Jiobit Smart Tag – Best Daily Location Tracker For Your Kids?


Jiobit Smart Tag is a GPS tracker that uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, multiple cell networks, GPS, and sensors to provide highly-accurate location data – even in multi-level venues. Here’s our Jiobit Smart Tag review.

What Is Jiobit Smart Tag?

Jiobit Smart Tag is a wearable device that attaches itself to your body with a clip. The device promises to provide highly-accurate location tracking – whether you’re indoors, outdoors, above, or below ground.

You may be thinking: we already have location tracking. It’s called GPS.

But GPS isn’t perfect. It has restrictions – like the fact that it doesn’t work underground, or that it can’t tell you the altitude of someone. This makes it difficult to determine if someone is on the 1st floor of an office building or the 30th floor.

Jiobit Smart Tag promises to solve that problem by providing “reliable tracking in every location”, according to the official website. It also promises to be “the world’s smallest and longest lasting smart tag”.

The main advertise use for Jiobit is to keep track of your kids when they’re running around outside. In fact, parents are the target market for Jiobit, and pictures of happy parents tracking their kids are scattered all across the Jiobit page.

Jiobit Smart Tag has been in the headlines this week after it raised $3 million in funding.

Jiobit Smart Tag Features

  • Up to 30 days of battery life
  • Industry leading security and encryption
  • Self-learning and easy setup
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Soft and lightweight, so it won’t interfere with whatever you do
  • Set a virtual “safety harness” around your home or a public area, so if your kid leaves that area, wanders too far away, or gets kidnapped and taken away, then you’ll receive an audible alert
  • Automatic learning means Jiobit will gradually learn regular routes – like the bus your kid takes to school – so you’ll know immediately if they don’t arrive at their destination on time

How Does Jiobit Smart Tag Work?

GPS units are on almost every electronic device we own. What makes Jiobit different? Well, Jiobit isn’t just a single GPS. Instead, it’s a platform of sensors, including low power wireless technologies and cloud services.

The company takes particular pride in creating miniature-sized tracking equipment. The company prints the circuit board with ELIC (Every Layer Interconnect), allowing them to create the most compact-possible component layout.

Inside the small device, you’ll find adapters for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, multiple cellular networks, GPS, and more.

Jiobit Smart Tag Pricing

Pricing details for Jiobit have not yet been released.

The device will be launched online later in 2017. The company has not announced anything more specific than that.

Jiobit Review Summary

Jiobit is designed specifically for concerned parents. The device clips securely onto a toddler, tween, or teen, then tracks their movement with a higher level of accuracy than an ordinary GPS.

It uses multiple sensors – including multiple cellular network adapters – to provide highly-accurate location tracking.

Jiobit also has features like the ability to set up a virtual fence around your property, a public space, or any geographic location. When your toddler leaves the boundaries of that fence, the parent will receive an alert on their phone.

So far, Jiobit is being marketed exclusively towards parents who want to track their kids. There’s no word yet on the pricing details for Jiobit, but we’ll keep you updated when the device is released later in 2017.


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