Herbalife Prolessa – Dual Action Fat Burning Weight Loss Powder?


HerbaLife Prolessa Duo Fat Burner is an appetite suppressant manufactured by Herbalife. This product is a drink mix formula that can be taken on its own or mixed with shakes or other beverages. Please read below for more information about Prolessa Duo Fat Burner weight loss drink.

What is HerbaLife Prolessa Duo Fat Burner?

Prolessa Duo Fat Burner contains a dual-action formula that supports users in suppressing their hunger and losing weight. This product is so effective due to linoleic acid and a blend of palm and oat oils. Linoleic acid helps decrease body fat while the blend of palm and oat oils help reduce caloric intake and create a feeling of fullness.

This fat burning supplement is stimulant free and helps users see results quick. The reviews are mixed many people swear this product works and other shave seen no results and think it is overpriced. Over the years, Herbalife has made a name for itself and many people see good results while using their products for weight loss support.

How Does HerbaLife Prolessa Duo Fat Burner Work?

Prolessa Duo Fat Burner works by combining a special blend of palm and oat oils with linoleic acid. The combination of these ingredients help users feel fuller longer while suppressing food cravings. Linoleic acid works hard to burn fat and help users lose weight quickly. Users of HerbaLife Prolessa Duo Fat Burner will see pounds shed away within the first week of use.

This Fat Burner is a drink mix formulated by Herbalife. For best results users of Prolessa Duo Fat Burner should add one scoop (10.6 gram) to their regular shake and mix for an additional five to ten seconds. Prolessa Duo Fat Burner can be added to either a morning or afternoon shake to help suppress appetite and reduce food cravings. This product should not be mixed with hot or acidic drinks.

Prolessa designed this product to be used by adults only. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should consult their doctor prior to use.


Prolessa Duo Fat Burner contains a variety of ingredients designed to help consumers feel fuller longer while reducing food cravings. Combining the fat burning properties of linoleic acid with a mix of safflower oil, oat oil, and palm oils which help consumers feel fuller longer and reduce their appetite.

More information on the ingredients is available online. Many reviewers feel this product could benefit from more fiber and less fat to be more effective. There are additionally some complaints about the texture of the drink mix which can seem a bit thick and gooey.

Prolessa Duo Fat Burner Pricing

Prolessa Duo Fat Burner is available for purchase at www.goherbalife.com and www.amazon.com. Amazon offers the best price for a thirty day serving.


Each container of Prolessa Duo Fat Burner is designed for thirty day use and costs $85.85. All purchases of Prolessa Duo Fat Burner are eligible for free shipping. This is the best price available online.


Prolessa Duo Fat Burner is available in a seven day or a thirty day formula.

The seven day Prolessa program is available for $28.05.

The thirty day program is available for $106.85. Herbalife products are purchased directly from Herbalife through a Herbalife consultant. Customers can connect with a Herbalife consultant through the Herbalife website.

Who Makes Prolessa Duo Fat Burner?

Prolessa Duo Fat Burner is manufactured by Herbalife. Herbalife was founded in 1980 by a man named Mark Hughes and is a supplement provider to people trying to lose weight and get healthier around the world. Herbalife is based in Los Angeles but has offices and consultants around the world.

Should You Use HerbaLife Prolessa Duo Fat Burner?

Prolessa Duo Fat Burner by Herbalife is designed for men or women who are looking for a weight loss supplement that helps reduce their food cravings while simultaneously helping their body burn fat. Users simply mix a scoop of Prolessa Duo Fat Burner with their normal shake and drink as usual in the morning or afternoon. More information about Prolessa Duo Fat Burner can be found online at both Herbalife’s website and Amazon. Start using Prolessa Duo Fat Burner today and see the pounds start to fall off!

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