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Juveliere Skin Review

Unfortunately for women, most anti-aging creams and serums can’t deliver the results they promise. Whether it is due to inferior ingredients or a poor formula, most face serums and creams simply can’t eliminate wrinkles or fine lines like most women hope.

Luckily there’s a solution available online that uses clinically proven ingredients to deliver potent and fast results. It’s called Juveliere Gold Infusion, and it’s the secret solution women have been waiting for.

Juveliere Face Serum

Juveliere Face Serum

Juveliere Face Serum is a complete anti-aging solution that uses natural ingredients to reverse the aging process on the cellular level. Juveliere’s ingredients are clinically proven to deliver fast, effective results, which is why Juveliere is one of the best-selling anti-aging creams on the market.

How does Juveliere Work?

Juveliere’s potent ingredients are naturally absorbed into the skin using a proprietary “QuSome” delivery system. This delivery system allows the molecules in Juveliere to be heavier to allow for deeper penetration into the levels of the skin.

In addition, the walls of the molecules in Juveliere’s skin cream are made up of natural what protein that causes nutrients to slowly be released into the skin. This captures trans-epidermal water loss as well to reduce and eliminate wrinkles.

Benefits of Juveliere Gold Infusion

According to REAL users of Juveliere, there are many benefits. Some of the benefits of Juveliere Gold Infusion include:

  • Diminished wrinkles
  • Smoother skin
  • Fading of Fine lines and dark circles
  • Reduced eye puffiness
  • Moisturized skin

In fact, a clinical study found that:

  • 84% of users saw a decrease in wrinkles & fine lines
  • 95% saw an increase in collagen production
  • 73% saw a reduction of dark circles

Why Use Juveliere Gold Infusion?

You’re probably wondering, why should you choose Juveliere Gold Infusion. The truth is, there are many advantages to Juveliere, which include:

No Risk For Side Effects: Juveliere has zero risk for side effects because there are no surgical procedures or drugs. Juveliere’s natural ingredients are clinically proven to be safe and side effect free.

Quick, Effective Results: Most women who take Juveliere see results within only a few weeks. This is because of Juveliere’s proprietary formula and delivery system, which enable Juveliere’s potent ingredients to start working faster.

No Expensive Surgical procedures: Surgical procedures like Botox are not only dangerous but they are also expensive. Juveliere will save you both the risk for injury and put money in your wallet.

Juveliere Free Trial

The best thing about Juveliere next to the incredible results it can deliver is the fact it’s available via trial offer. For a limited time, customers in the United States can receive a trial bottle of this incredible anti-aging solution for the price of shipping and handling.

If you want real results and are tired of using products that simply don’t work, then you need to try Juveliere. Juveliere’s formula is the most advanced and most powerful anti-aging solution that will truly deliver results.

Any woman looking to get rid of wrinkles, fine lines, or dark circles should try Juveliere. The results will astound you.

Juveliere Update | October 2014

We wanted to update our article so that our Supplement Police readers have the most up to date information on this particular product; Juveliere.

We have received a number of emails and comments from our readers that have decided to try the skin cream. And we have had an overwhelming number of viewers that have complained about the Juveliere customer service. Many have tried to cancel the “Free Trial” only find out that they are still getting money taken out of their account. Others have said that even if they have received a package, they are having issues getting a full refund for un-opened packages.

Like one of our commenters below, D'Vorah Kelley, if you are persistent about calling their customer service and complaining you may be able to get your full refund. If you have used the product, that might be a different issue.

Although we have had readers say that they do enjoy the product, it can be hard to get out of the auto-billing program.

When we asked our viewers which product they prefer to Juveliere, many of them recommended VitaFirm. You can read our Vitafirm review and and a customer review on our site at the following: https://supplementpolice.com/vitafirm-skin-care-review/

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  1. These trial sample offers are all the same, no matter what name, such as the current name of Premium Brand, and in 2014 the name of Absolute Derma. You get one bottle of each and only pay mailing fees, and bang 14 days later you will be charged two fees of about $90 each. In 2014, I was unable to get credit on the second trail bottle, since it was a tag on to the first bottle, and Discover card would not honor the cancellation of both charges. Today at 8 a.m. Visa called me, and yes I did it again, I was not thinking, I am now try to get both charges credited back to me, not just one. I should not have to return the free samples as the ad “with Dr. Oz and Oprah” had indicated. The company spokesperson will talk fast and sort of talk down to you, so be careful, as to the terms etc the people talk about, I only say the words “terms, etc” on the confirmation sheet of my order. It is a shame this kind of scam cannot be stopped, especially when we find it advertised as a side article on facebook, and other web sites.

