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Zeolite Pure Review

Humans are exposed to toxins, chemicals, and other harmful molecules on a daily basis. These toxins damage every aspect to our health and leave us struggling to find answers. Thankfully, humans have been looking to detoxify and purge their bodies of these toxins and now there may be a legitimate product to eliminate these toxins called Zeolite.

What is Zeolite?

Zeolite is a collection of organic minerals that are naturally created when volcanoes erupt and lava and ash flow into the sea. Once the lava and ash reach the ocean, the salt from ocean water forms zeolites. These zeolites are then encased in hardened lava where they are trapped.

Zeolite works similarly to diatomaceous earth and other chemicals because it draws and traps chemicals to purge them from the body. Zeolite has been used in Asian medicine for centuries and the western world has finally caught on to this incredible detoxifying supplement.

Zeolite Pure Reviewed


Zeolite Pure by ZEO Health is one of the only true zeolite sellers on the market. Zeolite Pure uses 100% pure zeolite that is manufactured in an FDA licensed and GMP certified pharmacy. Zeolite Pure is by far the highest quality zeolite supplement on the market and customers have been raving about its’ incredible health benefits for some time.

Some of the health benefits of Zeolite Pure include:

Increased Nutrient Absorption: Zeolite Pure helps the body naturally absorb more nutrients, thus enhancing your body’s overall health.

Treats and Prevents Diarrhea and Acid Reflux: Zeolite Pure helps to calm the digestive system to prevent diarrhea and acid reflux and can mitigate existing acid reflux.

Improves Immune System Response: Zeolite Pure has several antioxidant properties to destroy free radicals that damage the cells in our organs.

Fights Sickness: Zeolite interferes with viral replication, which means it may be useful to fight colds, the flu, or other viral conditions.

Eliminates Toxins: Heavy metals and other toxins are trapped by Zeolite and eliminated through normal bowel movements. Heavy metals slow digestion and other body processes that are naturally enhanced once Zeolite is taken.

In addition, some studies suggest that micronized zeolite may be able to reduce the risk for cancer. While research is still preliminary, it does appear that zeolite removes toxins that can lead to cancer and help stop the growth of tumors. More research is still needed.

Is Zeolite Pure Safe?

Zeolite is officially listed on the GRAS (generally recognized as safe) by the FDA. There are almost never any side effects to taking Zeolite or Zeolite Pure although this depends entirely on the person.

If you feel any negative effects on your health, you should stop using Zeolite Pure to see if the symptoms go away. However, almost every user of Zeolite Pure will see no side effects.

Zeolite Pure Dosage

The one thing some Zeolite Pure users to complain of is that they are thirsty. This is mostly due to the flushing of the digestive tract. This is why we recommend starting out with 1-3 teaspoons of Zeolite Pure for the first month to gauge your tolerance.

You can add Zeolite Pure to your water or sprinkle it on food. If you have a pill maker you can turn Zeolite Pure into pill form as well.


Zeolite Pure is the best zeolite supplement on the market. Zeolite Pure will quickly and efficiently detoxify your body to improve all parts of your health. Thousands of Zeolite Pure users happily use Zeolite Pure each month to eliminate toxins that humans encounter each day. If you want to truly cleanse your body of toxins, then Zeolite Pure is the answer.

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