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Health IQ Review – Should You Try?

The Western world is struggling with obesity. Over the past several years, this fact has been generally accepted, causing a sudden upturn in the health industry. In an effort to combat the rising obesity rates throughout the country, more people than ever are getting active, attempting to transform their lives and their bodies. The result of this cultural shift has opened the doors to some amazing products and services, all focused at getting active and getting healthy.

There are so many different options when it comes to getting healthy. Some of the most popular options today are wearable technology and phone apps. The wearable technology keeps track of how a user’s heartrate, how far they’ve walked, and how many calories they’ve burned. Many of these wearable tech pieces are connected to phones, which also offer an abundance of healthy lifestyle options. Apps allow users to track everything from what they eat and how far they run to workout routines and recipes.

The problem with all the efforts being made to help people live healthier lives is that they leave a slight gap. While there are plenty of ways to get active and eat well, with programs and services catering to these needs like crazy, very few people don’t know the facts about health. There are so many misconceptions and some outright lies about what people need to do to get healthy. And, with no one to filter the truth from the myth, people are struggling to actually reach their goals.

Health IQ is an app that hopes to close the gap between information and action. The app, and corresponding website, contains thousands of questions on hundreds of different health topics, providing the information people need to actually get healthy. By keeping themselves informed, more and more men and women will be able to get out and reach their health goals.

What is Health IQ?

Health IQ is a website and app that aims to inform as many people as possible about health. The way Health IQ does this is by focusing on the celebration of the well-informed. Instead of nitpicking those who are not dedicated to their health, Health IQ creates a place where those who want to learn more can get the privileges and rewards they deserve.

The way Health IQ works is by providing several quizzes and questions on about 300 topics. Taking these quizzes gives users a fun, judgement-free area where they can learn about true health facts. Instead of having to guess if what they’re learning is true or not, members on Health IQ know that every fact presented to them is completely true. And they can then use the information they’ve discovered and the facts they’ve learned to improve their own health journey.

The Material on Health IQ

The information provided on Health IQ is broken down into specific topics. So, for example, those who want to learn more about paleo diets or running marathons can answer questions in those categories. Or, for those who like to know random information, there are also topics of the day, providing new and varied information every day.

What sets Health IQ apart from so many other informative websites and apps is that it provides information that has been backed up by health professionals. Not only are there several doctors involved with Health IQ, there are also nutritionists, surgeons, and even dental health experts. The people involved in Health IQ include athletes, Olympians, coaches, dieticians, and yoga instructors. To provide so much information, Health IQ has made sure to be tapped in to every area of health and used the expertise of professionals in these areas.

In addition to being supported by an amazing foundation of health professionals, Health IQ is also very particular about the answers it gives. While many health quizzes give the answer and a brief sentence explaining the reasoning behind the answer, Health IQ delves much deeper. The answers to most of the questions on Health IQ provide links to articles, journals, and scientific studies that back up the information, but also offer more reading material for those interested.

The Benefit of Health IQ

While Health IQ might seem like a fun and informative game to most users, it’s doing much more than they expect. In the United States, only about 21% of adults have the knowledge they need to successfully take charge of their health. This extreme lack of information is troubling, especially since research has found that knowledge about health is closely linked to living a healthy lifestyle.

Because health knowledge and health are so tied together, the number one benefit of Health IQ is that it provides users with the viable information they need to begin making their way towards a healthier life. Knowing is the first step of doing, so when people learn about different aspects of health, they are more likely to implement it into their own lives. The truth is, most people who struggle with their health want to turn their lives around, they just need to information and the drive. Health IQ can provide one part of that equation.

Knowledge doesn’t just increase the likelihood of a person applying better health habits to their lives, it also decreases the amount these people are hospitalized. A study found that those who have higher knowledge in the area of health are 50% less likely to end up hospitalized. This shows that people aren’t just changing their lives, they’re actually reaching their goals and becoming healthier.

Health IQ Quizzes

What makes Health IQ so much fun is that it provides a variety of quizzes on different topics, so there really is something for everyone. And, because the quizzes are so easy to take, it’s simple for users to expand their own knowledge base and learn about topics they might have had no interest in earlier.

Some of the quizzes currently being offered on Health IQ are:

  • -General Health
  • -Vegan
  • -Triathlon
  • -Cycling
  • -Marathon
  • -Yoga
  • -Vegetarian
  • -Weightlifting
  • -High Intensity Interval Training

There are also a variety of quizzes available on more specific topics, like cabbage and quinoa or the benefits of yoga. Users will have access to all these quizzes and will be led to the ones that might interest them most. Or, they can just explore and take a variety of random quizzes

Using Health IQ

Health IQ is completely free of charge. Users can sign up using an email address or their Facebook page, if they want to compete and keep tabs on their friends’ progress. To start, users will be asked a variety of questions about their personal health, which will be used to steer them towards quizzes in the beginning that they might find more interesting.

Once users are signed up on Health IQ, they will be given a preliminary quiz. This will test their current knowledge level and also help them begin building up points. The point system in Health IQ allows users to gain points for each question they answer right. When they’ve reached a certain level of points, they’ll earn an Elite badge. These badges can be traded in for rewards on Health IQ. These rewards vary from cell phone wallets to tickets to American Ninja Warrior.

There is also a tip and discussion area available for those who have joined Health IQ. Again, it costs nothing. However, to join the Health IQ Facebook group, a certain number of Elites are needed. Thankfully, with the fun and informative quizzes provided on Health IQ, these badges are very easy to earn.

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