Miracle Smoke CBD E-Liquid – CBD Oil + Vaping E-Liquid


Miracle Smoke CBD E-Liquid is a new product that combines two popular trends: CBD oil and vaping. It’s legal in all 50 states with no prescription.

Find out everything you’ve always wanted to know about Miracle Smoke today in our review.

What is Miracle Smoke?

Miracle Smoke

Miracle Smoke is a new e-liquid designed to work in most e-cigarettes. It contains 30% hemp CBD extract and is legal in all 50 states with no prescription.

Cannabidiol has been gaining popularity in recent months. Also known as CBD, cannabidiol is one of several components in marijuana. While other components in marijuana – like THC – give users the “high” feeling, CBD does not.

By containing 30% hemp CBD extract, Miracle Smoke promises to purify the benefits of marijuana and make it accessible to anyone.

Benefits of Miracle Smoke

Miracle Smoke claims to offer the following benefits:

— Helps Reduce Feelings Of Anxiety
— Will Not Show In Drug Tests
— Available Without A Prescription And Legal In All 50 States

CBD oil has also been associated with other health benefits – including everything from anti-aging to reduced risk of cardiovascular disease to reduced tumor size.

Miracle Smoke doesn’t advertise any of these benefits, although it does admit that Miracle Smoke CBD can reduce stress levels, and “most scientists agree that decreasing stress levels play a part in battling cancer, heart disease and other stress related illness.”

In any case, the low dose of CBD oil in Miracle Smoke is unlikely to lead to any significant CBD oil benefits that you may find with the purified version of the substance – although if you vape a lot of it, then you might start to enjoy some benefits.

Miracle Smoke Ingredients

Miracle Smoke doesn’t list any of its ingredients. It does, however, mention a few basic characteristics for its ingredients.

It claims that all the ingredients are 100% natural and the liquid does not contain any dangerous synthetic chemicals or stimulants, for example.

Some advertisements for Miracle Smoke also mention that it contains 30% CBD with no THC – although the manufacturer doesn’t list where its CBD comes from or how it gets into the e-liquid.

Ultimately, we have no idea what 70% of Miracle Smoke is made of. We do know that the manufacturer claims 30% of it is made from CBD extract cannabidiol, however.

Is It Really Legal Everywhere?

The advertisements for Miracle Smoke claim that it’s legal in all 50 states and easily available without a prescription.

That may be true. CBD products usually use a loophole in the law that states a marijuana product with no THC is considered hemp. Hemp is legal, but marijuana is not. CBD is somewhere in between, but because of this loophole, many products are legally sold across the United States.

CBD itself, however, is still a schedule I drug in the United States and a schedule II drug in Canada. So the law in this area is murky.

How to Buy Miracle Smoke

Miracle Smoke CBD E-Liquid is only available for purchase online at TryMiracleSmoke.com.

At that site, you’ll be pushed towards a huge form that promises to give you a special discount, free shipping, and other bonuses. Here’s how the prices actually break down:

1 Bottle: $49.99 + $4.99 shipping ($54.98)
2 Bottles: $89.98 + free shipping ($44.99 per bottle)
5 Bottles: $119.96 + free shipping ($29.99 per bottle)

You also get a free starter kit with all orders. That starter kit includes everything you need to start vaping and start using your Miracle Smoke, including a charger and battery.

The liquid is available in four different flavors, including blueberry, watermelon, strawberry, and vanilla.

Obviously, the price is a little higher than you would normally pay for e-liquids. While e-liquids are typically purchased online for between $5 and $15, Miracle Smoke is priced as high as $50, and even when you’re buying five bottles, it costs $30 per bottle.

Of course, some people are willing to pay a premium price for CBD oil – which is hard to get in many parts of America.

Final Thoughts: Who Should Use Miracle Smoke?