  2. I didnt try that one – but for the last 2 weeks, I have been using the Lady Soma Renew Serum and it feels divine on the skin, and the results were a little astounding. Immediately I noticed my skin looked plump, hydrated, glowing. I thought surely this was a fluke. Nope. Every time I use it I see the same results and they continue to get stronger.

  3. Definitely a hugh scam! I’ mad at myself for not seeing the14 day, if it was even there when I ordered. There no way I would have agreed to this! $100.00 is a lot of money out of my checking account. I ‘m on a pension and cannot afford this. Me ever again will I order something for just shipping and handling. These people will get their instant karma in another place and time.

  4. I’ve called and cancelled TWICE and they keep sending me bottles and charging my credit card. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!

    • You should have reported your credit card stolen. So when they try to collect the credit card company will declined. I ordered once Weight loss pills and they said that I would have 21 days of trial since the day I ordered it. Well the order took almost the 21 days to arrive and I called and they said they could not do anything. I called my credit card and reported it stolen. When they tried to collect they couldn’t. Guess what, they called me. I told them, you should have given me the 21 days. REPORT THE CARD STOLEN BEST REMEDY EVER.

  5. i want to talk to someone i do not want this product but when i try to call and cancel this you just keep billing me no one ever answers the phone number do i need to get lawyer and sue you calling the bank to tell them this is a scam

  6. Can you please give the phone number – I need to call these people – they just sent me a bottle and I did not order it!!!!! I got the $9.99 bottle and they have sent me another bottle and charged my credit card $97.88!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a SCAM!!!!!!!!!!! I need their phone number so I can cancel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Pam,

      I just went out searching for their contact information. I found this on their website:

      We want to hear from you! Juveliere Customer Service representatives are available to assist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can reach us by calling: 1-844-607-2488 You can also email any questions or comments to: contact [at] juveliere [dot] com

      Our address is:
      120 Smith Hines Rd
      Greenville, SC 29607

      All queries will be handled within 2 working days.

    • I too was ripped off by this disgusting scam. If you pay with a credit card the phone number should be in front of the transaction. You will see the date and in my case the phone numbers were 844-625-1314 then it said agingcreamjacksonwy so I assume they are operating out of jackson, wyoming. The other number is 844-631-7916 then myrejuviusjacksonwy. I called and a recording says customer service I was on hold with music and a recording for 30 minutes and then disconnected. I called my bank to dispute and they got someone on the phone right away. Unfortunately the conversation went nowhere. My bank is disputing but these scam artists are good. They know exactly what they are doing. Legal robbery it seems.

  7. This is a scam! I ordered what I thought was a trial bottle and never received it! I called them when I realized it was not coming AND saw that they deducted $98.77 out of my checking account. I called them and sat on the phone for about 20-25 minutes only to be argued with and told pretty much, “sorry, nothing we can do for you”. You did not call within the 14 day period. Because I never received it! $102. 83 for NOTHING! I’m reporting them to BBB and whoever else I can contact.

  8. My card was stolen. I just found out from calling my bank. You took out
    $99.00 2xs for something I never received. I will go to my bannk on Monday to resolve and reverse the charges. In the meantime please check when this occued.

    Thank you,

    Martha Ogdee

  9. Do not buy into this scam. This compny charges your card and says you had to read all the terms and conditions. I had called in and emanual told me I did it over the internet witch I did not. I fought with him after he agreed to give me 35% until I got him to agree to 50%. They have a 100% money back but only if you do not open it. Do not do this it is a total scam and you will be on hold for a very long time getting someone to answer. I was on hold for 45 minutes waitng for anyone to answer.

  10. i have no phone number to call and cancel i have already send back one box and soon another one where do i call to cancel i dont want to be mail any more of your product desperate for an answer

    I would like to know where i can call to cancel product for *Juveliere facial serum

    • For the person who wants the phone number of Juveliere facial serum this is the one i ordered from and canceled from 1-844-607-2488

  11. Scam…
    I ordered free trial and they charged my account $200.oo and the number on the website had had me on hold for two days and the email is not valid!

