JAWKU Speed – Agility & Sprint Reaction Time Fitness Tracker?


What do you like most about fitness trackers? Is it the sensor, connectivity, or speed? Apart from these features, there are many other factors to consider before purchasing this product such as accuracy and reaction time just to mention a few. However, not all trackers have all these features, and the ones that have them are sold at a very high price.

However, claims to have revolutionized the game with their state-of-the-art product, JAWKU Speed. This fitness tracker is specially designed for athletes to relay real-time performance data such as reaction time, agility, and speed with excellent accuracy. The company prides itself on making wearable technology that has features that have not been used in these products yet such as accurate data capture.

The JAWKU Speed wearable requires the JAWKU Speed Sensor and is as easy to use as a stopwatch. As soon as JAWKU Speed hit the market, stopwatches became obsolete. There aren’t many products currently on the market that can not only give athletes more power but also improve their motivation, results, and purpose.

Here are some of the features that make this product one of a kind:

JAWKU Speed Features


With JAWKU Speed and your iOS device, fitness tracking is made easier. Unlike most fitness trackers currently on the market, JAWKU Speed is designed to get you running faster by providing all the information required in real-time. As mentioned earlier, JAWKU Speed measures your speed, reaction time, and agility.

Not to mention, it connects seamlessly to your iOS device and adds motivation and purpose to your workout regimen to give you the perfect results. The company jokes that this fitness tracker is not designed for your parent’s and rightfully so, it is meant for athletes or runners who take their exercise seriously.


While training, athletes rely on their coach to give capture their agility, reaction, and speed. Most coaches do this using a stopwatch, which is not guaranteed to provide proper results as far as agility and reaction time are concerned. However, with the JAWKU Speed, you can measure your sprint speed and the other two factors mentioned above in audible mode.

After selecting the distance, you wish to cover and the start mode, this device will relay all this information audibly enough to motivate you and let you know when to increase speed. When running, we are never guaranteed to maintain the same speed throughout.

However, if you want to maintain a certain speed, you can use JAWKU Speed for its audible mode feature, which effortlessly provides such services.


Do you wish to train but have no idea how you can do it efficiently?

While most people spend money hiring fitness instructors, JAWKU Speed comes with a coach of its own. The company teamed up with STACK, one of the leading athletics coaches in the world to provide you with better insight regarding your running.

It’s no secret, running alone is not guaranteed to help you lose weight or achieve that dreamy, toned physique you always crave. Additional coaching is required, and with STACK incorporated in the App, you have free insight and access to proper athletics training regimens.


JAWKU Speed also helps you track your progress and compare it to previous results to gauge your overall growth. You can monitor your performance over time and see how certain aspects such as reaction time affect your overall performance.

JAWKU Speed also comes with the JAWKU Speed Sensor, a wristband, USB charger, and a mobile stand.

JAWKU Speed Conclusion

JAWKU Speed is a best-selling fitness tracker. It might only come in one color (Orange), but its performance prompts many to overlook this feature. It’s also has a classy design and is easy to use making it an ideal choice for most runners.

JAWKU Speed also straps firmly on your hand and is comfortable when running.

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