Kisslink Smart Body Scale – High Precision Body Composition App?


Designed to make fitness statistics accessible and straightforward, the Kisslink Smart Body Scale allows users to measure their bodies across ten metrics, all of which are essential in understanding the body’s fitness level and overall health.

Please continue reading for more information about this convenient scale that comes with an app to easily track progress.

About The Smart Body Scale

Standard scales that simply measure body weight do not necessarily help users with other, equally important, metrics of fitness. Some of these include hydration, lean body mass, and body fat specifically.

Other useful measurements are BMR and BMI. Basal metabolic rate, or BMR, is a measurement of how many calories the body uses solely in its most basic functional processes. This does not include extra calories burned by any additional activity or exercise. Body Mass Index, also known as BMI, is a metric by which a person’s weight and height are compared to indicate whether a person is at a healthy body weight.

Kisslink’s Smart Body Scale aims to bridge this gap by providing users with the ten most important metrics of fitness and health. Additionally, the scale works in conjunction with an app that records and compares the data for easy progress tracking.

How Does the Smart Body Scale Work?

No setup is required for using the Smart Body Scale. Just step on for instant readings across ten physical measurements that all contribute to general fitness and wellbeing. Up to sixteen users can use the scale for separate tracking.

The kissfit app, available for both iOS and Android devices, allows for fitness tracking, data charts, and social sharing to help friends stay on track. Simply download the app and turn on a smartphone’s Bluetooth to get measurements directly sent to the device within 10 seconds of stepping on the scale. This can be synchronized with Apple Health for further progress tracking.

Smart Body Scale Features

-Body Statistics: The scale measures the ten most important composition metrics for fitness and health. These include: body fat, lean muscle mass, hydration, BMI, visceral fat, bone density, fitness age, protein levels, and BMR.

-High Precision Sensor: With a margin of 50 grams, this scale is highly accurate with instant readings.

-Wireless Connection: Bluetooth connectivity allows users to easily access their statistics to the smartphone app.

-Automatic Synchronization: Real-time measurements are automatically relayed to Apple Health and the kissfit app.

-Multiple Users: Up to 16 profiles can be recognized and calculated, allowing separate users to concurrently manage their statistics and progress.

Smart Body Scale Pricing

Available only through Amazon, the Smart Body Scale is sold for $69.99 with free shipping.

Should You Use the Smart Body Scale?

A scale like this one might be useful for those trying to lose body fat, improve overall body composition, or maintain general fitness by providing concrete numbers and data.

This information is important for understanding the body’s level of fitness and is easily collected for comparison, making this an ideal scale for users with specific goals.

Interested consumers can find more information at

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