MagicCindy Fitness Board

The MagicCindy Fitness Board is an accessory for your workout routine to help you improve your core muscles, which control many of the other strengths in your body. This product is sold through exclusively.

What is the MagicCindy Fitness Board?

Getting the most out of your workout routine requires that you continue to challenge your body to get the results that you want. Sometimes, that’s a matter of increasing the repetitions of your weight-lifting routine, while other people choose to increase the weight that they control. However, there are some exercises that manage to constantly push you, like the workouts you can perform with the MagicCindy Fitness Board.

The MagicCindy Fitness Board helps you to work out your core muscles in a new way. With your feet on either side of the board, you can go through many different exercises to engage all the muscles in your abdominal and lower torso. With various twisting motions, you even workout your oblique muscles, which very few workout access. In fact, with this impressive technique, you can engage almost every muscle in your body.

Laying down on the ground to perform numerous crunches can be hard on your back, and you actually only work out a small section of your abdomen. You are limited in your range of motion, and this type of pressure on your body doesn’t do anything for your balance, or for the rest of your torso. In your workout, you prioritize the exercises the exercises that help you the most, which you can perform with the MagicCindy Fitness Board.

How Does the MagicCindy Fitness Board Help You?

The reason that the MagicCindy fitness board works so well has nothing to do with weights or resistance. Instead, it’s all about balance.

When you get onto this board, in order to stay stable, the first step is to find your balance. Your balance comes from your core muscles, with an automatic reaction to maintain an even level of pressure to keep yourself upright. Your body naturally rebalances this shift. As you wobble and twist, your core muscles change their contraction to meet that balance. While you think you’re just leveling your balance, your core muscles do the work for you automatically.

As you feel more confident in your ability to balance on this board with basic exercises, you can start performing other movements to challenge your body. Planks, squats, and pushups are just a few of the different exercises you can use to push your skills even further than before.

With any workout regimen, your success also relies on the food you eat. The program doesn’t include a diet that you will need to use, but you are encouraged to follow a healthy eating regimen to ensure that your body gets the support it needs. Most people require more protein and carbohydrates than when you start a diet that doesn’t include exercise.

This board measures at 26” x 11” x ¾”. While not in use, it’s easy to store in the closet or even under your bed. However, the weight capacity maxes out at 400lbs.

Using the MagicCindy Fitness Board

The MagicCindy Fitness Board is a little complicated, when you first start to use the board. Your feet will go on either side of the arch, balancing your body on top. Then, your workout will consist of constantly maintaining your balance. You can twist, wiggle, scoot, and more, but you need to stay on the board without falling over.

Sometimes, it’s hard to get the right level of balance in your routine. If you’re struggling to stay aboard, then you can hold onto the back of a chair to maintain stability as you work up your strength. Keep your knees slightly bent as you work out this part of your body to engage more muscle groups.

To get the best results, the texture of the fitness board works most easily on carpeted areas.

Improving Your Workout

The versatility of this board is perhaps the most effective aspect of it. As you need to increase the intensity of your regimen, you can add different equipment to the use of this board. Some people choose to use a resistance band or weights for their arms, engaging their biceps and triceps with their core muscles.

Bending your knees will engage the muscles in your legs, and the intensity can be increased with lowering your body even more during bending.

Pricing for the MagicCindy Fitness Board

If you want to try out the fitness board in your own workout routine, your cost will be $39.99. Right now, this product qualifies for Prime shipping on That means, you can have the board delivered within two days of initiating your purchase.

Amazon allows you to return your products for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.

Contacting Customer Service for MagicCindy Fitness Board

Right now, there doesn’t appear to be a main website for MagicCindy, since this purchase is only authorized to be fulfilled through If you need to return the product, or you have questions about a recent shipment, then you will need to check your orders and submit a claim online.

MagicCindy Fitness Board Conclusion

The MagicCindy Fitness Board is an inventive and fun way to improve your muscle tone without feeling like you’ve spent an entire day doing stomach crunches. The key to balancing out your muscle tone lies in the constant challenging of your muscle groups. You need to push yourself out of your comfort zone to make an impact on your entire body, and MagicCindy gives you the push in the right direction.


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