KonaRed – Premium Ready To Drink Cold Brew Hawaiian Coffee?


KonaRed is a beverage brand from Hawaii that specializes in coffee, coffee-infused drinks, and nutritional supplements. Here’s our KonaRed review.

What Is KonaRed?

KonaRed is a collection of different coffee products produced by the same company. The full line of KonaRed beverages includes:

  • 100% Hawaiian estate grown kona coffee
  • Bottled cold brew coffee available in several different flavors (Original, Hawaiian Vanilla, Espresso, Kauai Caramel, Maui Mocha)
  • Hawaiian CoffeeBerry Juice energy drinks
  • CoffeeBerry Superfruit Powder Nutritional Supplements
  • Mugs, t-shirts, and travel bottles

KonaRed Features

KonaRed uses exclusively Hawaii estate grown kona coffee for all of their products. The benefits of coffee are obvious – the taste, the smell, and the effect of drinking coffee results in becoming more awake and aware.

This goes for not just KonaRed’s traditional coffee products (kona beans and cold-brewed bottled coffee) but also its beverages and nutritional supplements that make use of the coffeeberry as well as the coffee bean.

Who Makes KonaRed?

KonaRed is based in California and does business exclusively on the Big Island of Hawaii. The publicly-traded company is a pioneer of the US-grown Hawaiian coffee fruit.

All KonaRed coffee fruit and coffee beans come from 100% estate-grown non-GMO coffee plants.

KonaRed Ingredients

While most other coffee companies will only use the coffee bean, KonaRed uses the entire fruit of the coffee plant.

Coffee beans are naturally found within the cherry-like berry that grows on coffee trees, and instead of simply harvesting coffeeberries exclusively for the bean inside, KonaRed uses the coffeeberry to make several of its other products like its antioxidant energy drinks and its nutritional supplements.

KonaRed prides itself on farming its organic, exclusively Hawaiian estate-grown coffee in a sustainable manner.

KonaRed Products

KonaRed has several different products, all available at differing price points.


  • Medium roast whole bean kona coffee: 10oz for $22.99, 1lb for $37.98, 5lbs for $179.99
  • Medium roast ground kona coffee: 10oz for $23.25, 1lb for $38.38, 5lbs for $181.99
  • KonaRed offers a 10% discount on monthly recurring orders.

Cold Brew Bottled Coffee:

  • 1 6-pack of 12-oz bottles, any flavor or mixed case for $23.95. 10% discount on monthly orders
  • 1 12-pack of 12-oz bottles, any flavor for $47.88. 10% discount on monthly orders
  • 3-liter bag-in-a-box, original flavor only, for $22.99. No monthly discount
  • 5-gallon key keg, original flavor only, $95. 10% discount on monthly orders

CoffeeBerry Juice Antioxidant Energy Drink:

  • 12 10.5-ounce bottles for $24.99, 10% discount on monthly orders
  • 12 16-ounce bottles for $42.50, 10% discount on monthly orders

Nutritional Supplements:

  • Hawaiian Coffeeberry Superfruit Powder, 60 servings, $24.99, 10% discount on monthly orders
  • WakeUp Performance Power Packets, 30 servings, $45.00, 10% discount on monthly orders

KonaRed provides free shipping for all orders over $99.

KonaRed Customer Reviews

Across Amazon and other seller sites, nearly all of KonaRed’s products are quite well-received. Most rank at least 4 out of 5 stars or at an equivalent.


  • Quality ingredients: Reviewers have drawn attention to the high-quality ingredients used in making KonaRed’s cold brew coffee and its coffeeberry juice drinks.
  • Effective: Those who have tried the coffeeberry powder product claim that it works well to provide extra energy and alertness without having to worry about the negative effects of caffeine like the jitters.


  • Taste: Some have said that KonaRed products taste a little on the bland side, especially when it comes to the cold brew coffee products. The Original flavor lacks subtlety, reviewers say, though the other flavored cold brew coffees seem to have a more palatable flavor profile.
  • Extra Sugar: The coffeeberry juice drinks from KonaRed have been criticized by some as being a bit too sweet, claiming that perhaps some of these beverages could do with a bit less sugar in them.
  • Requires Commitment: Most of these products require purchasing a six-pack at the very least, making it hard to try before you commit to such a large purchase. This means that you could be left having to pay for several ounces of coffee products that you don’t like just to sample it.

KonaRed Summary

If you detest coffee, then KonaRed certainly isn’t for you. You’re not going to be much into the idea of drinking beverages that are infused within and without with coffee beans or coffeeberries.

However, when it comes to coffee hounds – especially those who enjoy the flavors of kona coffee – will likely find much to be desired when it comes to KonaRed. It’s an American made product, it’s non-GMO, and it’s available at a competitive price when you compare it to other, similar products.

The wide variety of products that KonaRed offers is also a big selling point, as it’s not just coffee beans and ground coffee that this company offers.

With a wide selection of cold brew coffees, coffeeberry antioxidant energy drinks, and even coffeeberry powder supplements to choose from, there’s literally something for anyone who enjoys the buzz of a good cup of something caffeinated.

However, ordering directly from the company can be an expensive endeavor, as there’s a minimum size order you’re locked into. Additionally, shipping charges will be extra unless you order $100 worth of merchandise.

You may want to consider visiting a local store that carries KonaRed if you have one in your area.

The Vitamin Shoppe chain of supplement stores carries coffeeberry powder, for instance, while Target stores carry some of KonaRed’s beverage-related products. Other independent marketplaces also carry KonaRed products.

Purchasing first from one of these stores will give you the opportunity to spend just a little money on one of KonaRed’s products to see if it’s what you’re looking for.

If you do enjoy the taste, though, you might do better to buy directly from the site if you plan on stocking up – likewise if you live in an area without a local retailer that sells KonaRed drinks or nutritional supplements.

Buying in bulk will be cheaper, too, though what you do with a 5-pound bag of coffee beans is your own business.

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