Loloz Cavity Fighting Lollipops – Can Cavibloc Prevent Tooth Decay?


Safe for use by both adults and children, these simple to use lollipops are designed to help reduce bacteria in the mouth improving health of teeth and gums. Used a few times per year, people can help improve their mouth health and may reduce dental problems.

Available in three flavors, Loloz Cavity Fighting Lollipops taste great and make it easy to give teeth and gums extra dental support for better health. Please read below to learn more about Loloz Lollipops and how to purchase a box.

What are Loloz Cavity Fighting Lollipops?

These sugar-free lollipops are designed to help reduce the bacteria in the mouth helping reduce people's’ risk of cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. The secret is the inclusion of a bacteria fighting ingredient called Cavibloc.

When used for ten consecutive days a few times a year Loloz Cavity Fighting Lollipops help reboot mouth health and keep bacteria in check. With a healthy mouth people will have less dental problems including fewer cavities, bad breath, and better gum health.

Loloz Cavity Fighting Lollipops are available in three all-natural flavors including Orange, Berry, and Lemon.

How Do Loloz Cavity Fighting Lollipops Work?

Adults and children can safely use Loloz Cavity Fighting Lollipops a few times per year to help reduce mouth bacteria levels. Users simply let one lollipop dissolve for at least five minutes twice daily to help support overall mouth health.

The benefits of these lollipops are said to last up to three to six months. It is recommended to use Loloz Lollipops in a tandem with good brushing and flossing habits.

Teeth contain ten million bacteria per square inch which means the potential for cavities and poor gum health is high; adding a product like Loloz Lollipops to a regular oral health routine may help.

Who Makes Loloz Lollipops?

Loloz Lollipops are part of the Healthy Grid line of wellness products. Healthy Grid was founded in the Pacific Northwest in 2008 with the commitment to offering oral health products that truly deliver results.

In addition to manufacturing products Healthy Grid also designs web based dental software and direct marketing services. Consumers who are interested in learning more about Loloz Lollipops and the innovative parent company Healthy Grid will want to visit the company’s website at and

Loloz Lollipop Ingredients

What makes this product so effective is the active ingredient Cavibloc which is made from licorice root. Cavibloc was developed following seven years of research by microbiologists within the UCLA Department of Oral Biology.

Licorice root has been used for its antibacterial properties as part of Chinese Traditional medicine for centuries. Cavibloc helps fights three kinds of bacteria including Streptococcus Mutans and Sobrinus, and Lactobacilli which are the common bacterial causes of cavities, bad breath, and poor gum health.

Unlike alcohol based mouthwashes, Cavibloc does not kill the healthy bacteria it just eliminates the harmful bacteria.

Pricing For Loloz Cavity Fighting Lollipops

Consumers can purchase the Loloz Cavity Fighting Lollipops online through Amazon.

Each twenty count box costs $29.99 plus shipping. One of Amazon’s vendors offers each twenty count box for $29.99 plus free shipping.

Loloz Cavity Fighting Lollipops are also eligible to be a part of Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program which means users can get them automatically shipped and save an extra five to fifteen percent depending on number of enrolled products.

Should You Use Loloz Cavity Fighting Lollipops?

Both adults and children can help improve their overall oral health by adding a bacteria fighting product to their healthcare routine. Loloz Lollipops are formulated to taste great and help kill harmful bacteria while preserving the good bacteria helping maintain the correct balance for optimum mouth health.

When combined with a good brushing and flossing routine users may see a drastic improvement in their overall mouth health and dental visits. Based on online reviews some people have found this product to affect their sensitive stomach leaving them gassy so caution is advised.

Interested consumers can see the product online at the Loloz website and make their purchases directly through Amazon.

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