Joakim Noah 20 Game NBA Suspension For Ligandrol (LDG-4033)


Joakim Noah Uses LDG-4033, Gets Suspension

Joakim Noah, a New York Knicks professional NBA basketball player, just got handed a 20 game suspension for using a banned substance (selective androgen receptor modulatorLGD-4033). Let's review this breaking news story to find all the facts and figures, as well as some insight on Ligandrol (a non-steroidal SARM (similar to testosterone) that can boost anabolic muscle and bone growth activity).

Basketball is a serious sport and teams have strict rules in place that work to maintain the integrity of the game and the team. One of the most career-impacting things that a player can do in the NBA is to use a banned supplement.

If a player is found to use a banned supplement then the consequences are often suspension – must like in the case of Joakim Noah, who plays for the New York Knicks. His suspension arose out of his violation of the team’s drug policy and now, he’ll be sitting out for the next 20 games.

About Noah's Ligandrol Suspension

A suspension is a big deal and it can vary in terms of length. In this case, New York Knicks player Joakim Noah will be sitting out for 20 games. This is a startling suspension, especially because currently, he has not played since February 4.

Noah’s lack of gameplay prior to his suspension has been due to his arthroscopic surgery on his left knee. At the current rate, Noah is expected to miss more than just the start of the season. Rather, the suspension and the surgery may carry into the 2017-2018 basketball season.

A Disadvantage for Next October

Joakim Noah’s suspension means big things for his team and especially for him. His suspension means that he may not be able to play next October and instead, he’ll be required to watch the game from the bench.

Further, his suspension also prevents him from getting paid during his out period, which is another hit for the player.

The only thing that Noah is going to be able to do during his suspension is to watch his teammates. The question that everyone is asking is whether Noah will be able to serve at least a portion of his suspension at some point in the season – but it does not seem likely.

No Appeal by the Knicks of the NBA Basketball League

It seems like that the Knicks will just need to play without Noah until the 2018 year, especially because there doesn’t seem to be an appeal plan in place. As of yet, there has been no comment by the National Basketball Players Association or the Knicks Team in terms of whether they’re planning to appeal.

The lack of an appeal plan is the situation, even despite Noah’s cooperation. According to what is known about the suspension, Noah was “completely forthcoming and cooperative” during the entire investigation.

Further, the NBPA has commented that Noah’s did not “knowingly or intentionally” violate the rules that the league and his team have in place.

Suspended for Using LGD-4033

Noah’s suspension arises out of his use of a banned supplement known as LGD-4033. While the supplement is designated as a non-steroid that has a selective androgen receptor modulator that creates the same impact as testosterone, it is currently banned by the NBA’s current collective bargaining agreement.

As a result, players are not allowed to use the supplement when training or playing games because it enhances the player’s ability to play better and to train harder.

Here are a few of the other qualities to the supplement that may be responsible for it being banned:

With these characteristics, players are able to train harder, to play better,and to perform at their best while on the court. This type of mechanism not only obscures the other player’s perception of the team’s overall performance, but it also makes it difficult for the player using the supplement to play well without the support of the formula.

Worse, the supplement gives one team an unfair advantage over other teams who do play fairly. For that reason, supplements such as LGD-4033 are banned.

Is the Ban a Loss?

The final question that should be asked is whether the suspension is a big loss for the Knicks and for the continuation of the season.

Ultimately, Noah seems to be a key player for the team. His four year contract is valued at $72.

His game average is

  • 5.0 points,
  • 8.8 rebounds
  • 2.2 assists
  • 0.7 steals
  • 0.8 blocks
  • 22 minutes per game

With these types of stats, its seems that the Knicks may miss his presence on the court. The only way for Noah to get off the bench for the rest of the season and for the rest of the duration of his suspension is for his team of the organization to appeal and at the moment, it is unlikely that they will do so. Hopefully, other teams will not make the same mistake as Noah since the infraction can cost a lot.

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