  12. Good luck getting in touch with them.. I have been on hold for a total of 1 hr (because I ran out of time on 2 other 20+min calls and had to call back).

  13. I was under the impression that these were samples and I had no idea that there was an auto billing. I have been trying to contact the company and I cannot get ahold of anyone. I guess I am going to have to change my banking card out? The face serum does not work for me I am breaking out. Not sure what I think of the eye cream yet. But, reading all of the reviews makes me very nervous. I have not idea what I am going to be charged no invoice for the prduct which I found to be odd. This seems like a scam. not informing you what you are going to be charged, when and how..plainly and not hidden somewhere, just not right.

  14. I ordered a FREE trial on 11/17/14.
    I did not sign up for any repeat orders.
    On 12-1-14 almost $200 was deducted from my account.
    No customer service number on shipping and order confirmations.

  15. I just ordered juvenile face serum & eye cream I got it now I see your articles & am scared! But first of all WHERE IS A PHONE NUMBER FOR THAT?

  16. This product is causing my skin extremely dry and more wrinkle because of dryness. I called and waited forever to cancell my auto shiping and asked about the product expectation but no luck. I don’t know how to get a hold of them now. I fon’t have all day to wait for live person to answer my phone call. Please be aware!!!!

  17. This is a rip off, I ordered a free sample, then paid shipping then I received my monthly statement from the bank, I found out that they charged me twice on that same day October 7, 2014 of $97.88 and $87.67. What kind of company is this? I want my money back!

  18. Do Not order this product!!! Do Not participate in their “free” trial — you will be charged almost a $100.00. They offered me a 35% refund and then upped it to 50% when I demanded to talk to a supervisor. If I accepted the 50%, they wanted to record me accepting their offer, and I refused. These people and this company are all deceptive!

    • I used this stuff twice and it has dried my skin out my face is red and itching my eyes are red and watering. This stuff is not for me I am allergic to it!

  19. I just got off the phone with customer service, a very nice, helpful young woman. First I was told I was almost out of time (the 30 day period), so they could refund me 35% of the purchase price. I persisted, and they brought it up to 50%. I continued to persist, because the whole thing felt like a scam. Luckily, I had never opened the box (long story), so am sending it back today for a full refund on my credit card. She did seem surprised when I read her the mailing address, asking me how I had that if I’d not ordered it. It’s on the box!

  20. Juveliere face serum is a rip off. It doesn’t work, and the company is a scam artist. I ordered my free sample, paid shipping and then immediately canceled the AUTO ORDERING. Despite my cancellation, they charged $97.88 out of my account, as if I had not canceled. They are thieves and will be reported as such to BBB and Texas Attorney General’s office.

    MaryAnn Villa
    San Antonio, TX

    • MaryAnn, THANK YOU for reaching out about your problems with them. We are extremely sorry to hear about your situation and hope it resolves in your favor asap. We do not tolerate this from any company and will be effectively and immediately changing our status to make sure everyone is aware of this problematic company. This is why we started SupplementPolice.com to give everyone, right or wrong, a voice in the wild wild west that helps others avoid scams of this nature. Thanks again for reaching out.

      • Like a dummy, I ordered the “trial” offer to see if I liked the product. I couldn’t tell that it was any better than a product for $5.99 at the drug store. Then I received the $90+ bill on my credit card. I called the company and cancelled my account. I had received a third bottle of cream that I did not order so sent it back. Thankfully I sent it where the shipment could be tracked and signed for. I kept checking my credit card bill but no credit. I called this company and gave them the tracking number, date received, and who signed for the product. I was told credit was being applied as we spoke. Guess what? No credit so I called again the next month. I went through the same song and dance from them and was assured my credit was being applied then. No credit applied. After a couple more weeks to be sure they were given plenty of time to apply the credit, I called my credit card company to file a discrepancy. I received the credit owed the following month. SO – IF YOU FALL INTO THEIR TRAP AND SEND PRODUCT BACK, BE SURE TO SEND IT WHERE THE SHIPMENT CAN BE TRACKED, DELIVERED, AND WHO SIGNED FOR DELIVERY OF PRODUCT. DON’T MESS WITH THEM. GO STRAIGHT TO YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY TO SAVE YOU ALOT OF GRIEF AND STRESS.

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