Liquid BlenderCleanser – Non-Irritating Dye-Free Brush Cleanser?


Grown into a makeup cases favorite product, a must have, beauty blender. Sometimes referred to your favorite little sponge – one that works like magic! Whether you’re applying foundation, tinted moisturizer, or cream blush, wet the sponge until it's completely saturated squeeze out the excess water, and dab it in your makeup. Then, bounce it along the skin, pressing slightly on the surface. Creating an even, natural looking blend.

The original beauty blender was pink in color and almost resembled a rain drop – edgeless, reusable, high definition cosmetic sponge applicators. Now you can find these perfect sponges in a variety of colors and sizes – but never veering from the original design.

Little Bit Of Blender Background

Who better than to design a must have makeup staple than a well respected, and talented makeup artist – working with the likes of Vivica Fox for example. In 2002, Rea Ann, designed and founder of the original beauty blender, did just that. In 2005, “After ten years, Sean Combs is still one of Rea Ann’s favorite clients to work with. “He was my business role model. I loved watching him build his empire and navigate between being an artist, businessman, and trendsetter.”

In 2013, the beauty blender won Allure’s best of beauty award for the fifth time! (pretty big deal – like the Oscar’s of the beauty industry)

Now, given that you’re likely familiar with the BeautyBlender – Let’s consider what we do with products that are important to us, we take care of them. This is where the Liquid Blendercleanser comes in. It was manufactured especially for removing stains from the sponge with its demineralized water and natural sea salt to help detoxify and absorb toxins.

The Liquid Blendercleanser also protects the integrity of the sponge (blender), removes excess residue and germs as well. A clean makeup application is pertinent to its overall finish, don’t sell it short without proper cleansing of your tools with a product like the blendercleanser, handcrafted in the United States.

Formulated without:

  • Parabens
  • Sulfates
  • Phthalates


Water (Aqua), Potassium Palm Kernelate, Potassium Oleate, Glycerin, Potassium Cocoate, Potassium Citrate, Maris Salts, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Citric Acid.

How To Use Liquid Blendercleanser

  • Using a damp Beautyblender, press on the pump nozzle, distributing cleanser onto the surface of the sponge.
  • Lightly squeeze and work into a lather.
  • For stubborn stains, pour a small amount of Blendercleanser into a bowl with water and let it soak for a few hours.
  • Remove excess water and place Beautyblender in a clean ventilated area to dry.
  • Great for pre-soaking to clean stubborn stains

Blendercleanser comes in a 5oz bottle and retails at $18.00. This product is suitable for the cleaning and maintenance of the following designs of the Blender;

The Original
The world’s first edgeless makeup sponge ensures flawless application of any complexion product, powder, cream blush and more.

  • Demystifies makeup application and makes every woman a makeup artist!
  • Exclusive beautyblender material ensures impeccable application, no streaking, less product waste and an airbrushed finish
  • Easy to use: wet, squeeze, bounce.

The Nude
Celebrate the skin you’re in with flawless beauty application! Specifically created to apply all foundations.

  • Same exclusive beautyblender material in a nude shade applicator.
  • Effortlessly blends all foundations for a flawless finish.
  • Easy to use: wet, squeeze, bounce.

The Pro
Made specially for professionals and best for applying darker toned, long-wear cosmetic products, as well as self-tanners.

  • The same exclusive beautyblender material in a black color
  • Perfect for darker-toned, long-wear, bronzing and self tanning products
  • Just like a makeup artist, pro will hide any imperfections
  • Easy to use: wet, squeeze, bounce.

The Pure
Made for a product conserving, silky application of skincare and makeup. Great for sensitive skin and to apply serums and moisturizers.

  • The same exclusive beautyblender material in a dye-free color
  • Impeccable skincare application with a silk-like feel
  • Great for serums, eye creams and primers
  • Easy to use: wet, squeeze, bounce.

The Beauty Blusher
The perfect sized blush applicator. Made for applying cream and powder blush.

  • Same exclusive Beautyblender material in a medium-sized blush applicator.
  • Made to perfectly match the apples of the cheeks for flawless application of blush.
  • Flawlessly blends cream and powder blushes – no more blotchy cheeks!
  • Easy to use: wet, squeeze, bounce.

The Micro Mini
The mini Beautyblender with laser focus! Made especially to highlight, contour, conceal.

  • Same exclusive Beautyblender material in a micro size!
  • Easy contouring, highlighting and concealing, even great with cream and powder eye shadow.
  • Micro mini is approximately ¼ the size of the original, but grows to twice its size when wet, making it perfect to maneuver into small areas.
  • Easy to use: wet, squeeze, bounce.
  • Comes in packages of two.

What Are Others Saying About Liquid BlenderCleanser?

“Honestly, this product works very well and I bought it at the same time as my beauty blender just because I felt like I should purchase the “matching set” if you will. The product does exactly what you would expect and desire for it to do. My beauty blender looks spotless after one wash with this soap and you truly don't need much soap to scrub the blender. I have the “pure” beauty blender so the white surface stains easily with my makeup but this soap managed to remove absolutely every stain.”

“I bought my beauty blender a few months ago and I love it, with the exception of one thing: it's really difficult to clean my makeup out of it. I bought a bar of sponge soap, but the stains just wouldn't come out of the inside, leaving the sponge feeling less springy and more sticky. Then I bought this stuff. It says for tough stains to soak it for an hour, but I didn't even have to do that. It just came right out!”

“I've been washing my brushes/sponges for YEARS with different shampoos, facial cleansers, & soaps, from mild to strong, and they only end up 80% clean at best (and that's after a lot of rubbing). Many times, there's a residue, especially if you use creams and foundations with your brushes. That's why i fell in love with Beauty Blender's cleanser — it works to dissolve all the gunk and goo – instantly. My brushes are sparkling. My dirty, sullied sponges become white — SNOW WHITE!”

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