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Juju Joints Review

Juju Joints have been called “the joint for people who don’t like smoking joints”. It’s a cannabis vaporizing “e-joint”.

Find out what you need to know about Juju Joints today in our review.

What Are Juju Joints?

Juju Joints are e-cigarette-like devices specifically designed to let you smoke cannabis. The company calls it an “e-joint”. Each Juju Joint is a single-use vaporizer: you can take 150 hits of cannabis CO2 oil with each joint before buying a new one.

The device itself is about the size of a cigarette. It comes in a sleek, black, and discrete container. Each device has fancy silver lettering along the side. Some people have pointed out the resemblance to Apple’s unique minimalistic design, saying “It’s the iPod of vaporizers”.

There’s a big difference between a Juju Joint and a traditional vaporizer. You don’t put your own marijuana shake or e-liquid inside this vaporizer. Instead, there’s already e-liquid contained within each one. You can’t remove that liquid or replace it: you just pull it out of the box and start inhaling.

After hitting the market in April 2015, approximately 25,000 Juju Joints have been sold across America, including 25,000 to the medical marijuana market and a further 10,000 in states where recreational marijuana usage is legal.

How to Use Juju Joints

Juju Joints, as you might expect, deliver a weaker high than a traditional joint. The company claims that you should “enjoy three or four hits and give it five” in order to assess the effects.

The liquid inside, however, is made from genuine cannabis. It contains about 40% THC content, which is twice as much as you’d expect to find in a decent marijuana strain.

The high seems to vary for everyone. Here’s what one reviewer had to say about Juju’s high:

“…the first few times I tried one, I didn't think it was making me high. It smelled lovely and solved all the problems I associated with other vaporizers, but still, where was the high? Only 10 or 15 minutes later did I start to feel something, and when I did, it wasn't the same high I was used to. It didn't scramble my brain. I could read a book without getting lost in the shapes of the letters, like I do if I smoke a regular joint.”

Another reviewer said the high was less powerful, but felt weirder.

Each device comes with 150 puffs. Once you’ve used up all the puffs, you throw the device in the garbage (the company says it’s working on a recycling program).

Who Created Juju Joints?

Juju Joints were created by a Seattle resident named Rick Stevens, who recently retired and decided to invent a product to take advantage of Washington’s new marijuana legalization.

You can contact the company here by filling out the online form. There are two different contact forms available: one for businesses within Washington State interested in selling Juju Joints, and another for businesses outside the state.

How to Buy Juju Joints

Juju Joints are not sold online. They’re only sold by certain retailers in certain states across the US. Right now, the products are only sold in Washington, although the company is expanding to California, Oregon, and Nevada soon.

To view a list of retailers in your area, check out this link: Jujujoints.com/retailers

There are two different ways to buy Juju Joints.

First, you can buy the e-joint with liquid at a dispensary for around $25. This is your best and cheapest option.

However, state law requires recreational marijuana vendors to fill the Juju Joint shells with their own marijuana oil . These retailers sell Juju Joints at all different price ranges, and they’re almost always more expensive than $25. Expect to pay somewhere between $65 and $140 if you’re buying Juju Joints from a recreational vendor. That’s the second option.

Juju Joint Liquid CO2 Marijuana

One of the most interesting parts of the Juju Joint is its unique marijuana-like liquid. Many people expect Juju Joints to contain a cannabis oil-like substance, which involves using petrochemicals (like alcohol or butane) to reduce dry marijuana.

Juju Joint, however, takes a different approach: instead of risking having petrochemicals end up in the final product, Juju Joint uses liquid CO2 that is safe to ingest and acts as a sterilizer, which means any bugs, mold, or mildew is left out of the final product.

In the future, the company plans to offer joints with different levels of THC content.

Should You Use Juju Joints?

Juju Joints are the world’s first true e-joint. The creator admits that there’s another company in the Netherlands that claims to have invented the world’s “first e-joint” but if you look at the product packaging, you’ll find that it contains no THC and no nicotine: it’s just glycol and flavoring.

Juju Joints, on the other hands, contains 40% THC content and delivers a real high from real marijuana ingredients, making it a popular choice for those who want to smoke a joint without actually, you know, smoking a joint.

It’s only available in a small market area right now, but Juju Joints could be the next big thing in the booming marijuana industry.

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  1. Just to say that we did, indeed used to see 2 and even 5% THC. It has no shelf life. When you are told “16%” or “20%” you are being given genetics data about how many factories in the plant make “THC” you are in no wise being told the percentage THC in the finished cured product.
    GMO /is/ a factor in all our medical seeds. Guaranteed.

  2. Honestly I prefer Elysium Sticks (CANADA) over Juju Joints (US)

    and they have a new line coming called Elysium9…..
    I’m so excited!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

  3. To bad I can’t get one. Im 45 years old have a spinal. Cord injury, that left me paralyzed from waist down.

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