Lush Dirty – Organic Cocoa Butter & Chocolate Massage Bar?


It can be very hard to find cosmetics that are not tested on animals, smell and feel great on your body, are ethical, handmade, vegetarian friendly and good for the environment. Lush ticks all those boxes.


Lush creates magnificent bath, body, hair and skin creations which are more than appealing to the eye and body.

Lush uses only fresh ingredients in all of its products and only buys ingredients from companies that do not test their products on animals. Bath and soap based products tend to be bright and eye catching and create a fun filled, beautiful smell explosion in the bath tub or shower.

All the products are handmade by staff members called Compounders. The products are all naturally made so can be a great alternative to name brand products that use chemicals and preservatives which can be too heavy for sensitive skin.

Lush Dirty Values

Lush Dirty has a very important set of values, regarding how creation of their products effects the world. Lush ensures that its ingredients are always fair trade.

It is important to everyone at Lush that the producers are paid a fair amount for their products.

Fighting Animal Testing

Lush use only human volunteers to test their products on as it is no longer a legal requirement to use animals first.

There are now over 20,000 cosmetic ingredients that are deemed safe to use on human skin so Lush has ensured that none of its products or products from suppliers are being tested on animals at any point in the manufacturing process.

Ethical Buying

At Lush, there is a team assigned to find suppliers that are the right fit for Lush’ vision and are producers in the local area. When local trade isn’t available, they go further afield around the world to find the right suppliers who ensure a high standard of the working environment and also good conditions for the workers.

By buying from smaller producers, it can benefit the whole community and create great relationships across the world. It is important for lush to connect with the people who are so involved in the creation of their products.

About Lush Dirty Massage Bar

The last thing you want to be when washing, is dirty, but with the Lush Dirty massage bar you’ll never feel so clean and relaxed. With a minty scent and fair trade cocoa as one of the main ingredients, this will leave you smelling minty fresh and skin feeling silky and smooth.

A key ingredient is Cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is fermented, cleaned, roasted, cracking and ground seeds from the Cacao tree. When ground down, these seeds form into a thick and oily paste.

The fatty paste is removed and cocoa power and cocoa butter are separated. The cocoa butter is more than 50% of the cocoa bean and has a chocolate smell. Cocoa butter is best for moisturising, softening and conditioning properties. Amazingly, it absorbs into your skin in quick time so you are not left with oily or greasy skin.

For the most indulging experience, rub onto dry skin, the butter will melt from the temperature of the skin and then massage in the oils and butters. It is great for both men and woman as the smell is a rich and chocolatey.

The core of the bar is the darker, chocolatey zone whereas the out layer is the rich shea butter so you can chose how dirty you want to get! When using the dark side, you will be able to physically see the soap massaging and moistening your body as the dark cocoa will leave traces on your skin – easily washed off though.

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