Nokia Body Cardio – Smart Weight, BMI & Body Fat Wi-Fi Scale?


Not sure whether or not progress is being made? Tired of seeing the same number on the scale everyday? A scale provides nothing more than one’s weight. It fails to reflect whether the weight comes from fat, muscles, or water intake to name the least. The one factor that can potentially offset one’s motivation is constantly checking one’s weight to see whether or not there is a positive change.

What can consumers possibly do to learn more about their habits, what they are doing right or what changes are needed to be made? Fortunately, Nokia can help consumers retrieve such prevailing information.

With the Nokia Body Cardio, consumers can have a better idea as to what lifestyle choices must be considered to increase their overall wellness. Unlike a traditional scale where the numbers are nothing more than digits, the Nokia Body Cardio claims to provide meaningful numbers that can induce consumers to take action.

The following review will introduce the Nokia Body Cardio and further analyze it with respect to its purpose, how it works, its uses and contributions and its current going price.

What Is The Nokia Body Cardio?

Nokia Body Cardio is a scale that has been designed to provide consumers with a full body composition. In doing so, consumers can better assess what goes into their respective weights.

For instance if one’s fat percentage increased, he or she can take the time to consider what could have made that number go up. Similarly, seeing an increase in muscle mass can indicate to consumers that he or she is on the right track.

How Does the Nokia Body Cardio Work?

The Nokia Body Cardio is capable of providing consumers with an in depth and full body composition because of its ability to measure pulse wave velocity. The pulse wave velocity is considered as the single potent indicator of one’s cardiovascular health.

It is the speed of the pressure wave along the arterial tree, which is caused by heartbeats. Other factors that may influence the reading can include blood pressure, cholesterol and individual lifestyle factors.

How Should Consumers Make Efficient Use of the Nokia Body Cardio?

To better track progress, the Nokia Body Cardio has been designed to work in unison with the Health Mate App. The Health Mate App is said to replicate the role of a personal trainer, as it can provide a complete history of one’s health data, which can be broken down into:

For additional support, consumers can purchase several in-app that can help to follow up on one’s blood pressure levels, pregnancy tips and weight tracking and more.

How Can it Bring a Positive Impact to One's Health?

Its ability to deliver a precise full body composition can positively impact one's health. In other words, a full body composition includes one’s weight, fat mass, muscle mass, water, and bone mass. The weight is said to be the most precise compared to traditional scales as it measures to 0.2 pounds.

With fat and muscle mass, consumers can use the numbers to see whether or not their approach to being healthy is efficient and whether a newer approach should be implemented. With the water measurements, consumers can have a better idea as to how hydrated they are and whether or not they are over hydrated.

Lastly, its ability to measure one’s bone mass is quite commendable, as one’s progress can be visually analyzed.

What is its Suggested Price?

The Nokia Body Cardio is currently offered in two colors: white or black. Its suggested price is approximately $179.95 USD. The price is fairly set given that it can provide far more details regarding one’s health compared to a typical scale.

Furthermore, its associated app can allow consumers to electronically keep track and access their progress over a period of time.

Nokia Body Cardio Review Summary

What differentiates the Nokia Body Cardio, besides its ability to display every inch of detail regarding one’s weight, is the fact that it can help the entire family. It is believed to recognize up to 8 different users when using the scale.

Every time a different person checks their weight, the data may automatically sync into one’s respective Health Mate Profile. Similarly, it can also display the weather when the Nokia activity tracker is activated. Lastly, with the additional purchases of apps within the Health Mate Profile, consumers can also set goals with respect to their nutritional goals.

As a final touch, the Nokia Body Cardio has been set at a fairly decent price because it can monitor more than one person’s health data. Ultimately, this advanced scale is worth considering because consumers can prevent any type of hindrances from getting in the way of their success.

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