Miracle Smoke is a unique new e-liquid that claims to contain 30% CBD. It’s available without a prescription and will not show up on drug tests. It’s priced significantly higher than most other e-liquids on the market today, but also contains an ingredient no other e-liquid contains: CBD.

CBD oil has been linked to some surprising health benefits. Although Miracle Smoke only has a 30% concentration of CBD, you may still be able to enjoy some of these benefits. Miracle Smoke promises that it can reduce anxiety, for example.

The only weird thing about Miracle Smoke is that it doesn’t list its ingredients. That’s not unusual in the e-liquid community, but it may make some people feel uncomfortable – especially if you want to know everything you’re putting into your body and don’t trust the “100% all natural ingredients claim.”

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  1. Male, age 75, began low level arthritis problems at age 38. After fatal (brought back) MC accident at age 68 with 37 broken bones and shattered pelvis regained ability to walk with increased pain levels sometimes only partially relieved by by Vicodin type drugs. After 30 yrs in a 12 step recovery program I preferred a a low pain level to strong pain meds! As arthritis pain increased to a RA level and a seven month wait on a standby waiting list for a rheumatologist I was becoming desperate to find a non-narcotic pain relief! The Miracle Smoke 30% CBC seemed to offer a relief option – even if a little on the expensive side? As a former smoker 25 years ago, I was concerned about lung irritation of inhaled substances of any kind. But ‘faint heart’ ne’er won fair maiden, nor
    pain relief! After a 3 day delivery (in Fla) and growing trepidation, I began a wonderful journey of believing that my pain could be significantly reduced! After slowly beginning to inhale the vapor mixed with fresh air after the light went out, I gradually began slowly increasing the frequency of use while holding the vapor in! (After all, I was not trying to quit smoking and did not wish to waste the vapor benefits, if any!) Of course, I was not expecting any type of ‘Miracle’ relief, but I began to notice my ‘good days’ were beginning to out number the ‘bad days’ where it was hard to even get out of bed. By 7 to 10 days I could really say that each day was noticeably becoming more pain free! I plan to continue the use along with more research into CBD and wondering if higher strength product will be necessary or desirable or not. More results later….!

  2. I just posted a positive comment about Miracle Smoke CBD Oil and received a confirmation from the Supplement Police but I don’t see the comment posted ????

  3. Scooby is a beautiful dog he has a mast cell cancer on his upper lip. We took him to the vet because we didn’t know what was on his lip, in addition to his problem his hind legs were weak and he didn’t want to get up to walk like he always did. We had the tumor removed by the vet. There was a biopsy done. The vet said he has a Mast Cell Tumor and we tried to get all the cancer out of his lip. The operation was not a total success she did not get all of the mast cell out of his lip and sinuses. Within a month and a half the mast cell had grown back to the same size it was. We were upset. We came to the realization that we may have to put Scooby to sleep. Scooby is also a talking dog who says mom and calls Karen Scooby’s owner mom . It was so upsetting to see this beautiful dog withering away like this. Then I read about CBD oil how it dissolves cancerous tumors. I was skeptical of course. The CBD oil was very expensive and I did not know how to get it. Then I heard about Miracle Smoke Who sells CBD oil without any THC and claims to be legal in all 50 states. Once again I was skeptical. So I called Miracle Smoke and I spoke with Bucky a VP of wholesale and distribution of Miracle Smoke Inc. Bucky sent me some bottles of CBD oil 100% pure Cannabidiol . As soon as I got the bottles of Cannabidiol I started to treat the dog with the CBD oil. I would put some CBD oil in the palm of my hand . I would also put some on my thumb and I would also put some on my pointer finger. As the dog would lick the CBD oil well out of my hand I would rub my thumb on top of his tumor I would also take my pointer finger and rub it underneath Scooby’s gum underneath the tumor. To my surprise the tumor started to turn all red within a week and it appeared to be infected . The tumor had burst and Scooby was bleeding all over the house we gave antibiotics to Scooby. I said to myself oh my God I killed the dog !!! Once again we took Scooby to the vet in mind thinking that he was not going to come home with us and we were going to put him to sleep 😢 The vet looked at him and said he’s not ready to get euthanize. We were happy that we did not have to put Scooby to sleep. About a week later, this big white mass that resembled pus but was hard and fibrous came out of Scooby’s face. I was amazed. I continue to give Scooby CBD oil because it was dissolving his tumor. Today Scooby’s tumor is very very small in fact almost unrecognizable as a Mast Cell tumor !!! Thank you God for CBD oil, because I did not think this would work. I was amazed !!! 😇

