Children are naturally creative, wanting to express themselves in any way possible. One of the ways girls often express themselves is through playing with the makeup of their moms. Unfortunately, these products are often filling with harmful chemicals that can cause damage to delicate, young skin.

Klee Kids is a company that was created to offer a better alternative to makeup, specifically for children and young ladies. Offering a wide range of mineral makeups and chemical-free nail polishes, Klee is hoping to change how children express themselves.

About Klee Kids

Created by parents who wanted better options for their children, Klee has dedicated itself to producing the safest play makeups and natural mineral makeups on the market. Using natural ingredients and superior manufacturing processes, Klee is able to provide families with the play products they want, but without compromising the health of their children. From blushes and lip glosses to nail polishes and body washes, Klee offers everything parents need to keep their children safe, while still allowing them to play and express themselves.

Since the company started, Klee has dedicated itself to never using parabens, artificial colors, or harmful ingredients. As a result, its products are the safest on the market for sensitive skin.

Klee Kids Brands

At the moment, Klee consists of five different brands that work to meet all the makeup and play makeup needs of children and teenagers everywhere. These five brands address different areas of the makeup, skin care, and hair care that allow children to have fun and feel more beautiful than ever before. A list of the Klee brands and their unique areas of operation can be found below.

Klee Kids Magical Hair and Body Care

The products sold in the Klee hair and body care line focus on providing deep cleansing properties, while only using the highest quality natural ingredients. Whether shampoo, conditioner, or body wash, these products are able to meet the cleansing needs of users without putting their skin or hair at risk due to harsh chemicals. Instead, these products use ingredients like argan oil, mango butter, and lavender oil to sooth, hydrate, and heal the skin and hair.

At the moment, there are five products offered in the Klee Kids Magical Hair and Body Care line.

Klee Girls Natural Mineral Makeup

In an effort to offer young ladies chemical-free makeup alternatives, Klee created its natural mineral makeup line. Created by Luna Star Naturals, the makeup line works to protect young and delicate skin instead of inundating it with chemicals and artificial dyes. With no parabens, phthalates, or petrochemical ingredients, the line of mineral makeups are able to provide coverage and accentuation without harming the skin. Because the products in this line are free of all chemicals, opting to use natural ingredients instead, they are all non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

The Klee Girls Natural Makeup line consists of 12 loose powder eye shadows, four loose powder blushes, and four flavored lip glosses.

Klee Natural Play Makeup for Kids

Every little girl has at one point or another gotten into her mom’s makeup. Playing with makeup is almost a rite of passage, allowing girls to grow confident in themselves and their bodies. However, most makeups contain dangerous ingredients that can harm sensitive, delicate skin. The makeup kits sold by Klee contain all-natural, gentle play makeups. These kits will allow girls of all ages to expand their creativity and play for hours, without worrying their parents about what they’re putting on their skin.

The Klee play makeup kits come in two collections, Star and Fairy. The basic kits come with two units of mineral eye shadow, a natural mineral blush, and one organic shimmer lip balm. The deluxe kits come with two eye shadows, a blush, two lip balms, and two Pinki Naturali nail polishes.

Pinki Naturali Kids Natural Nail Polish

Almost nothing is worse than the overwhelming smell of nail polish or nail polish remover. However, the one thing that is worse than the smell of these products are the chemicals that make those smells. These toxic chemicals break down the health of nails and skin, exposing users to awful contaminants. The Pinki Naturali Kids Natural Nail Polish contains no chemicals or synthetic dyes, with the colors being derived from natural minerals. Even better, the nail polishes are made to peel off after being soaked in warm water, which negates the need for nail polish remover.

Pinki Naturali Kids Natural Nail Polish comes in three packs or individually in 12 unique colors.

Pretendi Naturali Natural Kids Face Paint

When children get their faces painted, they’re thinking about expressing themselves. And parents are often thinking about how adorable their children look, not about all the chemicals in the face paints. The Pretendi Naturali Face Paints use wholesome ingredients, like vitamin E and apple extract, to get the same vibrant colors of face paints, but without the chemicals. The paints can also be removed naturally, requiring only warm water or olive oil to get the color out.

Pretendi Naturali Natural Kids Face paint comes in 12 colors, all available in easy to use sticks that make applying them easier than ever.

More information on Klee products can be found on the company website ( On the website, customers will also find prices and Klee retail locations.


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