Laird ™ Cacao Creamer Product Review

Coffee is the preferred choice of beverage for more than a billion people around the world, its use has especially caught on in the past century due to its amazing medicinal properties and cognitive benefits.

When consumed in the morning, a strong cup of coffee can help revitalise the neural circuitry of an individual and help him/her awaken from their slumber. Apart from that, due its many stimulative agents, it is able to target certain energy centres in our bodies.

This results in the production of large doses of energy, which can be utilized through the course of one’s daily activities.

From a medical standpoint, a person who consumes 1-2 cups of coffee on a regular basis has a lesser chance of developing high blood pressure, fatty acid deposits, poor LDL levels. This is because, the active agents in coffee help to promote the circulatory system in our bodies.

This means that more blood, nutrients, oxygen and essential enzymes can be transported throughout our systems much more efficiently and quickly.

Lastly, coffee has also been found to influence the working of our brain, for example many students make use of the substance to help them study better and more efficiently over long durations.

This is possible because of the cognitive enhancers that are present in the beverage. Certain elements in the mix are known to unlock specific neural pathways in our CNS. Through this neural enhancement users can obtain benefits like increased focus, enhanced concentration, decreased fogginess, heightened awareness and improved cognition.

About Laird Superfood Cacao Creamer

Cacao Creamer was created by Laird Hamilton, who is known throughout the world for his death defying big-wave surfing skills. Apart from his athletic career, Laird is also recognised globally as an elite fitness trainer, entrepreneur and coffee connoisseur.

This blend in particular was created after years of personal research and experimentation in regards to cacao beans and preparation techniques.

Laird experimented with various roasting and extraction methods which enabled the creamer to retain its original musky flavour and strong earthy aroma. The whole point of this supplement is to deliver users with a strong blend of cacao/coffee that is organic, strong and without any dairy or external additives.

The Difference

  • The key feature which sets Laird ® Cacao Creamer apart from other similar supplements is its nutritional profile. The product contains only raw cacao beans (as opposed to processed cacao beans), this ensures that the primary nutrients and active agents within the beans are preserved. When the cacao is heated and processed, many of its nutrients are known to deplete and diminish.
  • This can not only lead to reduced nutritional value, but also reduce the overall quality of the means. Thus when raw beans are grounded and utilised for beverage preparation, they are able to deliver a stronger aroma and crispier taste.

Laird Superfood Cacao Creamer Main Features.

(i) Dairy Free:

The supplement is made especially for users who are lactose intolerant but love their daily cup of coffee, Laird Creamer offers users with an amazing alternative that allows them to not only enjoy a delicious mug of fresh ‘brew’, but also allows them to extract a host of medicinal and health related benefits.

(ii) Powdered:

The supplement comes in the form of a powder, this ensures that there minimal wastage and low spillage.

(iii) Allergen Free:

There are no common allergy agents like gluten, soy in the mix. The powder is also completely compatible with a vegan lifestyle, thus users can safely use Laird’s Creamer without the risk of flaring up any dormant allergies.

(iv) Non GMO:

There are no genetically modified components in the mix, all of the beans are grown naturally in organic farms.

They have been sourced responsibly and are the freshest beans that one can harvest and utilise.

(v) Antioxidants:

One of the key health benefits of this supplement is its antioxidant content, due to the presence of various natural extracts in the mix, it contains a higher antioxidant content than blueberries, acai, goji berries.

Antioxidants are known for their ability to counter free radicals and toxins in our bodies, thus they help in preserving our organs and reducing the visible signs of ageing.


  • 2 teaspoons of the creamer should be added to one's morning coffee preparation. Alternatively, the supplement can also be added to a smoothie, tea or even used as a blending agent.
  • Stirring should be done well because certain ingredients in the mix have a tendency to coagulate and form clumps.
  • Preparation can be easier if the creamer is initially mixed with a hot liquid (small 15ml quantities) and mixed vigorously. This ensures that the solution comes out uniformly.
  • Shaking the product bag can also help reduce aggregate formation.

Laird Superfood Cacao Creamer Pricing And Availability

Laird Cremer comes in small brown packages which contain 16oz of the supplement. This ‘award winning’ food supplement is priced moderately at $16.95 and can be easily ordered from the official company website. Alternatively, users may also wish to buy a smaller 8 oz bag or sign up for the rewards program which enables us to unlock large discounts.


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