  4. This is ridiculous. I tried to send an email and it comes back an error. There is no number to call unless you want to sell it. I have no idea how to return this. I was played for a fool. How the hell do you contact them?

    • You can’t return it because if you don’t include an RMA with the shipment, they won’t refund you, and you can’t get a phone number to call them to get an RMA. Total scam. The stuff is junk.

  5. Well this was a marketing hoax for sure. The email they provide does not work, it is not a valid email address and is sent back. No instructions sent with the product, although they did send a pamphlet about a ‘money making opportunity’ to sell this yourself. I’ve been taken for a ride and I expect that’s how they make money, by fooling people into buying the product. No money back guarantee either.

  6. I have been using g the 30 mg for approx 3 months… when am in sever pain I use the more smoke along with prescribed pain medication it not only help boost the meds I take it handles my panic attacks as well I am about to make a new order in the next day or two…. my pain specialist told he could not give me more meds I had to find away to substitute through the night so I did just that and now that I know it works I will continue purchasing this product and possibly have my doc write me a prescription for it and get reimbursed thru my auto insurance so I hope you never go out of business. This has been a god send with the pain I Indure daily…. this does help my meds help me be able to live a normal day that I haven’t had since 1995. My normal days were taken from a head on collision in which I should of died in but now I found something that help keeps me going g day after day….

  7. There own website smacks of BS ,no pricing info till you order and no idea
    what the hell this is made of . Buyer beware ,those who write here of no benefit
    should also be listened to.

  8. I have been using Miracle Smoke products for over a year. I am very satisfied and very surprised that others are not! What are others expecting that they do not get? Maybe they think they will get high even though there is no THC in the products? I most definitely DO get pain relief and avoid dreaded panic attacks, not to mention the many other scientifically proven health advantages of CBD! I am going to have to go with the thought that “Misery loves company” and people just expect to be disappointed and need to have something to complain about. I don’t usually review products with posts like this, but felt I needed to let others know that this is a product that works and I have had only positive dealings with the people that work for Miracle Smoke. I wish everyone good health and happy times.

  9. Hello. My name is Cynthia Brayboy and i have.at melntal illness as in bipolar. And some sickness in me and ai try to not get so argue with people making me mood. Suicide, insomnia, Antiexy attack , Depression..

  10. The miracle smoke is extracted from a hemp plant… These are the ingredients I was told. Hemp Oil (Aerial Plant Parts) (Cannabis Sativa Extract), Agave, Sativa Leaf extract (kosher)

  11. These ingredients are not pure, in fact there is very little if anything of medicinal quality in this stuff. 3 people have tried this in our office and no one got a result from this. It is all sales and marketing to make money. Be warned.

  12. Please correct your statement that when buying the “Miracle Smoke 5-bottle package,” the cost per bottle is $30.00. The actual charge for 5 bottles is $119.96 or $24/btl (plus a free vape pen).

  13. I’ve been using Miracle CBD oil for over a week w/o any result . Never again will I waste $$ on this .

  14. I love miracle smoke cbd. It has made a major difference in my life. The cream is great for arthritis and works better than anything we have tried. The e liquid has been great too. You have the ability to control the amount t needed for relief. I use the pure gold 45 and would recommend it to anyone .

