Levusu – App Enable Digital Smart Body Fat Bathroom Scale?


Whether people are trying to take their athletic training to the next level or are working to lose extra pounds, using a well-designed scale can make all the difference.

The Smart Body Analyzer Scale by Levusu offers users a wide range of data to help them track their health and body mass helping them make better informed decisions around diet and training. Please read below to learn more about this low cost product that offers accurate and quick readings.

What is the Levusu Smart Body Analyzer Scale?

The technology available has quickly changed the options when it comes to selecting a home scale. This smart scale works by syncing with an easy to use app to help users maximize their health using information and tracking data overtime.

The Levusu Smart Body Analyzer Scale offers comprehensive health data including body weight and body mass index as well as body fat, muscle weight, and even the amount of protein within the body.

This scale offers a low cost option for athletes who want to set a training regime based on better data or dieters looking to help track their weight loss progress.

How Does the Levusu Smart Body Analyzer Scale Work?

Users simply add the batteries and step on for instant body weight measurements. By syncing the app users can gain access to additional data helping them make informed health decisions.

An unlimited amount of people can use this scale because the app is individualized whereas the scale does not actually store the data.

Levusu Smart Body Analyzer Scale Features

Offering some of the same features as a much more expensive product, at under $40.00 it is remarkable to get a smart scale that offers so many features.

Consumers can choose between three fitness levels ordinary, amateur, and professional. This scale can be used with an unlimited amount of users making it versatile for small scale gyms and busy households.

The standard scale offers both weight and body fat readings without the App being synced. Once the app is synced users have access to a huge range of data including BMI, moisture levels, bone mass density, visceral fat, protein rate, weight without fat, muscle weight, and protein levels.

Syncs seamlessly with the Aifit App without needing to connect the scale to Wi-Fi. The readings are quick and easy to access even with the first time stepping on the scale. Some users have commented the app is a bit confusing at first and changing the default settings like kilograms to pounds takes a bit of figuring out.

Levusu Smart Body Analyzer Scale Pricing

Amazon is the best source for purchasing this scale. Consumers can choose between a white finish for $19.99 and a stainless steel finish for $35.99.

A two year protection plan is available for an additional $2.63 and a three year protection plan is available for an additional $6.72.

Should You Use the Levusu Smart Body Analyzer Scale?

The greatest feature of this scale is the amount of features for such a low cost. And since users do not need to wait for data to be transferred this scale works quickly and accurately with every use.

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