Ligandrol – LGD-4033 (SARM) Testosterone Booster


Ligandrol LGD-4033 Review

Ligandrol, also known as LGD-4033 is a popular testosterone boosting supplement that works as a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). Here’s everything you need to know about Ligandrol.

What is Ligandrol?

Ligandrol is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that is popular among bodybuilders and athletes for both bulking and cutting. At doses of 10mg per day, the supplement has been shown to lead to 5 to 10 pounds of lean mass gains every month.

In the bodybuilding and athletic worlds, Ligandrol is used as a side-effect free alternative to steroids.

Although Ligandrol can be used for both bulking and cutting, it appears to be more popular for bulking. There are stories of phenomenal weight gain progress while taking Ligandrol. As you’ll learn in the next section about quarterback Will Grier, sometimes these weight gains can be so significant that they arouse suspicion.

LGD-4033 is relatively strong compared to similar products. It has an anabolic/androgenic ratio of approximately 10:1. To put that ratio in perspective, testosterone’s ratio is 1:1. Some sources also claim that Ligandrol is 11 times stronger than its popular competitor, Ostarine.

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Ligandrol and Will Grier

Ligandrol has been making headlines in recent weeks for getting certain football players in trouble. Florida Gators quarterback Will Grier was recently suspended for PED usage. Grier was found to have Ligandrol in his system during a routine test.

Ligandrol is not officially classified as a steroid, but it is banned as a performance enhancing drug. As a result, Grier will serve a one year suspension. The quarterback is currently undergoing an appeals process and full details of the investigation have not been released. Most of the reports of the drug come from NFL insider-type sources – so we still have lots to learn.

One source published on claims that Grier took Ligandrol to gain 43 pounds. In his freshman year, Grier weighed 172 pounds. By his sophomore year, he had bulked up to 215 pounds.

Grier may be the most prominent Ligandrol user (that we know about). However, the drug is reportedly popular with a wide range of athletes and professionals, including:

— Powerlifters
— Bodybuilders
— Models
— Strongmen
— Crossfitters
— Athletes across all sports

How Does Ligandrol Work?

Ligandrol works as a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). That means it has a high affinity to bond with the androgen receptors. The “selective” part of the name comes from the fact that it only binds to androgen receptors in your muscles (not in your bones, or other areas of the body where androgen receptors are located).

The drug has legitimate medical uses in addition to being used as a performance enhancing drug. The LGD-4033 drug was originally developed to treat muscle wasting conditions (like muscular dystrophy). These conditions are linked with diseases like cancer, illness, and old age.

How to Buy Ligandrol

Ligandrol is not currently banned or illegal (unless you’re playing professional or collegiate sports that have banned specific PEDs like Ligandrol).

It’s available from certain online retailers. One website called sells LGD-4033 at a price of $40, for example. $40 gets you LGD-4033 at a concentration of 10mg/mL (30mL total).

Since the average dose is 5 to 10mg per day, that gives you 3 to 6 doses of the supplement.

The supplement is taken orally – so there’s no need to put needles anywhere near your butt cheeks.

Some lower quality supplement manufacturers are also selling LGD in capsule form. However, these concentrations are extremely weak compared to the liquid oral solution. If you’re serious about making large gains, then oral liquid Ligandrol is your best option.

Compared to other SARMs, Ligandrol is relatively cheap, with some sources reportedly paying $40 to run it for 8 weeks.

What to Expect When Taking Ligandrol

Gains of 1 to 1.5 pounds per week have been reported while taking LGD. These gains occur while eating slightly above maintenance calories on a high protein diet.

Many reviewers claim their gains are “steroid-like”.

There’s some controversy over Ligandrol because these weight gains could simply occur from glycogen supercondensation. In layman’s terms, that means the steroid-like properties of Ligandrol are telling your body to store more carbs and water than usual.

Once you’ve stopped taking Ligandrol and cycled off, you can expect to lose a bit of the weight you gained. These losses occur simply because your muscles are dropped glycogen.

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How Much Ligandrol Should You Take?

Ligandrol is most commonly used at dosages of 5 to 10mg per day.

After 3 or 4 weeks, some users recommend increasing your dosage by 1 or 2mg. Cycle off Ligandrol every 6 to 12 weeks.

Side Effects of Ligandrol

Ligandrol has not been associated with any significant side effects thus far. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any side effects.

Some studies, for example, have shown that Ligandrol can heavily suppress and lower free testosterone levels while also suppressing and lowering sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) levels.

However, the good news is that after taking LGD-4033 it will only take a very short time (1 to 3 weeks) for your testosterone levels to get back to normal. Getting back to normal doesn’t take much time because Ligandrol does not affect LH or FSH.

There have also been no reported estrogenic system changes reported after taking LGD 4033. Nevertheless, some users will prefer to take an aromatase inhibitor regardless. A mini Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) treatment is recommended. However, it’s not necessarily required because Ligandrol does not affect you enough to influence libido problems or other unwanted side effects.

Finally, Ligandrol is not associated with liver toxicity: so you’re not doing long-term damage to your body’s organs.

Who Should Use Ligandrol?

Ultimately, Ligandrol is a legal steroid alternative that appears to work in a similar way to steroids – but without the dangerous side effects. As long as you’re not a Florida Gators quarterback (or playing sports that have banned PEDs), then Ligandrol could be an effective supplement to supercharge your bulking routine.

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  1. Can someone please tell me whether there is anything bad that could happen if I take lgd. Im 19 and everything ive read indicates that its pretty safe but I would like an experienced opinion.

  2. Has anyone had any issues with hair loss during or after a cycle? I’m seeing mixed reviews all across the web

  3. these people recommending split doses are not informed. The half life is more than a day for lgd4033. The lab gopher taking this stuff is having ridiculous pumps after only a week of taking 10mg/day.