  15. in contrast to many of the Miracle Smoke reviews that merely repeated (and showed the same photographs as) what was contained on the seller’s website, your review contained quite a bit of useful information, The seller’s website is misleading and easily makes a reader think that this product is made from a component of marijuana; especially with all of the mentions regarding the fact that it will not show up on drug tests.

    However, part of your review is also confusing to the reader.

    You begin by stating that “…cannabidiol is one of several components in marijuana. While other components in marijuana – like THC – give users the “high” feeling, CBD does not.” That leads readers to think that this CBD Oil is derived from marijuana.

    I am not up on ‘the law on CBD” but you state that “…CBD products usually use a loophole in the law that states a marijuana product with no THC is considered hemp.” This just further confuses the reader. The company does not state where their 30% CBD Oil in Miracle Smoke comes from, so I don’t know whether they are extracting their CBD oil from marijuana or not. They really should be more specific.

    Nonetheless, I have researched CBD Oil extensively and the pure form sold on other sites is, in fact, derived from Hemp, which is a ‘cousin’ to the marijuana plant, but separate plant in and of itself. It is not “…a marijuana product with no THC…”

    BOTH marijuana and Hemp contain CBD AND THC. But while marijuana contains a psychoanalytic level of THC, the hemp plant contains less than 0.2% THC. If Miracle Smoke’s product is extracted from hemp, and not from marijuana, THAT is why this product ‘…will not get you high…” and “…will not show up on drug tests.” and “…is legal in all 50 states.”

    Hemp is a legal product from which thousands of products are derived. Rope, for instance! The sad fact is that too many people hear the word Hemp and immediately associate it with marijuana. Rather than considering the positive benefits of the hemp plant, they (read: many legislators) dare even discuss or consider it (or related products) for fear of being labeled as “pro-marijuana.”. It’s time everyone see the value of Hemp and stop associating it with marijuana/getting high/illegality, etc. Everyone should do a google search on Hemp and see for themselves just how valuable a commodity it could be….then write to your legislators…if only the government didn’t associate it with marijuana, and would offer subsidies to farmers rather than subsiding tobacco……

    More to the point of this company’s offer…What is the point in buying this Miracle Smoke if it contains only 30% CBD Oil? As you clearly stated, “…the low dose of CBD oil in Miracle Smoke is unlikely to lead to any significant CBD oil benefits that you may find with the purified version of the substance.” How much of this product would one have to ‘smoke’ or vape to reap the benefits of the pure substance?

    Why not purchase pure 100% CBD oil from the Hemp plant and use sublingually? You can purchase pure 100% CBD Oil online; you just have to be sure you are buying from a reputable company, and do not purchase the dark, dirty-looking heat-processed type. It would seem to me that you’d get more benefit from the pure 100% CBD oil rather than the Miracle Smoke 30% in a vapor.

    Also, I was seriously considering purchasing this product until I saw that it is only available in 4 flavors. If I am going to ‘smoke’ or vape, I don’t want vanilla or fruity flavors. I’d prefer just plain old tobacco ‘flavor’. Most eCig sellers offer a plain tobacco ‘flavor’, but this Miracle Smoke company does not.

    Furthermore, although you are correct in stating that “…it doesn’t list its ingredients….make some people feel uncomfortable – especially if you want to know everything you’re putting into your body and don’t trust the ‘100% all natural ingredients claim.’ ” what I find even more disconcerting is that although there is a toll-free number listed, there is no way to email the company, ask questions, and receive a written response. I want to email the company and ask them to send me a list of ALL the ingredients. Wonder if they would comply? Perhaps I will call the toll-free number on Monday and ask for an ingredient list, from what plant their CBD Oil is derived, and why they do not offer a regular tobacco ‘flavor’.

    • Hello concerned consumer, Have you called the company for an ingredient list? I was curious because I just purchased this product, the advertisement got me hook, line and sinker. Before I put this into my body I am curious to know if I’ve been a sucker…??
      Please reply when you can

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