Clever Cutter – The 2-In-1 Knife & Food Cutting Board?


That recipe on looks good doesn’t it? So you decide to recreate it for lunch, nothing wrong with that. As you walk your way from your bedroom to your kitchen, your mind voice speaks to you. Is it worth having to wash knives? Is it worth having to scrape residue left behind off of the cutting board? Oh, what about the mess you’ll eventually have to clean up? And now you have a change of heart and go back to your bedroom. Scene.

As much as cooking is fun, as we explore various recipes and its flavors, the aftermath is not all that fun. With cooking comes the responsibility of cleaning up afterwards, as it can stain or damage kitchen counters, leave stains on cutting boards and so on.

As cooking shows display the final result, we are eager to try it for ourselves but when the cons outweigh the pros, the idea slowly starts to fade.

But not to fear, Clever Cutter cuts cleaning up time in two, saving you more time to devour your creations!

About Clever Cutter

Clever Cutter is a 2-in-1 product that consists of a knife and cutting board that helps to chop just about anything. It is a scissor form product with a blade on top (knife) and a cutting board on the surface, so when you put a carrot in between it, the carrot rests on the cutting board, while it gets sliced. The handle is an ergonomic power pressure handle, which ensures your hand is not sore while helping to chop up your cooking time in 2.

Fascinating, isn’t it? If you’ve ever heard of the saying, “the sky’s the limit”, Clever Cutter proves it wrong as the only limit that exists to man is that of his mind! Nothing is impossible and there is no limit than that voice within your mind, and Clever Cutter is a key example of that as their product is beyond innovative.

The Clever Cutter chops just about anything. Some of the food items you can slice are as follows: vegetables, fruits, chicken, corns, onions, salami, etc. You might be wondering whether or not this product is efficient, let’s look closely into some of the features of the clever cutter to get a better idea.

Features Of Clever Cutter

    • As mentioned earlier, the Clever Cutter is a 2-in-1 product with a knife and cutting board
    • Instantaneous chopping and slicing: all you have to do is hold your food item with one hand and the clever cutter in the other and work it like a scissor
    • Ergonomic grip: The study of ergonomics involves human interaction in the work environment. In other words, the ergonomic grip tells us how we handle a tool, and with careful research the clever cutter was engineered for easy and painless use.
    • Clever Cutter is embedded with a stainless steel blade: Stainless steel blades are more resistant to rusting, and staining. It is environmental friendly, as it is recyclable.
    • A safety latch is added to the clever cutter. Once you are done using the Clever Cutter, you can close it to ensure safety and then open it when needed.
    • Easy to clean: the Clever Cutter is much easier to clean compared to washing a standard knife and cutting board and is dishwasher friendly.
    • Safe to store: As this product may seem large and unsafe, you can certainly store it in your kitchen drawer without having to worry about any damage to your drawers. The safety latch keeps the blades closed, therefore no damage will be done.

Is Clever Cutter Affordable?

For those of you interested in purchasing the Clever Cutter, here is a list of places the Clever Cutter is possible to ship to from
– Unites States: New York, Connecticut, California, & Nevada
– Canada (excluding Quebec)
– Guam
– Puerto Rico
– Hawaii
– US Virgin Islands
– Alaska

Although the pros clearly outweigh the cons, there exists no such thing as a perfect product. Some cons that may come to mind are as follows:

1) Lack of Balance: Some may argue that there exists a lack of balance, as the cutter is not placed on a solid surface. The vegetable might be uneven or meat might be ridiculously thick for it to easily slice through

2) Grip: In terms of the grip, it might be slightly difficult for the older population or for those who have joint or hand problems such as arthritis. If this is the case, avoid using it for bigger produces and stick to chopping up whatever is easier for your needs.

Other than the two cons mentioned, there aren’t any others that come to mind. If for whatever reason, the Clever Cutter does not meet your requirements, they have a 30-Day Money back Guarantee (excluding processing and handling costs).

With such exquisite features, one might come to the conclusion that this might be a luxurious good, but that is the contrary. The Clever Cutter costs $14.99 plus a $5.99 charge for processing and handling, therefore coming to a total of approximately $21. This is approximately the cost of one stainless steel life on its own (depending on quality and brand). With your purchase of the Clever Cutter, you will receive a free peeler. Keep in mind, shipping costs may alter depending your where you want it shipped to.

Clever Cutter Review Summary

This is a worthwhile product as it makes your cooking experience less of a hassle, cleaning up becomes a less painful task, avoids pain in your hands, simpler to clean, chops produce evenly, etc. The Clever Cutter eliminates any conversation you have with your mind voice and helps you enjoy cooking and eating at the same time. Clever Cutter, helping you cleverly cut off cleaning and cooking process! For more information, go to:

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