Kotolena Restorative Synergy System – Proven Anti-Aging Skincare?


An effective anti-aging skincare essential should be composed of some type of peptides, and hydrating and protecting properties. Firstly, when consumers enter the aging stage of life, the body’s production capacity dramatically decreases.

This means that many of the required nutrients are lacking, which are linked to three key concerns: aging signs, dehydrated skin and the lack of protection against free radicals. How can consumers regain what’s not being produced? Kotolena's Restorative Synergy System claims to reverse such unwanted signs.

With the religious use of the Restorative Synergy System, consumers are likely to experience diminished visibility in aging signs, while promoting a healthier looking and feeling skin.

To better understand how Kotolena’s system works, the following review will look closely in terms of its intentions, its key ingredients, its uses and its suggested prices.

About Kotolena Restorative Synergy System

Kotolena Restorative Synergy System stemmed from the use of science and the desire to creating a solution to premature aging signs. This skin care line started 5 years ago, where one of the team members experienced premature aging signs and dry skin.

After further research, they’ve come to a conclusion that a structural aspect of the skin called the Strateum Corneum (SC) is the reason behind increased dryness and aging. When the SC experiences excessive water loss, it is believed to stimulate wrinkles and fine lines. Hence, Kotolena’s reason for being and their respective system.

What Is The Foundation Of Kotolena?

The foundation of Kotolena Restorative Synergy System is believed to be the use of natural herbal extracts, natural organic certified oils, patented Matrikine Peptides and hyaluronic acids.

The purpose of the natural herbal extracts is to increase the skin’s level of hydration, while nourishing and further protecting the skin’s many layers. Great emphasis on one’s moisture levels have been placed by using 10 types of natural and organic oils, as well as hyaluronic acid.

Lastly, the patented Matrikine Peptides is said to combine Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, which can activate the skin’s protein production.

What Is The Purpose Of The Kotolena Restorative Synergy System?

The purpose of the Kotolena Restorative Synergy System is to reduce the appearance of aging signs. The key products found that makes up this system are

Anti-Aging Matrikine Peptides Complex (50 ml)

the Anti-Aging Matrikine Peptides Complex claims potentially hydrate and smoothen one’s skin. More specifically, it claims to treat various signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles as well as sagging skin.

Anti-Age Matrikine Peptides Serum (30 ml)

With the Anti-Age Matrikine Peptides Serum consumers can expect to treat the quality of the skin’s radiance by targeting dryness, lack of moisture, discoloration and dullness.

The difference among the two types of Kotolena products is the specific purpose they serve. One works to reap deep within one’s skin to activate collagen production, whereas the latter helps to increase the skin’s protective barrier by locking in as much moisture possible.

How Should Consumers Make Use Of The Kotolena Restorative Synergy System?

Consumers are advised to apply the Serum after having cleansed the skin; 5 to 7 drops are adequate. After allowing the serum to absorb, consumers must apply 1 to 2 puffs of the Cream. For optimal results, this procedure must be repeated twice daily.

What Are Its Suggested Prices?

The suggested price of the Kotolena Restorative Synergy System is approximately $198, which includes both the serum and the cream.

For those who are interested in making individual purchases, the suggested price of the Cream is approximately $127 and the Serum $120. In order to get the money’s worth, purchasing as a system is best recommended.

Kotolena Restorative Synergy System Review Summary

Overall, it is clear that Kotolena skincare essentials not only deliver results, but they do so in a safe manner. Knowing that aging skin is one of the most delicate skin types, they’ve incorporated several natural components, like oils and herbs as opposed to including cosmetically created ingredients.

While their formulas claim to be backed up by science, results are likely to vary across the different skin conditions, therefore time is a fundamental aspect to consider.

For more information, go to: http://kotolena.com.

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