light enough that you will not feel weighted down by it but it is powerful enough to keep it in place while you work out. You can also stick it to the equipment that is metal
  • It has tear resistant flaps that will help keep the towel from tearing where the magnets are
  • It is very absorbent and can go in the washing machine for convenient cleaning
  • 3 year product guarantee period

How Will The Magnatic Sports Towel Benefit Me?

The Magnatic Sports Towel will allow you to keep a towel with you while you work out so that you can wipe off excess sweat. It is magnetized so it stays in place and will stay around your neck or on your equipment so it does not touch the dirty floor.

Who Makes The Magnatic Sports Towel?

The Magnatic Sports Towel is offered by a company called Pro Idee Concept Store. They are located in the U K and make many different products

Magnatic Sports Towel Pricing

The Magnatic Sports Towel is priced at £ 31.5 directly from their website. The company is located in the U K, so you will have to check their website for international shipping rates and policies.

Should You Buy The Magnatic Sports Towel?

If you want to have a towel while you work out but do not want it to fall on the floor or be forgotten anywhere, the Magnatic Sports Towel may be the right product for you to try with your next workout.

Because this towel has magnets sewn into it, it will stay put around your neck or to the metal of workout equipment. This will ensure that you have a clean towel to dry off with once you are done working out, and will help prevent the spread of bacteria at the gym.

For more information on the Magnatic Sports Towel and how it can help you, visit their website.

Magnatic Sports Towel Summary

You can learn more about Magnatic Sports Towel, read about how this product can benefit you, and place your order for this product at their website at

You can also read customer reviews that were written by people who have purchased and used this product as well to help you decide if this is the sports towel for you.

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