  4. has anyone experienced sleep issues while on LGD? or heart palpitations? not sure if its just anxiety or other issues, but i started a cycle a few weeks ago and seem to have had some of those issues at night. other than that i love the product, ive gained about 6 or 7 pounds already but today i stopped pending some further information regarding side effects.

  5. it doesnt matter how you take the oral liquid. I been on LiquiClo for weeks and I simply sip some water and drop the stuff in my mouth and swallow. You’ll never know its there. Its not a sublingual solution so it doesnt need to penetrate your blood stream under the tongue. It’s simply swallowed.

  6. I am currently on a LGD and YK-11 cycle and being three weeks into the cycle, I have seen amazing results. As far as side effects are concerned, I have noticed none. I feel great, and if anything I have just gotten a tad lazy being on the cycle which I hear is common. I buy my SARMS at my trusted supplement store, and would encourage you to do the same as buying them online is NOT SAFE at all. I weighed 180 at the start of my cycle, and weigh 190 currently. My close friends have noticed my size gains quickly, so if you are trying to avoid this wear long sleeves/sweatshirts. Ensure that a PCT is ran even if it is for a shorter period of time to avoid loss in test.

  7. I took 10mg a day for 5 days but have decided to stop given that I don’t want to risk test shut down of any kind. Given that I’m 18, do you think I will need a pct or will i be fine just stopping. Also, will stopping after 5 days result in any side effects?

  8. Holy crap this stuff tastes like bug repellent can I mix it with something or will that dilute it too much

  9. I am planning on starting a cycle. I know it wont produce results like steroids but will the gains be great enough that people will suspect I’m on something?

    • It is a notch below steroids. Definitely for starters or just moderate users. If you are around people who know you well. Then yes, they will suspect it you using some sort of chemical. If done correctly LGD can yield pretty good results in a month’s time. My experience with LGD was actually pretty close to Steroid like results. Maybe it was from where I bought them and how I programmed my work out and diet. You still need to diet (unless you’re taking S4 and GW) those 2 are for weight loss. I have taken liquid (usually better quality) and capsules (tend to be worse quality but is legit)
      I honestly love sarms because you can get results CLOSE to AAS with out injections. Just not as fast or with little effort compared to Steroids. It definitely can start you on the path to Steroids so be careful. But if you’re not into pinning or injecting into yourself stick with sarms because they do a pretty good job for what they are and the price. JUST MAKE SURE YOU GET HIGH QUALITY STUFF! There are a lot of fakes and bogus sites out there that will sell you crap in a bottle. There are a few places in mind that I know are trust worthy.
      As for PCT. With LGD you might want to do a mini PCT maybe an over the counter PCT or Clomid/Nolvadex. Most other SARMs are so mild you usually DON’T need a PCT. But with LGD it is better to be on the safe side. But it is not super suppressive or never shut me down test wise. But everyone is different so play it safe.
      I hope this is helpful everyone!

      • what brand would you consider to be “high quality”? just wanna make sure i dont want to get any of the bogus crap they are selling out there

    • LGD in all forms is oral, meaning taken by mouth (swallowed) and not placed under the tongue.

  10. I saw this question asked and not answered, how do you take the powdered version of LGD ? With water, under the tongue, in a protein shake?

  11. can’t find the liguid form, either they are sold out or just selling the capsule form.I want to buy a months supply of the liquid form, hope you can help me.

  12. I have a few questions
    When to take LGD, AM or PM or before meals or workout. Both lifting days and off days, So when?

    And dosages, 5 mg a day for 8wks, or start off at like 2 mg a day then increase every few weeks ideally ending at 8 or 9 mg a day? Btw I’m 6ft 195lbs if that helps

    • I would take no less than 5mg per day as it simply won’t yield results. I’m on my 7th week of the cycle and have seen a solid 15 lbs of mass (back into my training after two years off)
      I stayed at 10mg per day. 5mg in morning and 5mg at night. I don’t think exact timing matters much just as long as you split the dosage. I believe the half life is 12hrs (might be incorrect)
      I bumped up to 15mg per day and didn’t see enough of a difference to justify taking that much. 10mg/day is great.
      Stick to liquids (I tried southernsarms LGD-4033 and S-4 for the first month and Blackstone labs LGD-4033 and MK Ultra for the second month)
      I’m going back to liquid.
      Drop on the back of the tongue and not under the tongue.

  13. I have done 3 cycles of lgd so far. My only side effect and this was present in every single cycle was calf cramps. Really f**g painful ones. But this stuff works like magic.

    • When you say you did 3 cycles was that 10mg daily and please explain the 3 cycles? Trying to find out how long to use and how often. Do you have a suggestion? Thanks

      • Yes, 10 mg daily. At that level you will see results but nothing like AAS. 5 mg or less and I doubt you’ll experience any real increase in strength or size. Also, it takes a few days to a week or so to really feel them (i.e. strong pumps, and certainly calf cramps during HIIT). You can take safely for 12 weeks, but the my returns diminish around week 8, so I’d suggest 2 months (or 2 bottles). Stacks well with 30 mg Rad 140 daily, split dosed. No AI needed, but anti-e (i.e. clomid/novaldex) for pct at those dosages. Equal time off after cycle is probably overkill, but seems like a safe protocol.

  14. Great review article. One math error – if dosing is 10mg a day, and you buy a 30mL vial at 10mg/mL – that is a 30 day supply.

    • “10mg/mL (30mL total).”

      “Since the average dose is 5 to 10mg per day, that gives you 3 to 6 doses of the supplement. ”

      WRONG. Its 10mg per 1ml …. meaning there are 300mg total (10×30)

      month supply if you take 10mg (1ml) or 2 month supply if you take 5mg (.5ml)

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