Olive Leaf Extract Review


Olive Leaf Extract

While you’ve probably heard of the miracle benefits of olive oil, you probably have not heard of olive leaf extract.

Despite it’s incredible health benefits, olive leaf extract is not as popular as olive oil, even though it is even more beneficial to the body than olive oil.

What Is Olive Leaf Extract?

As you can expect, olive leaf extract comes directly from the leaves of the olive tree. It has been used medicinally throughout various times in history and it is not marketed for its’ anti-aging, antibiotic, and cardiovascular benefits.

Although olive oil still reigns supreme in terms of olive extracts, olive leaf extract is rapidly growing and new studies show it may be even better for the body than olive oil.

Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaf extract was often used to treat a variety of health conditions throughout many times in history although today it is mainly used for its’ cardiovascular and immune system benefits. Olive leaf extract is definitely a supplement more people should consider due to its’ incredible benefits, like these:

Lower Blood Pressure: Several animal studies confirm that olive leaf extract has the ability to lower blood pressure. However, that’s not just it. Some studies found that olive leaf extract can prevent hypertension as well by administering a dose of olive leaf extract before hypertension develops.

Plaque/Cholesterol Elimination: Healthy blood pressure is very dependent on the health of our arteries and veins. Several studies have shown that olive leaf extract can help eliminate plaque, cholesterol, and reduce molecules known as MMPs, which often lead to artery damage.

Blood Sugar Regulation: Diabetics find olive leaf extract especially beneficial because several studies have shown that the active ingredient in olive leaf extract (oleuropein) can help regulate blood sugar levels through various mechanisms. More studies are needed but researchers are very hopeful olive leaf extract can act as a natural treatment for diabetes.

Improved Central Nervous System Health: Studies have found that olive leaf extract can help eliminate inflammation and reduce oxidative stress damage to the brain. In addition, animal studies have shown that olive leaf extract seems to product the body from several neurodegenerative diseases, mostly caused by oxidative stress.

Arthritis Treatment: Olive leaf extract is especially useful for those with Gout or arthritis because olive leaf extract helps eliminate joint inflammation and oleuropein inhibits the main enzyme that produces uric acid.

Cancer Prevention: Although not 100% proven, new evidence seems to indicate that oleuropein has anti-cancer properties. This stems from research studies that have evaluated the diet of thousands of people living around the Mediterranean Sea, who have a much lower rate of cancer. More detailed studies are in progress.

Is Olive Leaf Extract Safe?

One of the best things about olive leaf extract is that it appears to be very safe. After all, most people consume olive oil in one manner or another and olive leaf extract is very similar to olive oil. There is one concern however.

Since olive leaf extract has a dramatic effect on blood pressure, those taking blood pressure medications should be careful that their blood pressure does not drop too low when taking olive leaf extract.

Olive leaf extract is believed to be safe for pregnant or nursing mothers, although there are no studies involving pregnant or nursing mothers.

Where to Buy Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaf extract is only growing in popularity so it is primarily found online through various retailers. When buying olive leaf extract make sure you purchase 100% pure or 100% organic olive leaf extract. This will ensure you reap the incredible benefits of olive leaf extract.

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  1. I had an irregular heartbeat and sometimes a very fast heart rate…..the olive leaf extract works excellent for me I have been taking it for about a year now my heart beat very regular and my rate is around 65 beats per minute…..I think it is the single best supplement on the market for overall health.

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