Lifeology Miracle Meditation Music

Bob Marley once said, “one good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” Ever considered it to be factual? That music can in fact enhance the quality of one’s life? In the past, many studies have been conducted to evaluate the relationship between music and wellness.

Believe it or not, music is said play a fundamental role in enhancing one’s cognitive abilities and brain health, reducing stress, improving one’s mood and much more. Is there a specific type of music that induces positive effects?

According to Zen Touni, founder of and compiler of the Lifeology Miracle Meditation Music, there is a specific type. is home to various, angelic music tracks that claim to uplift one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Its benefits can be felt as deep as one’s DNAs to even treating polluted water.

To better understand how music can be used beyond its noted intentions, the following review will look closely at the Miracle Meditation Music with respect to its purpose, its founder, what it entails, and its price factor.

What Is The Lifeology Miracle Meditation Music?

The Lifeology Miracle Meditation Music has been created with the intentions of contributing towards the wellness of consumers.

With the majority constantly on the go, experiences like stress and mental breakdowns seem to be more prevalent than happiness and relaxation. Hence its reason for being is to supplement positive energy and thought, while potentially inducing ease in different areas of the body.

What Can Be Said About The Founder Of The Lifeology Miracle Meditation Music?

Zen Touni, the founder of and the musical works called the Miracle Meditation Music, has replicated something that has efficiently worked for him. He used the 528 Hz frequency and claims to have achieved success in different areas of his life.

Regardless of what consumers are faced with, good or bad, the Miracle Meditation Music can reduce the bad while amplifying on the good.

What Does The Lifeology Miracle Meditation Music Consist Of?

As the name implies, the Lifeology Miracle Meditation Music consists of neither hip hop nor rap, but rather focuses on angelic music tracks. Based on the sample provided via, the tracks provided are merely sounds at different depths.

Consumers who wish to get access to such music are said to have an expanded list of choices, as they are offered 13 angelic music tracks and 2 bonus tracks (ocean and rain). In order to ensure that one’s mind, body and soul and fully reap in the frequencies of each track, Zen Touni made each one 60 minutes long with a frequency of 528 Hz.

How Much Does The Lifeology Miracle Meditation Music Cost?

To gain access to the entire collection of the Miracle Meditation Music, consumers must sign up for a year membership. With this membership, consumers can stream each track to their likings and without any hindrances. Most importantly, it is convenient, therefore even the busiest of consumers can get their tasks done while embracing the melodious, angelic tracks.

All this being said, the memberships costs approximately $99USD. Although the price may not seem reasonable, the average cost of a single track of 5 minutes typically costs $1.99, whereas a singe track from the Miracle Meditation Music costs $7.62 for 12 times longer!

Lifeology Miracle Meditation Music Review Summary

Overall, the membership consisting of a variety of angelic tracks is valuable to one’s health. Not only can its uses support one’s overall wellness, but it can also induce a sense of relaxation to those who can’t put their thoughts and emotions in words.

With many consumers experiencing a wide range mental health related issues, the best way to potentially ease one’s emotions can be done by simply listening to the elaborate, musical frequencies put together by Zen Touni.

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