Jenni Kayne Alpaca Eye Mask

Sleep is detrimental to one’s health. With many essentials created to ensure that one’s sleep is not disrupted in any way, the most popular and convenient essential is that of an eye mask. It can be easily worn atop one’s eyes and it is fitted to one’s head with an elastic.

Unfortunately, the main concern with eye masks is the material used, as consumers might either experience discomfort or irritability. Luckily, such cases have been considered prior to creating the Alpaca Eye Mask.

Jenni Kayne Alpaca Eye Mask may reflect a sense of fashion and comfort, while allowing one to rest peacefully. The purpose of this review to look closely at the Alpaca Eye Mask in terms of its intentions, the creator, the type of material used and its affordability.

What Is The Jenni Kayne Alpaca Eye Mask?

As the name implies, the Jenni Kayne Alpaca Eye Mask aims to shield one’s eyes from any potential light that can disrupt one’s sleep.

What makes it unique compared to other eye masks is the material used. Claims have been made that the Alpaca Eye Mask is not only easy on the eyes, but it can also prevent any unwanted symptoms from occurring.

Who Is Jenni Kayne?

Jenni Kayne is a well known designer from America. Her approach to fashionable wear is simplistic, warm and welcoming. She values comfort over appearance as she makes use of organic textures that can be safe on one’s skin. She is mostly known for her home sense designs, which take on hues ranging from tan and oatmeal. In addition to her home line, she also designs clothes, shoes and other accessories.

What Can Be Said About The Material Used In Making The Alpaca Eye Mask?

The material used in the Jenni Kayne Alpaca Eye Mask is alpaca fleece. Its overall weight can fluctuate depending on how it has been compiled. What differentiates it from that of sheep wool is its softness. In addition, it is hypoallergenic, which allows consumers with fur-related allergies to benefit from it as well.

How Much Does The Jenni Kayne Alpaca Eye Mask Cost?

The Jenni Kayne Alpaca Eye Mask is currently offered in either oatmeal or charcoal hues. This being said, its current going price is $85. Although it may seem as an expensive commodity, the quality is well reflected.

Jenni Kayne Alpaca Eye Mask Review Summary

When it comes to wearing an eye mask, consumers must ensure that it is not too tight. With tightness, comes discomfort and deep marks on the face, which can induce darker skin regions. Similarly, the type of material must also be considered, as it comes into contact with the skin surrounding one’s eyes.

With the Jenni Kayne Alpaca Eye Mask, consumers can expect a well fitted and comforting experience, as alpaca fleece has been used. In addition, satin is also said to be present, but in place of the elastic band only. For more information, check out:



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